November 29, 2016

My First Ever American Thanksgiving...

Hi y'all! It has been a hot minute since I've made it here (whoooops) and there's lots to be caught up on but for now I need to tell you all about my first ever American Thanksgiving.  I hadn't been to see MN in almost three months (I had been in the Twin Cities two weekends prior but it was for my nieces birthday trip and MN was working the whole time so I didn't get to see him) so it worked out perfectly to be able to make it there for Thanksgiving. 

I took the train from Minot to St Paul on Monday night. The train was super busy because of everyone travelling due to Thanksgiving - I hadn't even thought of this possibility since in my mind Thanksgiving was two months ago - and I ended up being stuck with a seat buddy. That has only happened once before and it was a sweet old lady who was travelling with her two grandkids. This time it was a guy, probably somewhere around my age, and it was super uncomfortable. Trying to sleep next to a complete stranger is super duper strange and unsettling. He kept trying to make conversation with me and I just wasn't in the mood so I probably came off super rude (he should have noticed my resting bitch face and not even tried). I had texted MN about how annoyed I was with having a seat partner and I'm pretty sure my seatmate saw the texts because he stopped trying to talk to me and I didn't hear a word from him the rest of the trip (which was fine by me!)

Leaving Krickit behind always breaks my heart. Also, I've read the Girl on the Train twice before but I didn't have any new reading material and its such a good read that I don't think I'll ever get sick of it

My train was a little late getting in to St Paul on Tuesday morning due to leaving Minot late the night before (always happens on the way to St Paul - so frustrating). As soon as MN picked me up that morning we headed to the Uptowner Cafe for breakfast. We had been once before and I loved it. It's so quaint, the food is ah-mazing and I love that you can see all of your food being cooked. The whole atmosphere is just so cozy and cute.  After breakfast we stopped at Caribou so I could get my hands on a Caramel High Rise before heading home - that's usually our first stop as soon as I get off of the train. We lazed around the rest of the day, watching as much Parks and Rec as possible since I can't get it at home. We had been planning on going to the Blue Door Pub with friends that night for trivia but it was freezing rain where they lived so they decided to stay home so we just ended up ordering in Toppers pizza and watching the first two Indiana Jones movies. MN has decided I am lacking in my movie experiences and has a list of movies that I need to watch. So far he has 'made' me watch Goodfellas, The Shawshank Redemption, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and Forrest Gump (yes, I had never seen it before!). He also got me into The Office and Parks and Rec so I kind of have to trust his judgement when it comes to his recommendations. 

On Wednesday we went over to MN's Grandma's house in the morning and stayed for lunch. Afterwards a trip to Target was necessary since that morning MN had snapped my hair tie on my wrist and broke it. It was the only hair tie that I had brought with me and I can't not have a hair tie on my wrist - you  never know when you might need one! However, I didn't get to spend nearly as much time in Target as I would have liked. It was a Super Target and it was huge and I'm pretty sure my face looked like the heart eye emoji the whole time we were there. Which as I said wasn't nearly long enough. We watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec when we got back home and then I had a nap on the couch while MN played video games, before it was time to get ready to meet up with friends for a birthday dinner.  After we got home from dinner we watched the third Indiana Jones movie (which was my favourite of the three, fyi). 

Thursday morning we were up and off to Sturgeon Lake to celebrate Thanksgiving. We met up with the family and had dinner and drinks at Doc's Sports Bar and Grill. Yes, my first ever American Thanksgiving meal was in a bar. Hashtag blessed. The bar is super cute (lets count how many times I call something cute in this post - I need a thesaurus! haha) and had tons of room for the 45 of us that were there, plus all the other customers who just wanted to enjoy the Vikings game and have Thanksgiving dinner. We had a Thanksgiving buffet lunch complete with turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, Minnesota wild rice, green bean casserole, dressing, and even a salad bar. So delish! After eating we headed down the road to the hunting 'shack'. The hunting 'shack' is not what I pictured at all. When I think of a shack I think of something run down, but this place was super nice and roomy. There were 45 of us and we all fit comfortably in there. I got to go out on the ATV a couple of times to see the property and heard the history of the 260-ish acres. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the property but I was squished in the middle so I didn't get a chance. It was so beautiful y'all. Just take my word for it. The trees were all snowy and it just made my heart so happy. Until yesterday there was no snow here in the GWN but there was lots up in Sturgeon Lake and the woods were just so cute all filled with snow.

We headed back to the cities around 4:00ish.  MN's sister and her boyfriend rode back with us and we hung out at  their place for a bit watching some football and playing with Zeus. He's a gorgeous husky that they rescued back in August and I absolutely love him - he's the sweetest. Once we got back to MN's place we settled in on the couch with some beers to watch Forrest Gump. Not a bad day for my first ever American Thanksgiving! 

We had talked about meeting up with friends at the MOA at 5:00 am on Black Friday but decided that was way too early (and we were way too lazy), so instead we slept in. When we got up I got to watch the first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival (eeek!) while MN played a video game. Perfect arrangement! We met up with friends for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then headed back home for more time on the couch watching Parks and Rec. Perfect lazy day after Thanksgiving! We had a late afternoon nap, ate our leftover Toppers pizza while watching Parks and Rec, and then it was time for me to head to the train station :( Getting back on the train is always hard - it never seems like there is enough time when I'm there. Long distance is hard y'all

My train was a bit late getting into Minot on Saturday morning, due to an accident in Moorhead holding us up an hour and a half in the middle of the night, but it worked out because I had plans to meet up with the Beaver Cove ladies since they were heading to Minot to do some Christmas shopping. We shopped for a bit, had lunch, and made plans for our annual cookie swap. After that I finished up some more shopping and then I was finally on my way back home to the GWN and to Krickit. 

MN comes here next Thursday morning and then I won't see him again until New Years Day. Booo to not seeing each other at Christmas but at least we're not going as long as we had to throughout September/October - there's always an upside, right? 

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

November 4, 2016

Currently (November 2016)...

Reading my way through my reading pile. Still. I'll definitely get some of them crossed off the list during the drive to the Twin Cities next weekend and then again a couple weeks later when I take the train back there - it seems to be the only time I actually get any reading done lately

Listening to my same ole' playlist on Spotify on repeat, as per usual. I've recently added Kisses at Airports by Cassadee Pope and Better Man by Little Big Town. Obsessed with both. As mentioned in yesterday's post, I've also been listening to Christmas music already - I just can't help myself! 

Celebrating the Cubs ending a 108 year drought. I mean, I'm not an actual Cubs fan (go Jays!) but out of the two options to cheer for it was hands down going to be the Cubs. Game 7 though... what a nail biter! For not actually caring about the outcome I was on the edge of my seat, biting at my nails, and just completely stressed out - I can't even imagine if it were the Jays that were playing! 

Watching HIMYM, Grey's Anatomy, or The Office on Netflix every night before I go to bed. Otherwise I'm not watching tv now that baseball season is over (wahhhh). I have a few episodes of This Is Us to catch up on - its pretty much the only new show that I'm interested in. I'm also very impatiently awaiting Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to finally make it to Netflix - can't.freaking.wait

Drinking water, water, water. I have a nasty throat infection and nothing appeals to me right now but at least water helps my throat feel a little bit better, if only for a few minutes. I've been making an extra cup of coffee each day too just to survive the day since I feel like a complete zombie.  I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a sip of alcohol (probably the last Jays game...?) I'm not supposed to mix alcohol with the antibiotics that I'm on but a couple of beers this weekend won't kill me, right?...

Waiting for my next mini vacation - one more week! Toni, the tiny humans, and I (and possibly a friend of my sisters and her daughter) are road tripping to the Twin Cities for the girls birthday trip. Truth be told, it won't be much of a 'vacation' with two (possible three) tiny humans in tow but at least it gets me away from O-town for a bit AND I'll get to see MN. Plus Starbucks, shopping, Caribou, CHIPOTLE- it will definitely still be great

Working on some blog posts for the next couple of weeks so that I actually stick to a regular schedule of blogging - at this point I'm aiming for two days per week to get back into it before we get to December where I'm hoping for at least three a week. There's just so much more inspiration in December that I don't think that will be hard for me 

Wearing all the comfy clothes because I haven't worked out in weeeeeks (yikes) and I feel like a zombie so actually getting ready in the mornings isn't happening. Not only do I feel like a zombie but I'm pretty sure I actually look like one too...

Anticipating MN's visit to Canada - 2 more sleeps! Eeeeeeek. When he gets here on Sunday it will be exactly 2 months since we've seen each. TWO. That is waaaay too long. Also, at my orthondontist appointment on Tuesday I found out that I only have three more appointments left and these braces will finally be off. I'm not going to get too excited just in case things change at my next appointment but cross your fingers for me that by February I'm no longer a brace face!

Loving that I get to hit up Starbucks, Caribou AND Target this weekend. And obviously that I get to see MN. I have to go to Minot to pick him up at the train station early Sunday morning so I got myself a hotel room for Saturday night and it will be the first time ever that I'll spend in a hotel room by myself. How I got to 29 without ever doing that I have NO idea 

Making plans to head to Yorkton the first weekend of December for Scooby's birthday. I have my work Christmas party on the Friday night but Scooby has a dinner theatre to go to too so Toni and I will head up there Saturday morning to kick off the birthday festivities. I imagine there will be lots of sangria and a pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight. And then hangover brunch the next morning before Toni and I have to head back to O-town because we're old now and can't hang like we used to. I should probably book that Monday off of work too...

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Happy Friday!

November 3, 2016

October Happenings...

What's New With You

October was another blink and you miss it month and I'm only having a mild panic attack that it is already NOVEMBER. On one hand I LOVE that it is November because that means Christmas (my favourite thing ever) is that much closer but it also means that it's almost the end of the year and there are so many things I hoped to accomplish this year that I'm running out of time to get done! 

October Happenings

My sister and I took a super quick trip across the border to Minot, ND for some shopping on the Friday of our Thanksgiving weekend. We had the most ah-mazing Mexican food for supper that night (the best I've had since Texas 2 1/2 years ago) at a restaurant her co-worker raves about but we had never had a chance to try. Now it will definitely be a stop anytime I go! Then we wandered around Wal Mart and drooled over everything in the Pioneer Woman's collection, but only made it out of the store with a couple things from it (don't worry, I'm heading to Minot this weekend and I'm sure a couple more things will make it back home with me). We also made it out of Wal Mart with our weight in Halloween candy - the states just has so many different options than Canada so we couldn't control ourselves. The worst part was that I had already bought a bunch in Minot when I was on my way back from visiting MN in the begininning of September. I told my sister not to let me buy anymore but she never listens to me! The next morning I got my Starbucks fix and then it was time for the whole purpose of our trip - Target. I got a super cute new Halloween throw pillow, and a bunch of other things magically found their way into my cart. How I have no idea... We were in the states for less than 24 hours but it was worth it for the delicious food, Starbucks, Target AND Caribou that I got for the drive home

Mama Bear made another delicious Thanksgiving supper that Sunday- she's the best cook in the whole wide world in my opinion. After supper it was Game 3 of the ALDS - it was a nail biter for sure but the Jays ending up winning on a bad throw to first that scored a run and that was it for the series as the Jays swept the Rangers. Happy Thanksgiving indeed! 
I spent a lot of hours at work this month (between both jobs), which meant it was a pretty boring month for me. I think October is the one month this year that has flown by the fastest, which is weird considering I really didn't actually do anything throughout the month, other than the one quick trip to Minot. One weekend was filled up with conferences and First Aid training (for the billionth time I swear) and otherwise I don't know what I did besides work. Next weekends trip to the Twin Cities can't come fast enough!

I had way too much fun with the Fall/Halloween themed Snapchat filters this month. Does anyone else wish that the Halloween flower crown would replace the regular flower crown all the time?! And how adorable does my Bicki look in her Thanksgiving filter?! haha

I also had to include this conversation between my sister and our friend Scooby. Back in March Scooby and I made an intervention banner and staged an intervention (ala HIMYM) for Tonim and after eating waaay too much Halloween candy one day I sent a message in the group chat the three of us always have going that I needed an intervention and Scooby just automatically assumed it was for drinking (mega side eye)

In the middle of the month my brother and sister in law found out what they're having and somehow I didn't immediately start buying all the cute baby things- maybe I am finally getting some willpower?! All I know is I can't wait for February to get here to get some baby snuggles! And so I finally have my wine drinking partner back haha. I just can't seem to get my sister on the wine bandwagon no matter how hard I try

My sister and I had hoped to have a night out over the weekend before Halloween and go to a social for an old friend of mine but the girls dad wasn't able to take them so instead we settled for a girls night in watching Hocus Pocus with the tiny humans, and then Dirty 30 once the tiny humans were in bed. I made chili for supper (the perfect Fall meal in my opinion), whipped up some Halloween sugar cookies, Puppy Chow, and made up a candy corn veggie tray and some taco dip and then headed to Toni's place to eat all the things and have our movie night

Halloween was a complete shit show this year. It rained Literally all day long. This is the first time I can ever remember it raining on Halloween. It usually is either super cold by now or there is snow on the ground, but not rain. It definitely put a damper on things and there weren't as many trick or treaters as usual. This was the first time in yeeeaaars that Toni didn't come up with some kind of costume theme for the girls - instead Rae was a witch and Graycie was Elsa. You couldn't really tell anyways because they wore ponchos to *try* and stay dry. I didn't even decorate the porch at my parents house like I normally do (my bedroom was still decorated though...) because it just didn't seem worth the effort with the rain in the forecast, and I was right. I think my parents ended up with 18 trick or treaters (last year they had 35 - we live on the outskirts of town and that was the best number yet!). You can see here and here how crazy I usually go for Halloween - I'm actually pretty bummed that this year I didn't get to go all out but there is always next year! 

The one thing that I did bring out was the Fortune Telling Witch decoration that was my Grandma Dee's that all of us kids were obsessed with. It's one of my favourite things about Halloween. Even though I didn't go all out with my decorations I still made sure to dress up my furry friends! Krickit was Spaghetti and Meatballs (an awesome Target find) and Kirby wore Krickit's unicorn costume from last year. I did make Luna wear a skeleton shirt but she somehow finagled her way out of it before I even got home from work. Also, I'm 99% certain that I have Strep (went to the Dr on Tuesday and got some really strong antibiotics due to my past history but waiting on results of the swab) and I felt like death on Halloween so I was fast asleep on the couch by 8:00 - I didn't even watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween like I usually do! Just nothing about this Halloween was like normal

Now that Halloween is over I just have to make it past November 11th and then Christmas is going to take over my entire house (eeeeek!) I may have listened to Christmas music for half of my drive to the Queen City on Tuesday for my orthodontist appointment... I'll also be attending my first ever American Thanksgiving festivities this year but I'll already be in complete Christmas mode - bring on the Holidays!

And of course it wouldn't be a monthly recap if I didnt' include some adorable Krickit pictures!