October 26, 2016

Budgeting Is Still Hard...

Good morning y'all! I didn't get to sleep until after 11:30 last night, which is about 2 hours later than I have gone to bed for the last 4 nights and I am feeling it today. I didn't get home from a meeting for work until close to 10:30, so I am SO thankful that today is my 'late day' at work. I'm normally at work by 7:15 every morning, except for Wednesdays when I go in at 8:30 and stay until closing. I am definitely loving that today! I've been awake since my normal alarm went off at 5:00 but just being able to lay in bed and not rush around is so nice. I could get used to it...

I haven't made a Weekly Lessons post in awhile but lets be real here - getting back into blogging has been a sloooow process for me. Bear with me please! 

Lessons Learned...

If you eat like crap you will feel like crap
I haven't been able to resist all the Halloween Candy in my house and I just feel like a miserable pile of crap right now, to be very honest. I got all my Halloween bags ready for the tiny humans as soon as I bought all my candy, thinking that would stop me from eating it, but there was still so much leftover and I just have no willpower when it comes to all the candy. Someone send me some please!

I ended up having to work a lot of overtime last week because of a staff being off sick, and I worked all weekend between a staff conference on Saturday and First Aid re-certification on Sunday so there was also a lot of stress eating (and wine). I haven't gotten back into working out either since taking a break after finishing the 21 Day Fix and I so desperately need to get back at it, but with the extra time at work I am just too exhausted to do anything when I get off of work. I just need to stop throwing myself a pity party and get back at it! And for Halloween to hurry up and get here so the candy disappears forever!

Image result for gilmore girls gifs
Y'all. How excited are you for  Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life?! I've watched the trailer at least 10 times already. I've been compared to Lorelei at least 5 times over the last couple of years (I think its the fast talking...)  and that is one comparison that I will definitely take! Can't.freaking.wait!

Watching Grey's Anatomy on repeat will make you feel like you have a medical degree
Or at least that's how I feel after binge watching Grey's over the last week. I needed a break from The Office and HIMYM, discovered that Parks and Rec isn't on Canadian Netflix (ughhhh), so I went back to one of my old favourites - Greys Anatomy. I probably said 'I learned that from Grey's Anatomy' at least 5 times at my First Aid course on the weekend. Why does anyone even go to medical school these days when everything they need to know can be found in an episode of Greys?! (Kidddddding)

Budgeting is still hard
I've been budgeting for awhile now but I kept finding that I would allow myself to stray from it here or there and then all of a sudden my entire budget was blown and I was back to the drawing board for the next month so a change needed to be made and thus I set out a pretty strict budget for myself over the last couple of months. I have a big financial goal to be completed by the end of this year and I don't want to mess my progress up so I've been pretty good at holding myself accountable. The problem? I haven't been spending hardly any money on the things that are actual necessities for fear of messing up my budget. I literally have 4 pairs of pants that are appropriate for work/the weather right now. FOUR. And I work five/six days a week and definitely don't do laundry enough to get by with only four pairs of pants. It's 4 degress out today and I am currently wearing a pair of Lululemon crops from my Summer wardrobe because I am completely out of pants. With my big goals for the end of the year I just keep trying to tell myself just to get to January 1st and then I can have a little more breathing room for things but it's getting harder and harder each month. Eating healthy is expensive and I haven't made it a total priority mainly because of my budget, so you can see where I have some problems with this whole budget thing.

I did return a pair of Lululemon crops that I got in July at the MOA because the pilling on them was absolutely ridiculous for having worn them maybe 5 times and washing exactly the way I was supposed to. The return finally went through yesterday and I was given a $97 e-gift card so I bought myself a new pair of yoga pants (hopefully they don't pill!). Kate from The Small Things Blog praised the Align II pants on Snapchat so I checked them out but the reviews on them were terrible for pilling so I decided to play it as safe as possible and went with a pair that had much better reviews. Now I just need them to get here before the snow falls and I'm wearing shorts to work...

Happy Humpday!

October 21, 2016

Five On Friday...

I am in major need of a vacation. MAJOR. I haven't been anywhere in over six weeks (please remember that I live in the middle of nowhere) and the last time I went on what I'd consider an actual 'vacation' was when MN and I went to Duluth in the middle of July. Kansas City doesn't count because it was such a whirlwhind and we we were barely in the city for 24 hours. At this point I'd take a vacation to pretty much anywhere as long as it got me away from real life for a little bit. 

I haven't left Canada/US since December 2012 - I could definitely use a week on a beach somewhere! But I'd also settle for exploring somewhere new like Chicago, Seattle, or New Orleans, or hitting up one of my favourite spots like NYC, Vegas, or Texas. I haven't even been on a plane for over a year! First world problems, I know

My new TMNT pajamas, that I mentioned in this post last week, tried to kill me. Yep, you read that right. Monday morning was pajama day at work so I was wearing my new bottoms since I knew the tiny humans would love them. Before I left for work I had to run back downstairs to grab something real quick. Now, these pajama bottoms are very soft and thus also very slippery. The stairs at my parents house are wood and also spiral - the pants are also just a little bit too long so they were underneath my heel and they made me slip down a step as I went down, causing my knee to hit the stair rail, my elbow to hit the step behind me, and my left foot to bend backwards onto the step below. It hurt, like a lot, but I brushed it off because I had to get to work and then didn't really think too much about it throughout the day, other than a few times to think about how bad my toes were hurting. When I got home that night I took off my sock to discover that one of my toes was SO swollen and bruised all to shit. I also had a nice mark on my knee and my left arm was pretty stiff until yesterday. Moral of the story: 1 pair of TMNT pajama pants was probably enough... haha

I feel like a new woman after finally getting a much needed hair trim on Tuesday. It had been a couple months and I couldn't get it to cooperate at all over the last few weeks. I had contemplated getting more than a couple of inches off but chickened out as per usual. I also made an appointment to get my nails filled next week- its been 6 weeks since I got them done and they look soooo ridic. Note to self: do not leave the salon without having another appointment booked! I even went ahead and made an appointment for a pedicure because its also been a hot minute since I had that done and my poor feet are suffering. Three things crossed off my to do list! Now I just need to make sure I actually keep up with these things. And maybe try to space them out so I'm not shelling out that $ all at once like I am over a weeks span...

To my complete horror I recently discovered that Parks and Rec isn't on Canadian Netflix so I can't keep watching (insert all the sad face emojis here). MN and I had got through the first season when I was there at the beginning of September and now I can't watch any more of it :( Why is Netflix ruining my life?!

Image result for parks and rec gif
I'm now taking a break from rewatching The Office and HIMYM and instead rewatching old episodes of Greys Anatomy. Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels completely qualified to be a surgeon after watching an episode? I feel like I missed my calling in life each time I watch but the feeling fades when I remember that I can't stand the sight of blood...

My beloved Blue Jays lost game five of the ALCS and that meant Cleveland moves on to the World Series as the American Leage champs and the Jays season is now over. I'll admit I was mega bummed BUT I'm still a fan no matter what and at least they made it to the post season - thats an accomplishment in itself. Now the countdown is on until spring training starts - I don't know what I'll do with all my spare time that was spent bird watching for the last 7 months!

Happy Friday!

October 13, 2016

Turkey Comas Are Real Y'all...

Whelp... it's Thursday and I'm just finally making it here for the first time this week. Whooops. 

In my defense, Monday was a holiday for me and blogging on a holiday should be a crime. Also, I'm pretty sure I just came out of my turkey coma late last night so there's that...

Thanksgiving weekend was so great. I got lots accomplished around the house, got to wander around my happy place (Target), my mama made an ah-mazing Thanksgiving supper (as per usual) and even though my family didn't have a Scream marathon we got something even better - a Blue Jays win! Thats right, the Blue Jays swept the Rangers and are into the ALCS - I cannot wait for tomorrow to get here for the series against Cleveland to start!

My long weekend started with watching my nieces for my sister since they didn't have school on Friday since it was my EDO and I was off of work. I had big plans for our day but their Dad ended up coming and getting them even earlier than planned so all we got to cross off our list (after watching The Parent Trap on Netflix after breakfast) was make one batch of (slightly burnt*) cookies that were just coming out of the oven when their Dad pulled into the driveway. 

*I blame Toni's brand new oven as well as the fact that she didn't have oven mitts in her brand new house so I was running around the kitchen like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to find something so I wouldn't burn my hands off

I was home for the afternoon Game 2 of the ALDS (my EDO timed up perfectly with that!) and then after my sister got off of work we were off on a super quick (less than 24 hours quick) trip to the States. We didn't get to Minot until almost 9:00 Minot time (we're an hour behind in O-town) and we were haaaangry. We were also kidless for once so we decided to finally try a Mexican restaurant that Toni's coworker always raves about.  I owe her a million and one dollars because that was the best Mexican food I've had since I was last in Texas (almost 2 1/2 years ago now) so some good Mexican food was looong overdue. Not only was the food ah-mazing but the portions and prices were insane. My meal could have fed four people! I know where I'll be going everytime I'm in Minot now!

We ended up wandering around Wal Mart after supper for a couple hours. Since its a 24 hour Wal Mart we wanted to get it out of the way so that we could get our Target shopping done first thing in the morning and then get back home by the early afternoon. I bought myself a new pair of TMNT pajamas. Notice I said new pair. I turn 30 next year and I currently own more than one pair of TMNT pajamas...

Image result for please dont judge me gif
I also got myself a new Pioneer Woman lunch kit and convinced Toni to get the cutest measuring cup and oven mitt/potholder set (so I don't burn the cookies next time haha) from her collection. I am obsessed with the Pioneer Woman y'all. I own all her cookbooks, use tons of her recipes, and am absolutely in love with every single piece from her collections. When her collection finally came to Canada I bought these adorable measuring bowls. I'm pretty sure every time I go to Wal Mart I need to  add something new to my collection. Even though I don't have a kitchen. Or a house...

Image result for eek gif
The next morning I got to wander Target with a Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks in my hands and my heart was super happy. It's the little things y'all. Once again a bunch of things just ended up in my cart without me knowing how they got there. It's weird how that happens... To make my time in Minot even better I got a Caramel High Rise from Caribou for the ride home and my heart got even happier

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and organizing, eating all.the.things for Thanksgiving supper and celebrating that amazing Blue Jays sweep. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

October 6, 2016

September Happenings...

What's New With You
I was not prepared for September to arrive at all, even though for once I was actually looking forward to Fall, because I did not accomplish hardly anything off of my Summer Bucket List. It was pretty much an epic fail. 
Image result for september someecards
September Happenings...
The beginning of September began with the Labour Day long weekend, and I was off to the Twin Cities to see MN. I had just been there 10 days (I think - something close to that anyways) before that but MN was insistent that I had to come that weekend to go to the State Fair. He was dog sitting for his sister the day that I got off the train so I got to hang out with Zeus and watch the HP Marathon that was on ABC Spark - it was the perfect lazy Sunday. There was a big storm that night, a huge crack of Thunder woke us up in the middle of the night, so we didn't have to get up as early as we had planned to get to the fair - which I was definitely thankful for a chance to sleep in a little bit. 

My train is always late on my way down to the Twin Cities. Without fail. However, its always on time when I have to go back home. Its so frustrating! When I got to Minot on the Saturday night that my train was leaving I had a mild panic attack when I got to the train station because I thought I missed my train and that the emails that Amtrak sent me about the train being late were wrong. There was not a soul in sight when I first pulled up and parked, and usually there are tons of people waiting outside. I went inside to get my parking ticket and there were only 5 other people waiting inside - that has never happened before. There is usuallay a ton of people Thankfully it was just a weird night for travel and I didn't actually miss my train!
The fair. Y'all. I can't even begin to describe to you how massive it was. The fair that I go to in 'the city' doesn't even compare at all. Not even a little bit. Neither do any of the other larger fairs that I have gone to. There was just SO much to see. And we didn't even go anywhere near the midway with all the rides. I have never seen so much food, and so many different kinds of foods, at once. It was insane. MN had gone to see Weezer at the fair the Saturday night before I got there and the snap that he had sent me that day filled me with anxiety just from the amount of people that were there. Thankfully it wasn't anywhere close to that crowded when we there, though it was starting to get a little busier just as we were leaving in the afternoon. Me and large crowds do not mix!

The food was ah-mazing and we didn't even try all the things we had talked about because we were SO full by the time we left. I'd have to go every single year and try something new each time to maybe try everything. It's insane. The french toast bites we had first thing were delish - I wish I could get something close to as good for breakfast around here - and the cheese curds are to die for. Cheese curds aren't a thing here in the GWN but I've found that they are a staple in Minnesota. You can get them everywhere!

The last photo is from our lunch on my last day. I finally tried a Juicy Lucy - another big thing in the Cities. I really only eat out when I'm travelling, and on the rare occasion when I meet up with friends maybe once a month, so I need to indulge whenever I'm away!

The rest of September just seemed to fly by, mostly due to working extra hours at my part time job, and longer hours at my full time job to tackle my to do list. September is also birthday month for my nieces so of course we had to celebrate! Rae turned 10 and Graycie turned 6 and I cannot believe that Rae is in the double digits and that my McBaby is not a baby anymore :(

 A friend and I started the 21 Day fix at the beginning of September but before we did we had to have one last hurrah so we headed to the Olive Branch with my sister the Saturday before we started to indulge in the amazing food before we were on the 21 Day Fix meal plan. I've been dreaming about that bruschetta ever since - I think a trip back there this month is needed! 

Of course it wouldn't be a recap of my month without a bunch of Krickit pictures. I mean, look how adorable my Bo Bicki is- don't you just want to squeeze her?!

September also marked my Sister and nieces officially being all moved into their new home! They may not have had all of their furniture yet but they were moved in and that's what counts! I got to have my first sleepover at the new house and the girls were just so excited to show me everything in their rooms (again)!

Even though September was crazy with work I still managed to start organizing the spare rooms that are filled with all my stuff (finally - its only been on my to do list for forever!), start organizing some pictures on my laptop, and even got to slip away with my Mama to Homespun, a craft market held in Caryle every year. We try to go every year and this year we discovered that going around 5:00 is the perfect time. There were hardly any people at that time (hallelujah to no crowds!) so it was amazing. There were so many cute things but because I'm on a budget I was only there to look, not to buy. I couldn't resist buying the Blue Jays bandana for Krickit though!

The next picture pretty much sums up how I survived the busy month of September

Give me all the coffee. I've worked every weekend since the Labour Day long weekend so I am very much looking forward to a weekend off! Can't.freaking.wait!

October 5, 2016

Five More Sleeps Until Thanksgiving...

I should be dead right now y'all. 

My brother and I are a bad combo and once we get ideas in our heads we usually run with them. My sister in law is constantly trying to rein us in. Last year during baseball playoffs my brother and I did shots for runs during one of the games and last night we brought it back. It definitely wasn't my idea...

It was a tense game, tied at 2-2 from the 5th inning until the game went into extras and finally ended at the bottom of the 11th when Encarnacion hit a walk off three run home run. It actually took my Mama a minute to process - she kept saying she thought it was a joke - because of how quickly it happened. I'm still riding a high from the game. No matter the outcome of the Jays/Rangers series I'm just happy there's still more baseball to be watched - I'm not ready for the season to be over! 

Image result for baseball playoffs funny
My brother texted me after the win to tell me that now I had to call in sick for him for today. He was not too happy to find out that today is my late morning at work and that I didn't have to be at work until 8:30 instead of my usual 7:15... which worked out perfect because I got to sleep in a little bit PLUS get this post done since it obviously wasn't getting done last night after all those shots...

In non baseball related news, I found out yesterday that my nieces dad is going to be picking them up around 2:00 on Friday so I'll only have to watch them from 8-2.  How many cookies do you think can be baked in 6 hours? I'm also scouring Pinterest for a new dessert to try for Thanksgiving supper. If you've stumbled across something ah-mazing lately let me know!

On Saturday I get to make a quick (and I mean quick) trip across the border to hit up my favourite place on Earth- Target! My sister texted me last night to ask we if I wanted to go with her and of course I said yes (after stipulating that some Starbucks and Caribou had to be included in the trip). I need some Target in my life
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I'm not sure exactly how it happened but it has become a tradition for my family to watch scary movies on Thanksgiving (weird, I now). We had a Scream movie marathon over Thanksgiving weekend last year and I've been trying to convince everyone that we need to to that again. If not I'll settle for playing the Hocus Pocus drinking game

On Saturday night I played games at my sisters house with her, our friend Scooby, and my brother and sister in law. My sister in law was wearing a pair of maternity jeans and I was envious over how comfy they looked, but also just like regular jeans. I told them all that I was going to buy some and no one would ever have to know that they were maternity jeans. Maybe I'll pick myself up a pair this weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving...

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                                                                      Happy Humpday!  

October 3, 2016

October Goals (2016)...

Aaaaand just like that it's October. I for one am ready for a new month and a new start to things. Somehow I am turning into a person that loves Fall - I never  thought that was possible - and I'm hoping that will help with the seasonal depression that I experience every year. If I hold onto the fact that Fall technically lasts into December I might do better than most years...

September was a whirlwind with long workdays and I am more than ready for things to settle down and return to 'normal'. You don't even know how excited I am that it is also the start of 'Holiday Season' with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas all to look forward to. I may not like the cold and snow but I do love the holidays that fall into that season! 

I'm off work this Friday for my earned day off which means I get a four day weekend since this weekend is Thanksgiving here in the GWN and I don't work Sunday at my second job for the first time in 4 weeks. I plan on getting lots accomplished this weekend, with the perfect amount of relaxing thrown in too. I cannot wait.

Friday is a no school day so I'm going to spend the day watching my nieces at their new house and we're going to bake  up a storm for Thanksgiving supper. I haven't used my Kitchen Aid mixer in waaay too long so it's overdue. But before I get to my four day weekend I need to set some goals for myself for October so I can maybe get a head start on some of them this weekend!

In October I want to...
1. Complete my step goal each day 
With the craziness that was September I'm now averaging 12K steps per day. I'm still only aiming for 10K per day but if I get above that each day then that is just a bonus! 

2. Decorate for Fall/Halloween 

3. Complete another round of the 21 Day Fix AND start Country Heat
Yesterday was the last day of my last round of the 21 Day Fix and I'm just going to keep going with the workouts for another 21 days, but be a little more lenient with the eating plan. I miss beer way too much

4. Purchase two more Christmas presents

5. Make at least $100 from de-cluttering 
If I can make more and get rid of all the things in my 'sell' pile then that would be ah-mazing. I can't wait for it all to be gone! 

6. Read two books from my reading pile

7. Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte again
I've only tried one once before - probably two years ago - and it was just meh for me. But I figure I should give it another shot just to see. I'm not into most fall drinks - I definitely look forward to red cup season more than anything. Bring on all the Caramel Brule Lattes!

8. Re-cap my Summer trips 
Better late than never, right? I'm mostly just doing this for myself since my main goal for this space of mine is to be able to look back and remember events in my life 

9. Organize all the photos on my laptop
I will need all the wine for this. It's such a disorganized mess. Eeeek

10. Blog consistently
No more just saying I'm going to get back into it - it's time to finally follow through with it!

Oh, and in case you didn't know...

Image result for its october 3rd gif
I've been waiting ALL year long to use that GIF again ;) 

Happy Monday!