May 4, 2016

May Goals (2016)...

Holy eff bomb I cannot believe it is already May! April was an insanely busy month for me - there wasn't a single day on my April calendar that didn't have some sort of event/activity scheduled- crazy! May isn't quite as busy but it is only two weeks until I head to the Twin Cities over May Long for some bird watching so those 6 days are going to be a complete write off and then June will be here before I know it! Then time can slow down because I really want to enjoy this Summer! Besides a trip to Texas in August I have ZERO plans for Summer - and I love it! With my brothers wedding last Summer there was just so much going on - I'm very much looking forward to a relaxing Summer!

I did better with my April goals than I thought I would when I realized it was time to check in on my progress on my April goals considering I didn't even actually think about them once since I posted them (whooops). 

In April I wanted to

1. Survive the Whole30
Today is the LAST day of this Whole30 y'all! It fleeeew by, which usually doesn't happen with the Whole30 (for me anyways). April being an insanely busy month definitely helped! I'm happy to say I survived Round4 of the Whole30 but I realized something" two Whole30's within two months of each other is just too much. I won't be doing that again. Having my parents doing this round with me helped SO much and we decided that were going to try to incorporate Whole30 meals into our regular lives - with a few indulgences here and there. We've all been craving Blizzards from DQ and that will probably be our first post Whole30 indulgence

2. Sell enough clothes/accessories to purchase a new Blue Jays jersey
Done! I got my jersey last week and now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it or return it. I want a customized jersey with my favourite players name (can't decide between Goins and Estrada still) but I couldn't order one when I ordered mine because they only had XL and XXL available for customized jerseys. I'll most likely just keep this jersey and then order a customized one for myself for my birthday before I head to Texas in August for some more bird watching. Now if the rest of my garage sale stuff would just sell...

3. Post at least 10 times in April 
Epic fail right here. I only posted four times in April. FOUR! In my defense it was a complete shit show of a month so I don't  know why I even thought I'd be able to accomplish it

4. Complete Helene's Quit Your Job to Blog course
Didn't even open it once. Sheesh I really need to get on this!

5. Rework my budget for the next 3 months
Done! I realized how little I was leaving myself for things like fuel and groceries and a girls gotta eat and since I work at least two times a week in a city 40 minutes away I kind of need fuel to get there. Hopefully this new reworking will work out for me! 

6. Get back on track with my fitness
I'm giving myself a half a point for this one. I got back at it but not to the point that I wanted to be. At least I was doing the Whole30 and still losing but I could have done better with my fitness over those 30 days. It finally just warm around here last week so that means more walks with Krickit which makes my heart happy!

7. Plan a girls getaway weekend with my sister
Ughhh nope. I didn't even think about it. We've been too busy thinking about our trip to Texas in August and discussing all the things we want to do there. And talking about a trip to Vegas at the end of August. So the getaway weekend is most likely scrapped in favour of those trips (which is okay by me - Vegas/Texas trumps Winnipeg any day!)

8. Cross 5 items off of my 29 Before 29 list
Not even one thing was crossed off in April...

9. Establish a nightly routine
I started a nightly routine and was being pretty consistent with it and then I worked a week of 14 hour days between both jobs and I was lucky to even make it to my bed before crashing, let alone worry about taking my makeup off and moisturizing my face. I'm so glad things are back to normal now that its May!

10. Get my taxes filed
Done! And the best part? I finally got a decent return! I thought for sure I was going to have to pay this year because of working two jobs but because of my medical expenses for my braces and my RRSP I ended up getting just over $1000 for my return. Half of that went to my new glasses because my benefits doesn't cover vision (lame) but at least I didn't have to pay!

4 1/2 out of 10 isn't so bad considering I didn't even think about them once since writing them out! 

In May I want to

1. Organize my Pinterest boards and do 5 Pinterest 'projects' 
My Pinterest boards are complete chaos. It's so frustrating. I use my account for work stuff too so everything is just so unorganized and its driving me crazy. I've made a seperate account for work so now I need to find the pins for work and transer them over to that account and then I can organize my own pins. With doing the 21 Day Fix I've seen some good recipes on Pinterest so my 5 'projects' for the month will most likely be recipes

2. Use my gift certificate for a gel manicure (from Christmas!)
I got a gift certificate for a gel manicure (to a salon that is literally across the street from my work) at Christmas time from a sweet family at the Centre and I still haven't used it. I want to get my nails done in Blue Jays colours before heading to the Twin Cities so I will use it then!

3. Post at least twice a week 
I'd actually like to get into posting three times a week but considering my recent track record I'm aiming smaller and we'll go from there!

4. Start a 'tradition' of getting monthly pedicures 
Funny story. Last week I went to the doctor for my yearly birth control renewal. I had noticed some bumps on my feet a few weeks prior and was freaking out thinking I had warts so I had my doctor take a look at them. She took one look and told me that I have insane callusses from running and that I need to take better care of my feet (I've never thought to moisturize my feet - I hate feet!). She told me to get a pedicure because the callusses were so bad, so I booked one for last Friday. Doctors orders (haha)! Can y'all believe that at almost 29 I got my first pedicure?! And I loved it! My feet feel so much better and I can't wait for my next appointment! One of my closest friends does pedicures so she's who I went to - I wouldn't have subjected those calluses to anyone else! They are already SO much better and I can already tell a difference - my feet aren't nearly as painful in my running shoes anymore. Who knew all I needed was a pedicure! Now I just need to keep up with them so my feet don't hate me anymore

5. Read at least 4 books this month
I need to get whittling down my reading pile because as soon as Summer hits its time for my annual Summer Harry Potter re-read!

6. Take Krickit for a morning walk at least three mornings a week 
The weather has finally gotten nice and it almost feels like we skipped right over Spring and went straight into Summer - tomorrow its supposed to get to +29! I'm a baby when it comes to the cold but now that its nice I can't wait to enjoy some morning walks with Krick!

7. Work on mastering a headstand (without using a wall)
I've been watching YouTube videos and trying out some yoga inversions - I've mastered getting up into a headstand using a wall but I want to be able to do it without the wall and be able to hold it for at least 5 seconds. Wish me luck! I also need to get back working on getting back into the splits. I pulled my hamstring doing the splits about a month ago and haven't been able to even attempt them again. Getting old sucks... 

8. Book a massage
I haven't had a massage since before Christmas and I desperately need one. My benefits covers up to $500 per year for massages so I need to make sure I use all of my coverage for them!

9. Visit Scooby in Yorkton
I had hoped to get up that way this weekend but I have a friends birthday supper to attend so that won't be happening now. Fingers crossed my new plans to head up there next weekend work out because otherwise I won't be able to make it up that way until June because of my Twin Cities trip and my nieces dance recital the following weekend. There's a seasonal ice cream place that I'm told is ah-mazing in Yorkton that just opened a couple weeks ago and Scooby has been torturing me with snaps of some of the delicious ice cream treats she's gotten (while I'm Whole30'ing no less) so I NEED to get some of it in my life! And have some Scooby time since we decided in January to try and get together at least once a month and I don't want to screw that up!

10. Do yoga with my yoga studio app at least 4 times per week 
I haven't been doing yoga as much as I would like so I need to make an effort to get back into it. I love the app I have so this is the first step. I'd love to do it every day but again consiering my recent track record I'm aiming smaller

Wish me luck!


  1. I can't believe you crossed off so many goals without even thinking about it! Woohoo for no more Whole 30 (and a margarita tomorrow!!!). I love that you were basically prescribed a pedicure hahaha best cure ever!

  2. With how crazy your April was I still feel like you accomplished a lot!! :) good for you girl! I am so ready for a relaxing/plans-free summer too. Yes, I'll have a new baby haha- but it will be nice to not have a calendar jam packed with anything else! Enjoy that pedicure!! !:)

  3. Holy heck you completed a ton in April. I love that you are sticking with Whole 30 meals off the system. I really need to do another round, but every time I try to plan it, there is some event that I am like "Oh heck no I am eating cake or drinking wine"! I need your will power!!!

  4. what? no massage since christmas?? i make a point to treat myself once a month so book that massage now!

  5. Those are pretty lofty goals! I got faith though, you got this!!!


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