October 5, 2016

Five More Sleeps Until Thanksgiving...

I should be dead right now y'all. 

My brother and I are a bad combo and once we get ideas in our heads we usually run with them. My sister in law is constantly trying to rein us in. Last year during baseball playoffs my brother and I did shots for runs during one of the games and last night we brought it back. It definitely wasn't my idea...

It was a tense game, tied at 2-2 from the 5th inning until the game went into extras and finally ended at the bottom of the 11th when Encarnacion hit a walk off three run home run. It actually took my Mama a minute to process - she kept saying she thought it was a joke - because of how quickly it happened. I'm still riding a high from the game. No matter the outcome of the Jays/Rangers series I'm just happy there's still more baseball to be watched - I'm not ready for the season to be over! 

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My brother texted me after the win to tell me that now I had to call in sick for him for today. He was not too happy to find out that today is my late morning at work and that I didn't have to be at work until 8:30 instead of my usual 7:15... which worked out perfect because I got to sleep in a little bit PLUS get this post done since it obviously wasn't getting done last night after all those shots...

In non baseball related news, I found out yesterday that my nieces dad is going to be picking them up around 2:00 on Friday so I'll only have to watch them from 8-2.  How many cookies do you think can be baked in 6 hours? I'm also scouring Pinterest for a new dessert to try for Thanksgiving supper. If you've stumbled across something ah-mazing lately let me know!

On Saturday I get to make a quick (and I mean quick) trip across the border to hit up my favourite place on Earth- Target! My sister texted me last night to ask we if I wanted to go with her and of course I said yes (after stipulating that some Starbucks and Caribou had to be included in the trip). I need some Target in my life
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I'm not sure exactly how it happened but it has become a tradition for my family to watch scary movies on Thanksgiving (weird, I now). We had a Scream movie marathon over Thanksgiving weekend last year and I've been trying to convince everyone that we need to to that again. If not I'll settle for playing the Hocus Pocus drinking game

On Saturday night I played games at my sisters house with her, our friend Scooby, and my brother and sister in law. My sister in law was wearing a pair of maternity jeans and I was envious over how comfy they looked, but also just like regular jeans. I told them all that I was going to buy some and no one would ever have to know that they were maternity jeans. Maybe I'll pick myself up a pair this weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving...

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                                                                      Happy Humpday!  

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  1. Some guy posted on Instagram that the Rangers are going to crush the Blue Jays and I just thought it was kind of cocky and douchey so I really want the Blue Jays to win now. Hahaha. And I don't even watch baseball ever. I watched Hocus Pocus last night, but no drinking game. Later this month, for sure.


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