September 29, 2016

Currently (September 2016)...

Reading my way through my reading pile. I skipped over some of the books that have been in there for a while in favour of some newer ones that I couldn't wait to read.  I started and finished Harry Potter & the Cursed Child within a few hours while riding the train to MN back in August - I loved it! There's a lot of mixed opinions on it but for me anything that brings HP back into my life is fine by me. I also finally finished Me Before You while on the train to MN (this is pretty much the only time I get for reading lately!). New additions to my reading pile are After You (picked it up in Target on my way home from MN after finally finishing the first one) and Big Little Lies by Liana Moriarty

Listening to my same ole' playlist on Spotify on repeat. I've recently added 7 Years by The Church Sisters (a Highway Find that I really liked), Kill a Word by Eric Church, and the Forever Country mash up  to the playlist (LOVE!)

Celebrating Graycie's birthday this weekend. Her party is at a local community centre that has bouncy castle rentals for birthday parties and she is so excited for her party. I'm excited for her but not so excited for the level of volume that I'm sure I'll be experiencing...

Watching baseball and The Office. And I've been keeping up with This Is Us with the CTV Go app

Drinking Shakeology, coffee, and water. I'm dying for a beer... only three more days and I'm done this round of the 21 Day Fix (hallelujah). After this I will be sticking with the work outs but not completely following the meal plan. I miss beer too much 

Waiting for payday haha. I've been good with sticking to my budget but it doesn't leave me much leftover for 'fun' things (not that I really leave my house these days anyways)

Loving that my sister is all moved into her house! It's so nice and new and I can't wait to hang out there once all her furniture arrives and is set up. I stayed over on Monday night to watch the girls while Toni was away but she doesn't have a lot of her furniture yet - sleepovers will be so much better once all her furniture is set up

Working some long hours lately between both jobs. I just have so much on the go but I'm hoping to get it all knocked off the list by this weekend so I can start the first Monday of October with a clean slate and ease back on the crazy hours

Wearing some new clothes that I picked up at Target at the end of August. I needed some new fall pieces and its cool enough now that I can finally wear them (not sure how I feel about that yet...)

Anticipating Scooby visiting! It's been way too long since I've seen her BUT she's coming down this weekend to finally see Toni's new place. After this it's time for a KJK reunion in Yorkton - it's definitely overdue 

Making plans for a trip to the Twin Cities in mid November for the girls birthday trip. I just wish I was also making plans for a trip to Vegas :( This is the first year since 2009 that I don't have a Vegas vacation planned! 

Blog posts two days in a row - who am I?! AND I even have another scheduled for tomorrow. Don't get too used to it though. I'm aiming for about three days a week going forward (two for sure). I've got sooo much to catch up on!


  1. hope you like Big Little Lies! i loved it. i also hope you like After You. I got some new clothes from Target earlier this month.. but even though it is cool enough to wear them i'm not ready to admit that hahaha

  2. I'm on the fourth HP book. I've only read the first four once, and that was like as they came out. I started the fifth book twice and could not force myself to read it, so I'm rereading from the beginning and this time I will read 5-7 and I get to read The Cursed Child at the end! I'm loving it...but then again, I haven't gotten to the dreaded book 5 yet...


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