January 24, 2017

Ten Things I Keep Putting Off...

I am the QUEEN of procrastination. I could fight almost anyone for the title. I pack for vacation at the very last minute, finished essays in College with only hours to spare, and regularly use dry shampoo as a replacement for actually washing my hair because telling myself 'next time' doesn't actually work to get it done (I do shower though, I promise)

Though I do actually seem to do my best work under the pressure of a deadline there are certain things that I just need to bite the bullet and get done. Because if I don't my list is just going to keep getting longer and I might not be able to get out of bed because of the pressure of it all. Overdramatic I am not...
Ten Things I Keep Putting Off...

1| Calling the service department of the car dealership I bought Eleanor from to schedule work for a recall for 'side door hem corrosion'. I actually did call in the early fall and they said someone would call me back and they never did. Hmph

2| Posting items on a FB garage sale site. I went through all my closets (and so did my Mom) and there is a HUGE pile of clothes/accesories (mostly brand new with tags still attached...) to be sold but I just can't be bothered to do it. Someone send me some motivation because not only will the extra $ be nice but so will having my fitness room back to normal

3| Calling to book a massage appointment. This is a must before the end of this week!

4| Getting back into a fitness routine. I finally got my braces off (yay! - more on that in another post) and have been indulging in all the thing I've been missing out on over the last 2+years but if I don't get back on track with my fitness then I'm not going to achieve my goal!

5| Cleaning the spare bedroom. Christmas threw up in there and just the thought of starting to reorganize it all again gives me hives

6| Contacting SGI to have my windshield and drivers side window replaced. I live in SK so its inevitable that I'll have a cracked windshield but its gotten progressively worse and is finally to the point where it just needs to be replaced. I also have had a chip in my drivers side window since July 2015 that slowly turned into a large crack. It never bothered me until now because now my window won't roll down at all and its a huge pain in my ass. That means no drive thru for coffee on the days I work in the city - no bueno!

7| Upgrading my cell phone. I've been eligible for a new phone for almost a whole year but I keep putting it off because $$$. Also, they keep coming out with a new iPhone so often that I don't want to get a new one and then two months later they release the newest version. The struggle is real

8| Quitting my second job. I started in mid August 2015 and really only planned on being there until I had saved some money back up after my brothers wedding and after my braces were paid off (in June 2016). Here I am almost to the end of January 2017 and I'm still there. I did cut back my hours a bit late last Spring but I have had the intention of dropping the second job completely for a few months now but I just keep putting it off because I really like the owners of the business and I don't want to inconvenience them. I will do it by Spring. It will be so nice to have my Sundays back!

9| Ordering new tires for Eleanor. Both my Dad and MN have been giving me crap about Eleanors tires because I have the same tires on her from when I bought her brand new a little over 5 years ago. I have the tires picked out I just need to finalize the order and schedule the appointment to have them put on. Which I keep putting off because I hate the thought of seeing that money drain out of my savings account. Adulting - ughhh

10| Ordering photos from the past 2+ years. Once again because of $$$. I also want to order a few photobooks from trips/special events and that is pricey so I've just been putting it off. What I have to keep reminding myself is that the more I put it off then the more pictures I need to order and the pricier it all gets...

A few of these things are on my January Goals and there's only one more week for me to get those crossed off so I guess I better get to it... 

Do you also see the pattern of putting off things that require talking on the phone? I'm pretty sure I hate talking on the phone more than anything else on earth. I need a personal assistant just to make all my phone calls for me. Applications accepted in the comments ;)


  1. I put off all the things that require annoying phone calls... insurance, car stuff, etc. It's just easy to put them off when they are not fun to deal with ya know?! Hopefully you can knock some of them out right away and have them behind you :) YAY for getting your braces off, I bet you are thrilled!!

  2. Here are some of mine: Hanging stuff on the wall, printing photos, taking my giant box of clothes to a reseller to see what they'll take/pay me, annnd getting a new passport since changing my name over a year ago. Hahaha. (Also dusting and cleaning off my full-length mirror, but those are kind of gross and I'm more embarrassed to admit tot hem. ha!)

  3. I finally started ordering photos regularly and it's the best! I love having them all printed out! <3


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