September 28, 2016

Budgeting Is Hard (And Other Weekly Lessons)...

Y'all. It's been 25 days since I've made it to this space of mine. TWENTY-FIVE. I suck so hard at this blogging thing lately. I blame Summer and its insane busy-ness. But now it's officially Fall (and it's probably the only time I've ever looked forward to it and not cried when Summer officially ended...) and I have no more excuses. It's way past time to get back into it! I was so pumped when Mattie announced the Weekly Lessons link up back in August but so far I've only made it to the link up once (whooops) - buuuuut that all ends today - it's time to dive back in

Lessons Learned...

The Office will never get old 
I know I said in my last Weekly Lessons post that HIMYM will never get old (and it won't!) but I've been back to loving The Office lately and its all I've been playing on Netflix. I'm supposed to be watching Parks and Rec (I'm on Season 2) but I haven't been able to sit down and fully concentrate on watching so I just put The Office on as background noise and then I don't feel like I'm missing anything

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Budgeting is hard when you want all the things
Besides a few trips to Target that got a little out of control (how anyone can go into Target and just get what they absolutely need is beyond me) I've been really good at sticking to my budget. But y'all... I'm going insane not being able to purchase the things that I think I 'need' and I'm afraid that one of these days I'm going to go crazy and completely blow my budget. I mean, I absolutely NEED another pair of Hillberg and Berk sparkle ball earrings, right?! Someone please talk me down off of the ledge because I'm sooo close to hitting my goals!

The CTVGO app is a game changer
I don't get to watch much tv, aside from Netflix and when Blue Jays games are on. I was super bummed when I missed the first episode of 'This is Us' because it was so hyped up. Luckily, a friend of mine had missed it as well and asked on FB if there was anywhere she could watch it after the fact and I was introduced to the CTVGo app from a friends comment. I've been able to watch a couple episodes of The Voice, the first episode of the 3rd season of How to Get Away with Murder (even though I haven't watched Season 2 yet...), and even an episode of Hot in Cleveland (why I have no idea haha).  I'm so used to having to wait until seasons make it to Netflix (if they even do) that this has been soooo exciting!

Getting into a routine is hard when your normal routine is all out of whack
I've been doing the 21 Day Fix with a friend - which is great, I really needed it- BUT it's been really hard getting into the routine of it when one day I'm working out at 5 am and the next day it's 11:30 at night before I finally get a chance. I've worked a little extra at my part time job due to the owner getting married and going on her honeymoon and I've been working longer hours at my normal job trying to get things accomplished, which makes for some really messed up days for me and no normal schedule whatsoever. I kind of can't wait for October and a fresh new start and the beginnings of a routine again. Hallelujah!
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I actually have posts scheduled for Thursday and Friday this week (who am I?!) and a list a mile long of post ideas - hopefully I stick with it this time! 

Happy Humpday!


  1. Glad to see you back, and can't wait to read your coming posts!!! Thanks for linking up!! The Office is sooo good. We're watching it again and we're on season 2 and even though I know everything that happens with Jim & Pam, every time they do anything I squeal. Like I'll seriously be like, "AHHHH" and Michael will be like, "Please shut up" hahaha. Budgeting SUCKS. I haven't been TOO horrible, but I told myself last year at Christmas that this year I would slowly buy people presents throughout the year so I'm not absolutely broke this time of year...but, no, the first thing I bought was this weekend and it was just a small part of a gift. So the next few months are going to suck, money-wise!

  2. Happy to see you back in blogland and looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  3. i am pretty good at going into target and only getting what i need... i am also really good at buying all the things, so you know, both ways. generally i try and avoid target because i never *need* anything that i can't get at a grocery store, and grocery stores are less dangerous than targets lol

  4. Budgeting is really really hard. One thing that worked for me whenever I was really trying to budget was to use a "think three" trick. I would see something I liked, not buy it, and then if i found myself wishing I had it three more times (like, after I had left the store) then I would usually buy it. This worked really well for two reasons: I did not think of many things three times, and also if I did, it was oftentimes sold out by the time I had decided to actually buy it. AND I SURVIVED. AND SO DID MY WALLET.

    I like The Office more than Parks and Rec, but Parks and Rec is HILARIOUS and you really need to finish watching it! Trust me!


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