December 6, 2016

Currently (December 2016)...

Reading my way through my reading pile. Yes, still. I've actually added a couple books to my pile without getting to the older ones first - whoops. I read Find Her by Lisa Gardner (4 stars!) on the way to the Twin Cities for the girls birthday trip and then re-read The Girl on The Train (its just so good!) while on the train ride home from MN a couple weeks ago but otherwise haven't made much progress on my pile. I'm hoping I can get some of them knocked off during the Christmas holidays so I can finally buy some new ones. I can't wait to get my hands on Lauren Graham's book!

Listening to Christmas music Now that its finally December I can say this and not feel a single bit of shame. I listen to it all day on my computer at work over my usual Spotify playlist - I can't get enough!

Celebrating the Christmas season! My work Christmas party was last Friday and then Toni and I headed to Yorkton on Saturday to celebrate Scooby's birthday. Next weekend we're having a Christmas party at my sisters house and then I still have to fit in Cookie Swap somewhere - I love that the holidays brings people together!
Watching all the Christmas movies I can get my hands on. My nieces came back from their Dad's house on Sunday night and told me that they watched Home Alone three times - I was so proud! I woke up early this morning and am writing this post as I watch a cheesy Christmas movie on Netflix called Merry Kissmas (and yes, it's terribly cheesy but I don't care because its Christmas!)

Drinking coffee at the moment (out of a festive mug of course) but my go to drinks lately (besides coffee and water) have been hot chocolate and cranberry ginger ale - so festive!

Waiting for some packages to arrive in the mail. And for the Christmas cards to roll in! I finally took down last years Christmas cards a couple days ago and now my card holder just looks so empty 

Working on some fun Christmas-y blog posts so I can make up for my lack of posts lately

Wearing all the layers because Snowmageddon has hit my corner of the province. It's currently blizzarding and feels like -25 C with the wind chill. The highways are a complete mess and the amount of snow we've received is insane. I wish I could just stay in bed and have a snow day today while watching Christmas movies :(

Anticipating seeing MN in two days! It hasn't even been two weeks since we last saw each other but it feels like forever. He's here for four days/three nights this time so it won't be as rushed as his last visit. We don't get to see each other at Christmas (booo) so after this I won't see him until New Years Day so we have to make the most of this time together during my favourite month!

Loving that I came home on Sunday night and my Mama had her tree up - it makes my heart so happy!
Making plans for my annual Christmas Baking Extravaganza - I look forward to it all year long! I go way overboard but I love doing it and it makes my heart happy. Now I just have to figure out when I can carve out the time to start...


  1. cheesy christmas movies are the best kind of christmas movies. what is a christmas movie without a little cheese?!

  2. I realized this past weekend that listening to Christmas music while at work just makes work so much better. Also I've been drinking hot chocolate like it's going out of style. I ran out earlier today and actually changed out of my pjs, back into real clothes, and braved the cold to go buy more.

  3. Cranberry ginger ale sounds interesting.

    We were watching fairytales at the weekend. Apparently that's what German TV puts on during advent (we live in Switzerland but get German channels since there are only about 2 Swiss ones not including local ones)

  4. Christmas music all day, every day over here.


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