July 5, 2016

Currently (June 2016)...

Happy July (and Summer!) y'all! It's so cliche to say but I cannot believe that July (and Summer) is already here. I swear it was just Christmas and it seemed like it would take forever for Summer to arrive and then I blinked and somehow it's here (and the year is halfway over - crazy!)

I've completely neglected this little space of mine for far too long and I am more than ready to come back to blogging on a fairly regular basis. I'll never be a full time blogger but I think there is a good balance that I can work towards. I have a lot to catch up on with reading and commenting so prepare for your inboxes to be flooded (sorry!). 

I had good intentions of getting back to it in June and had a few drafts started, including my Summer Bucket List, but with the death of a close family friend on the first day of Summer blogging was just the last thing on my mind during that time. Then a whirlwind trip to Minneapolis (and Wisconsin - more on that in a different post!) followed shortly after that and June ended up just being a complete write off for blogging. 

But now its the start of a new month, and a fresh start for this space of mine! And to kick off July I need to backtrack a little bit with my Currently post for June (you can find May's Currently post here).

Reading my way through my (huge) reading pile - finally! I just finished The Lake House by Kate Morton last week and am now working my way through Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (late to that party, I know). Both of these books I just picked up recently so I have a ton of books in my reading pile from last Summer still (eek!). I started and finished The Lake House in a couple of hours while on the train to Minneaopolis about 10 days ago. It took awhile for me to get into the book - a few chapters at least, but then I was hooked and I couldn't put it down. Definitely recommend it as a Summer read!  I'm still also working on my annual Harry Potter summer re-read! I started Me Before You while on the train as well and just haven't found time since then to get back into it - hopefully soon!

Listening to 'This Bar Aint Big Enough' by Sister C on Spotify at this very moment. I first discovered them as a Highway Find on The Highway on XM with their song 'Faint of Heart' (love it!) and now I can't get enough of them. I very rarely have anything but The Highway playing in Eleanor and I pretty much listen to the same 10 country songs on Spotify all day long. If you have some new song recommendations send them my way!

Celebrating Summer! With Winter taking up half of the year I am constantly counting down the days until Summer (and then as soon as Summer is over counting down until Christmas!) Summer also means my birthday  which I will be celebrating before I know it - still not sure how I feel about turning 29...

Watching The Office. Again, late to the party. I've been binge watching it on Netflix for a few weeks now and am currently close to the end of Season 5 - which I hear is when the show starts to go downhill a bit. I never thought I would like it but I actually laugh out loud a couple of times at least each episode. Otherwise the only thing I've been watching is baseball (no surprise there)

Drinking all the coffee I can get my hands on. I'm just sooo exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. I finally got my hands on more Caribou Blend K-Cups while in Target last week - so much better than the Van Houtte stuff I've had to drink lately. Caribou is one of the best reasons for all these Twin Cities trips - I think I actually love it more than Starbucks!

Waiting for my next trip to the Twin Cities. Heading that way again in 10 days for a girls weekend and then staying through the week - while also getting a mini vacation to Duluth, MN in there. I can't wait! 

Loving Summer. I just can't say enough how much I love this season

Working long days the next two weeks to prepare for taking a full week off of work. I've been with the Centre for just over three years now and I have never taken off an entire week at one time (crazy, I know!). I'm slightly nervous aka I'm a complete control freak

Wearing all the comfy clothes because I haven't worked out in forever.  Ughhh. I lost all my motivation after my May Twin Cities trip and haven't been able to find it. I need to though because it's less than a month until I need to be in a bathing suit in Texas. I'm in a Beachbody challenge group that starts July 11th so that will hopefully kick my butt into getting back at it - though now I have to incorporate daily workouts into my next Twin Cities trip - wish me luck!

Anticipating finally being able to spill the beans on some life happenings! I am terrible at keeping secrets and I just can't wait until I don't have to hold things in anymore. Ughh!

Making a blogging schedule so that I don't completely fall off the face of the earth again!

Tomorrow I'll be posting my Summer Bucket List - I've got a lot of things to cross of the list in just two short months but I'm super excited to start working on them. Gahhhh I love Summer!


  1. Hey, I got Caribou in MPLS! I got a s'mores mocha (I think it's actually called a fireside mocha or something) and it was tasty! I was also late to the party on The Office (SO FUNNY) and Me Before You (SO GOOD). But seriously, they're great.

  2. oh i just finished the lake house and it seriously took me like 2 months to read it haha. i liked it, but it didn't totally grab me. she is a fantastic writer though.


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