August 5, 2016

Friday Favourites...

Happy Friday y'all! My sister and I made kind of a last minute decision to road trip to Kansas City, Missouri to catch a couple Blue Jays games since we didn't get to go on our Texas trip and see them play in Houston. We're leaving in a couple hours so I just have a short and sweet post for you today - a few of the things I've been loving lately. Enjoy!

The Target Dollar Spot gets me every time. I don't know if there has ever been a single trip to Target where something from the Dollar Spot hasn't magically found its way into my cart

I saw this print at Chapters while in the Queen City a few weeks ago. I'm pineapple obsessed right meow but unfortunately the $35 price tag (for a non framed print) meant it stayed behind at the store

I've been loving the colours mint and raspberry lately. I picked up this new notebook at Chapters - I'm constantly writing down lists so I always keep a notebook in my purse - and after my Fitbit band finally fell apart (after hanging on by a thread for months) I needed some new bands. My friend Scooby recommended the KB Collection Traceless Hair Ties and when I saw them in my current favourite colours I just had to pick them up. They're a total game changer - love that they don't leave kinks in my hair

I cannot resist the deals at Bath and Body Works. I picked up these Summer-y shower gels  -they're the perfect size for my travels and they smell SO good

I couldn't resist this 3 Wick Candle either when it was on sale at Bath and Body Works - it's adorable AND it smells ah-mazing. One of my favourite stores in the MOA is Typo - I picked up this sleep mask for on the train just in case I was seated near an emergency light again on my last train ride home (I wasn't but after the last time I was I will always have this handy!). My sister and her girls got me this adorable passport holder for my birthday - now I just have to go somewhere to use it!

Back in June I was in Minnesota visiting MN and we took a day trip to Wisconsin (to cross it off my 29 Before 29 list) and we went to Chippewa Falls and toured the Leinenkugel Brewery. For $10 we got to tour the brewery, try two different beers, and got to take home a souvenir glass. I tried the Berry Weiss and Grapefruit Shandy and fell in love with both. Unfortunately I can't buy them here in Canada but when coming home from MN a couple weeks ago I picked up 6 of each when I got off the train in Minot. Now I just have to make them last until my next trip back. They are SO good y'all


  1. I want those hair ties! I've seen similar ones here for like $10 and I'm like...hmmm, how about $5, please?

  2. I can't resist Bath and Body Works sales either. Especially with the candles. Dangerous! Hope you had a fun weekend!

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