August 10, 2016


On Wednesdays, we confess things (or at least on this Wednesday we I do when I have nothing else ready to post...)
I confess that... 

...My days are all messed up and I keep thinking today is Tuesday and I wasn't planning on blogging at all today (because I'm still exhausted from the weekend) but then I realized that I wouldn't make my goal of posting 3 days a week so here I am, half assing a post 20 minutes before I leave for work

...I slept in my SUV in a Wal Mart parking lot in Fargo, ND on Monday night on the way home from Kansas City, MO. And it was actually a decent sleep. I think its time to invest in a new bed...

...I've already blown my goal of hitting 10K steps every single day in August. BUT in my defense I was in a car for almost all of Friday, Sunday, and Monday. So now I'm just going to have to make up the steps that I missed so that at the end of August I've still reached 310,000 steps

...I still haven't finished the last season of The Office. I'm just not ready for it to end. I keep going back and rewatching old episodes instead of finally getting to the end 

...Last week I was in a mopey mood (thanks to Aunt Flo) and I cried watching the Jamie Lynn Spears documentary. I'm so ashamed. And if that weren't enough, I decided that since I was already crying I should re-watch the episode of Greys where Derek dies. I have problems, y'all

...I had Chik-Fil-A for the first time in my life on Saturday and its almost all I've thought about since then. SO freakin' good. It's probably a good thing there isn't a single one anywhere close to me 

...I have major dog mom guilt lately. I've been leaving Krickit behind a lot lately while I've been on the road and I feel so bad every time I leave her. Like it hurts my heart so much. When I got home from KC on Monday she would not leave my side - it was both adorable and heartbreaking. I went in to work for a couple hours that afternoon and she insisted on coming with me and slept on my desk (yes, on - she's a diva) while I worked

And that's all for today folks. I'm surprised I could actually form sentences together considering I haven't had a drop of caffeine yet. I'm off to work now to get some into my system before my day actually starts. Happy humpday!


  1. Omg I feel you on The Office. It's SO GOOD. Once we finish watching 30 Rock we're rewatching The Office so I'm like...can 30 Rock just end now?! Hahaha. I'm also with you on the I'm already crying, might as well watch more sad stuff mindset. Sometimes I just need to let the tears flow!

  2. now i want chick fil a for dinner! lol. i haven't seen any of the office (either the US or UK version)... one day i will watch it lol.


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