August 4, 2016

July Happenings...

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July Happenings

At the beginning of the month my friend Amanda and her daughter Rhea were down from Nunavut - the first time they had been back to the area since Rhea was born two Summers ago. Jessica hosted us out at her Mom's farm and we roasted hot dogs, had appetizers, and caught up with each other. These girls (minus Amanda) only live 45 minutes from me but I don't see them nearly enough. I fell in love with a barn kitty and she made it into the photo of us with the Beaver Cove tiny humans - I'm still sad that she didn't come home with me.  Please also note that I was *forced* into holding Shawna's newborn baby Landon. I love babies but I have a huge fear of holding brand new babies (unless its my niece or nephew then the fear isn't there)

Toni, Kennedy, and I headed to Brandon, MB on July 9th for some new tattoos for Toni and I. Toni got a large thigh piece - it was only her second tattoo - and she sat like a champ for 3 hours. I got a HP quote next to my dream catcher on my thigh -  I don't have any pictures though because taking one myself at that angle is hard y'all. I'm now at number 11 for tattoos - only a few more to go before I finally catch up to my brother 

While at work in 'the city' that same weekend we were hit with insane amounts of rainfall within a few hours, causing flooding all over the city. If the rain hadn't finally stopped (after hours of mopping up flood waters spilling in through both doors to the store) I don't think I would have had a vehicle left to get me home 

I headed to the Twin Cities with Toni, Scooby, and Toni's friend Ashley on the 15th of July for girls weekend. We stayed in downtown Minneapolis so we'd be within walking distance of the nightlife. Our hotel had a full size refrigerator and a small kitchen area - it was perfect for girls weekend. We spent some time at the MOA doing some shopping (and people watching - SO many crazies there haha), day drinking in the hotel room, and dancing at Sneaky Petes - my home away from home (though I realized that Sneaky Petes isn't nearly as busy when the Blue Jays aren't in town. Us Blue Jays fans completely take over when we're there). There was lots of laughs, LOTS of drinks, and waay too much food (I'm full just thinking about it). Next time I think we'll try and add in another day because only two full days just wasn't enough to fit everything in

On the Sunday night the girls and I met MN at the Blue Door Pub in Minneapolis for supper and drinks, and after supper we all hopped into MN's truck and he drove us back to the hotel where we dropped the girls off, grabbed my stuff, and then headed back to his place in St.Paul (the girls were leaving first thing in the morning for home) because we had an early morning wake up call to head to Duluth for a couple of days for a mini vacation. I have sooo many pictures to share from the time there that it requires a completely separate post of its own. Here's a sneak peek of the gorgeousness that I was surrounded by 

I celebrated my birthday towards the end of the month. Toni's birthday is three days before mine and our Mama still spoils us and makes us a special birthday supper (whatever we want). At 29 and 31 Toni and I are still sharing birthday cakes. I had requested bbq'd steak for supper and it did not disappoint - soooo yummy

On the last day of July I headed up to the lake with Toni and the tiny humans where we met up with Scooby. We went for lunch at the Kenosee Inn then headed to the Red Barn Market. I got beet pickles from the same lady who is always there - they're sooo good, and then we grabbed slush puppies and headed back to Kenosee where we went mini golfing in the insane heat. The heat was a little intense but otherwise it wasn't a bad day to end out the month!


  1. aww that's so awesome that you still get spoiled for your birthday, no other way! that flooding is so scary!

  2. Glad you had a great birthday! and Duluth looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday !! Looks like you had a great fulfilled one. :)


  4. Happy belated birthday, that cake looks amazing! That flooding is no joke, glad you made it out ok. And thanks for posting your temps in Celsius because I can understand it! And yes, that was a scorcher you had!


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