October 21, 2016

Five On Friday...

I am in major need of a vacation. MAJOR. I haven't been anywhere in over six weeks (please remember that I live in the middle of nowhere) and the last time I went on what I'd consider an actual 'vacation' was when MN and I went to Duluth in the middle of July. Kansas City doesn't count because it was such a whirlwhind and we we were barely in the city for 24 hours. At this point I'd take a vacation to pretty much anywhere as long as it got me away from real life for a little bit. 

I haven't left Canada/US since December 2012 - I could definitely use a week on a beach somewhere! But I'd also settle for exploring somewhere new like Chicago, Seattle, or New Orleans, or hitting up one of my favourite spots like NYC, Vegas, or Texas. I haven't even been on a plane for over a year! First world problems, I know

My new TMNT pajamas, that I mentioned in this post last week, tried to kill me. Yep, you read that right. Monday morning was pajama day at work so I was wearing my new bottoms since I knew the tiny humans would love them. Before I left for work I had to run back downstairs to grab something real quick. Now, these pajama bottoms are very soft and thus also very slippery. The stairs at my parents house are wood and also spiral - the pants are also just a little bit too long so they were underneath my heel and they made me slip down a step as I went down, causing my knee to hit the stair rail, my elbow to hit the step behind me, and my left foot to bend backwards onto the step below. It hurt, like a lot, but I brushed it off because I had to get to work and then didn't really think too much about it throughout the day, other than a few times to think about how bad my toes were hurting. When I got home that night I took off my sock to discover that one of my toes was SO swollen and bruised all to shit. I also had a nice mark on my knee and my left arm was pretty stiff until yesterday. Moral of the story: 1 pair of TMNT pajama pants was probably enough... haha

I feel like a new woman after finally getting a much needed hair trim on Tuesday. It had been a couple months and I couldn't get it to cooperate at all over the last few weeks. I had contemplated getting more than a couple of inches off but chickened out as per usual. I also made an appointment to get my nails filled next week- its been 6 weeks since I got them done and they look soooo ridic. Note to self: do not leave the salon without having another appointment booked! I even went ahead and made an appointment for a pedicure because its also been a hot minute since I had that done and my poor feet are suffering. Three things crossed off my to do list! Now I just need to make sure I actually keep up with these things. And maybe try to space them out so I'm not shelling out that $ all at once like I am over a weeks span...

To my complete horror I recently discovered that Parks and Rec isn't on Canadian Netflix so I can't keep watching (insert all the sad face emojis here). MN and I had got through the first season when I was there at the beginning of September and now I can't watch any more of it :( Why is Netflix ruining my life?!

Image result for parks and rec gif
I'm now taking a break from rewatching The Office and HIMYM and instead rewatching old episodes of Greys Anatomy. Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels completely qualified to be a surgeon after watching an episode? I feel like I missed my calling in life each time I watch but the feeling fades when I remember that I can't stand the sight of blood...

My beloved Blue Jays lost game five of the ALCS and that meant Cleveland moves on to the World Series as the American Leage champs and the Jays season is now over. I'll admit I was mega bummed BUT I'm still a fan no matter what and at least they made it to the post season - thats an accomplishment in itself. Now the countdown is on until spring training starts - I don't know what I'll do with all my spare time that was spent bird watching for the last 7 months!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love salon visits and your post made me realize that I haven't been in for a pedicure in months... It is really bad. I guess I need to make an appointment ASAP. Also I too need a vacation! I would love to be able to plan a trip to a tropical spot and coordinate it with a bunch of bloggers so we could all meet up and hang out!

  2. I work in a hair salon and it still takes me months to actually do my hair, butttt I loveeee getting my hair cut. It's probably m favorite thing ever, it just feels so good afterward. Also, I feel you on the nails. If I don't have an appointment booked I'm always like "oh I can just go tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes.

  3. I obviously haven't had the issue of US vs Canadian Netflix, but I hate when there's a show (or sometimes a movie) that I'm like, "Oh yeah, that will for sure be on Netflix" and it's not! UGH! My most recent hair cut was my first in nine months hahaha. I put it off so long but it feels SO GOOD once I actually do it so I'm always like, "Okay, I'll go sooner next time" but it never happens.


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