August 11, 2016

Summer Lovin'...

I've always been one of those people that counts down to Summer all year long (and then as soon as Summer is officially over the countdown to Christmas can begin - but you better believe I'm still always thinking ahead to Summer...).  I'm also one of those people that gets super sad and anxious as soon as August rolls around and Summer starts coming to an end. Almost all of my favourite childhood memories took place in the Summer months, from wherever my parents had our camper parked at the time. Summer is just my favourite. Hands down. The end. 

I've never really been that into the Fall season, because it takes the place of Summer and that just breaks my heart. And don't even get me started on how much I hate Winter (I probably wouldn't hate it so much if it didn't last 6 months here in the GWN). For some straaaange reason though, lately I have found myself daydreaming about Fall. And that's completely out of the norm for me. I've caught myself thinking about hot coffee from Starbucks, wearing boots and scarves again, decorating with pumpkins, and even thinking about the changing color of the trees  - what's wrong with me?! 

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I still have SO much to cross off of my Summer Bucket List y'all - thank goodness I still technically have 41 days of Summer left (yes, September counts!). I have actually only crossed 4 things off of my Summer Bucket List so far- yikes! I better get concentrating on it more - though there are already a few things that I know won't be happening for sure (insert sad face here). Can we just rewind to July 1st please?! 

I still have lots to recap about my Summer so far (two trips to MN, one to KC) - hopefully I can get some words written this weekend - wish me luck!


  1. It must be the power of suggestion making you dream about fall! Drinking the blog Koolaid. Hahaha. I mean, I can't really talk because fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month and I totally blog about that. So no judgment for me!


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