October 6, 2016

September Happenings...

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I was not prepared for September to arrive at all, even though for once I was actually looking forward to Fall, because I did not accomplish hardly anything off of my Summer Bucket List. It was pretty much an epic fail. 
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September Happenings...
The beginning of September began with the Labour Day long weekend, and I was off to the Twin Cities to see MN. I had just been there 10 days (I think - something close to that anyways) before that but MN was insistent that I had to come that weekend to go to the State Fair. He was dog sitting for his sister the day that I got off the train so I got to hang out with Zeus and watch the HP Marathon that was on ABC Spark - it was the perfect lazy Sunday. There was a big storm that night, a huge crack of Thunder woke us up in the middle of the night, so we didn't have to get up as early as we had planned to get to the fair - which I was definitely thankful for a chance to sleep in a little bit. 

My train is always late on my way down to the Twin Cities. Without fail. However, its always on time when I have to go back home. Its so frustrating! When I got to Minot on the Saturday night that my train was leaving I had a mild panic attack when I got to the train station because I thought I missed my train and that the emails that Amtrak sent me about the train being late were wrong. There was not a soul in sight when I first pulled up and parked, and usually there are tons of people waiting outside. I went inside to get my parking ticket and there were only 5 other people waiting inside - that has never happened before. There is usuallay a ton of people Thankfully it was just a weird night for travel and I didn't actually miss my train!
The fair. Y'all. I can't even begin to describe to you how massive it was. The fair that I go to in 'the city' doesn't even compare at all. Not even a little bit. Neither do any of the other larger fairs that I have gone to. There was just SO much to see. And we didn't even go anywhere near the midway with all the rides. I have never seen so much food, and so many different kinds of foods, at once. It was insane. MN had gone to see Weezer at the fair the Saturday night before I got there and the snap that he had sent me that day filled me with anxiety just from the amount of people that were there. Thankfully it wasn't anywhere close to that crowded when we there, though it was starting to get a little busier just as we were leaving in the afternoon. Me and large crowds do not mix!

The food was ah-mazing and we didn't even try all the things we had talked about because we were SO full by the time we left. I'd have to go every single year and try something new each time to maybe try everything. It's insane. The french toast bites we had first thing were delish - I wish I could get something close to as good for breakfast around here - and the cheese curds are to die for. Cheese curds aren't a thing here in the GWN but I've found that they are a staple in Minnesota. You can get them everywhere!

The last photo is from our lunch on my last day. I finally tried a Juicy Lucy - another big thing in the Cities. I really only eat out when I'm travelling, and on the rare occasion when I meet up with friends maybe once a month, so I need to indulge whenever I'm away!

The rest of September just seemed to fly by, mostly due to working extra hours at my part time job, and longer hours at my full time job to tackle my to do list. September is also birthday month for my nieces so of course we had to celebrate! Rae turned 10 and Graycie turned 6 and I cannot believe that Rae is in the double digits and that my McBaby is not a baby anymore :(

 A friend and I started the 21 Day fix at the beginning of September but before we did we had to have one last hurrah so we headed to the Olive Branch with my sister the Saturday before we started to indulge in the amazing food before we were on the 21 Day Fix meal plan. I've been dreaming about that bruschetta ever since - I think a trip back there this month is needed! 

Of course it wouldn't be a recap of my month without a bunch of Krickit pictures. I mean, look how adorable my Bo Bicki is- don't you just want to squeeze her?!

September also marked my Sister and nieces officially being all moved into their new home! They may not have had all of their furniture yet but they were moved in and that's what counts! I got to have my first sleepover at the new house and the girls were just so excited to show me everything in their rooms (again)!

Even though September was crazy with work I still managed to start organizing the spare rooms that are filled with all my stuff (finally - its only been on my to do list for forever!), start organizing some pictures on my laptop, and even got to slip away with my Mama to Homespun, a craft market held in Caryle every year. We try to go every year and this year we discovered that going around 5:00 is the perfect time. There were hardly any people at that time (hallelujah to no crowds!) so it was amazing. There were so many cute things but because I'm on a budget I was only there to look, not to buy. I couldn't resist buying the Blue Jays bandana for Krickit though!

The next picture pretty much sums up how I survived the busy month of September

Give me all the coffee. I've worked every weekend since the Labour Day long weekend so I am very much looking forward to a weekend off! Can't.freaking.wait!


  1. Wait...I thought poutine was topped with cheese curds?! Or is that not how traditional poutine is? I LOVE me some cheese curds though. So good. Krickit is so cute. I love how big her ears are!!! So many heart eyes emojis.

  2. mmmmmm food. it all looks so good. seriously though, i could eat bruschetta every day for the rest of my life and not be mad lol. thank goodness you didn't miss your train, that would have been so stressful! it always freaks me out when something is 'off', like the station being empty. creepy!

  3. That fair sounds amazing! And fair food is always the best! Yum!


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