June 8, 2016

These Are My Confessions...

Happy humpday y'all! Tomorrow is my Friday so I have never loved a humpday more than I do today.  I haven't been able to sleep much lately but today instead of laying in bed willing myself to sleep (never works, fyi) I decided I'd be productive and dusted off my laptop to finally get a post published this week!

I have SO much to update y'all on but for now I'll start off easy with some humpday confessions.

My sister and I made it to a 100 day snap streak today (insert sassy dancer emoji here). Pretty sure it's the most accomplished I have ever felt in my life. Now to celebrate that huge accomplishment with wine! #andmaybesomechampagne #justkiddingofcoursesomechampagne #snapchatismyspiritanimal 

I had a minor (aka major) panic attack yesterday when Snapchat removed the 'pretty' filter. My day was made when I opened it this morning and it was back. I was thisclose to writing Snapchat a very strongly worded letter #ilooklikeasewerratwithoutit #whycantitfollowmearoundinreallife

I sold my bed for tattoo money this weekend. That's how this adulting thing works, right? I also sold my kitchen table for traveling money... #adultingaf #gypsylife 

This sums up my friends and I pretty well...

TMI talk here ladies. My aunt flo hasn't visited in almost two months. Two. I had to pee in a cup at the doctors office last week. Even at (almost) 29 years old I felt so much shame. Thankfully I'm still tiny human free, but now I'm on a hormone replacement to bring Aunt Flo back and my emotions are all over the place #givemealltheicecream #passthekleenex #nevermissedmyauntsomuch

I haven't worked out in exactly three weeks.. other than doing 10 Minute Fix for Abs one day in our hotel room in Minneaopolis and getting rug burn (and not in the good way...). I fully intended on starting the 21 Day Fix again on Monday but then I got a tattoo on Sunday and can't wear socks or shoes for at least a week #worthit #illstartnextweek 

I've been home from Minneapolis for over two weeks now but I swear I'm still recovering from the 4 days that I was there. Partying for 4 days straight is not as easy as it once was #imoldaf #icouldsleepforaweekstraight 

Yesterday marked 8 years since I convocated from College. I've never felt more old. Though having people believe I was 17 while in Minneapolis was a nice confidence boost #didntijustgraduatehighschool #whendidigetold #onlyasoldasyoufeel #todayifeel80

I haven't ate peanut butter in 4 days and I'm going through withdrawal... #ineedanintervention #passthepeanutbutter #straightfromthespoon

Man it felt good to get all that off my chest... haha.  I do actually feel like a weight has been lifted though for finally having a post up. I will get better at this blogging thing again, I promise - I miss y'all! 

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  1. I've been eating peanut butter every day for at least the past three days. Yesterday I had it at breakfast and lunch. I'm kind of sick of it! But I also don't like the brand we bought very much, so if it was better PB I'd probably be in heaven.

  2. i used to eat peanut butter like every day, but i can't have it in the house now because KC will eat the entire jar in a day. i missed it so much at first but now i'm okay lol. hope aunt flo comes back soon! and the adult cats ecard is hilarious!

  3. thanks to early menopause, my period/hormones are all over the place as well. thank god for my TCD; she has been treating me with natural herbs and acupuncture and since i started treatment, my periods have been on point; like, to the day on point!


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