October 26, 2016

Budgeting Is Still Hard...

Good morning y'all! I didn't get to sleep until after 11:30 last night, which is about 2 hours later than I have gone to bed for the last 4 nights and I am feeling it today. I didn't get home from a meeting for work until close to 10:30, so I am SO thankful that today is my 'late day' at work. I'm normally at work by 7:15 every morning, except for Wednesdays when I go in at 8:30 and stay until closing. I am definitely loving that today! I've been awake since my normal alarm went off at 5:00 but just being able to lay in bed and not rush around is so nice. I could get used to it...

I haven't made a Weekly Lessons post in awhile but lets be real here - getting back into blogging has been a sloooow process for me. Bear with me please! 

Lessons Learned...

If you eat like crap you will feel like crap
I haven't been able to resist all the Halloween Candy in my house and I just feel like a miserable pile of crap right now, to be very honest. I got all my Halloween bags ready for the tiny humans as soon as I bought all my candy, thinking that would stop me from eating it, but there was still so much leftover and I just have no willpower when it comes to all the candy. Someone send me some please!

I ended up having to work a lot of overtime last week because of a staff being off sick, and I worked all weekend between a staff conference on Saturday and First Aid re-certification on Sunday so there was also a lot of stress eating (and wine). I haven't gotten back into working out either since taking a break after finishing the 21 Day Fix and I so desperately need to get back at it, but with the extra time at work I am just too exhausted to do anything when I get off of work. I just need to stop throwing myself a pity party and get back at it! And for Halloween to hurry up and get here so the candy disappears forever!

Image result for gilmore girls gifs
Y'all. How excited are you for  Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life?! I've watched the trailer at least 10 times already. I've been compared to Lorelei at least 5 times over the last couple of years (I think its the fast talking...)  and that is one comparison that I will definitely take! Can't.freaking.wait!

Watching Grey's Anatomy on repeat will make you feel like you have a medical degree
Or at least that's how I feel after binge watching Grey's over the last week. I needed a break from The Office and HIMYM, discovered that Parks and Rec isn't on Canadian Netflix (ughhhh), so I went back to one of my old favourites - Greys Anatomy. I probably said 'I learned that from Grey's Anatomy' at least 5 times at my First Aid course on the weekend. Why does anyone even go to medical school these days when everything they need to know can be found in an episode of Greys?! (Kidddddding)

Budgeting is still hard
I've been budgeting for awhile now but I kept finding that I would allow myself to stray from it here or there and then all of a sudden my entire budget was blown and I was back to the drawing board for the next month so a change needed to be made and thus I set out a pretty strict budget for myself over the last couple of months. I have a big financial goal to be completed by the end of this year and I don't want to mess my progress up so I've been pretty good at holding myself accountable. The problem? I haven't been spending hardly any money on the things that are actual necessities for fear of messing up my budget. I literally have 4 pairs of pants that are appropriate for work/the weather right now. FOUR. And I work five/six days a week and definitely don't do laundry enough to get by with only four pairs of pants. It's 4 degress out today and I am currently wearing a pair of Lululemon crops from my Summer wardrobe because I am completely out of pants. With my big goals for the end of the year I just keep trying to tell myself just to get to January 1st and then I can have a little more breathing room for things but it's getting harder and harder each month. Eating healthy is expensive and I haven't made it a total priority mainly because of my budget, so you can see where I have some problems with this whole budget thing.

I did return a pair of Lululemon crops that I got in July at the MOA because the pilling on them was absolutely ridiculous for having worn them maybe 5 times and washing exactly the way I was supposed to. The return finally went through yesterday and I was given a $97 e-gift card so I bought myself a new pair of yoga pants (hopefully they don't pill!). Kate from The Small Things Blog praised the Align II pants on Snapchat so I checked them out but the reviews on them were terrible for pilling so I decided to play it as safe as possible and went with a pair that had much better reviews. Now I just need them to get here before the snow falls and I'm wearing shorts to work...

Happy Humpday!


  1. You have no idea how excited I am for the Gilmore Girls reunion. So excited in fact I have a blog post already started in my drafts talking about it!
    Also, that's so funny about Lorelei! I absolutely adore her (and her addictive coffee personality)!!!

  2. I feel like budgeting is a daily, minute by minute battle. I am constantly telling myself not to buy things or that it is not absolutely necessary right now. So hard, so hard!! I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in way too long, reading this post makes me want to go home and watch it right away!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I bought our Halloween candy super early because they were having a crazy sale at Target and told myself I would be good...but I've eaten way too much. Like, to the point that I'm going to have to buy more candy (since I'm not sure if we get lots of trick or treaters). The leftovers need to be taken to work so I don't eat all of it! I can't wait for Gilmore Girls!!! The trailer has me so excited! And getting compared to Lorelei is totally a compliment!

  4. i have like 2 pairs of pants that i like wearing to work, so i do washing way more than i should. so i feel you! i don't want to buy more because i'm not supposed to be shopping. i am so excited for gilmore girls, i only let myself watch the trailer once because i'm trying to keep my expectations/obsession low. haha. we don't have halloween candy in the house but it is at work and i seriously, no joke, have eaten like at least 15 pieces a day for the past 3 weeks. what willpower?

  5. Have you tried the LulaRoe leggings? They really are amazing. Buttery soft, even when you wash them a bunch and all sorts of different designs or solid colors. They are comfy for working out in or lounging in and I think they're $25. It might be worth a look into. I purposely haven't gotten any Halloween candy because I'll just eat it. And we never get kids here anyway. Pretty sad actually.


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