February 28, 2017

Links & Love (February 2017)...

Can y'all believe its the last day of February already?! This month has completely flown by - even more so than most months seem to. I guess that's what happens with the shortest month of the year. 

Life has been busy hence the lack of blogging and its about to get even busier for about a week while I take on some extra hours at my second job. The upside? I *think* I have finally managed to get rid of the plague for good. I still have a tiny bit of a cough and I'll randomly feel the pain in my chest but its nowhere near as bad as it was. I still have a couple days of medication left and then I will hopefully be 100%! 

With February flying by I didn't even realize how little I had managed to post but I couldn't let February go by without sharing some links & love!

First and foremost, my nephew is finally here! Quade Kenneth O'Brien was born just over a week ago on February 16th, two days after his due date. He was 6 lbs 7 oz and he's the most adorable little man and I love him to pieces and wish I could hang out with him all day every day. He's the perfect baby - seriously! All he does is sleep - I've only gotten a few quick glimpses of his eyes so far and I can't wait until he's more alert. 
Terrible hospital lighting but LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!

How great is this idea from Erin and Steph to bring some connections back into the blog world?!

I'm pretty sure I've talked a time or two about my love for the Pioneer Woman but ever since making her cinnamon rolls for the first time at Christmas I have moved into total stalker territory - she's pretty much my favourite person now. I've now made the cinnamon rolls three different times and each time the process moves along a little bit quicker. They are a bit tedious to make but actually super easy - and sooo worth it! 

Someone shared this video on Facebook a few days ago and I laughed so hard I woke Krickit up. I may not be a mom (#dogmom) but with working in the early learning field and having the plague for over a month straight I could definitely relate. I watched a couple other videos on their channel and had to force myself to stop so I wouldn't stay up all night. 

Baseball season is almost here! I got a text on Wednesday from my SIL that our tickets are purchased for the Jays vs Twins series at Target Field in September - is it too early to start counting down....?

These makeup wipes are my absolute favourite and have been for a couple years now. I stock up everytime I head to the states because I can get them a few dollars cheaper at Wal-Mart/Target. I tried sooo many different wipes before finally finding these gems and all other wipes irritated my sensitive skin and burned my eyes. I don't know how I finally found these but I'm so glad I did! 

That's all for this months links & love. Bring on March (and Spring)!

February 15, 2017

Tackling My To-Do List...

Y'all. I tackled my to-do list like a boss over the last 4 days (please forgive me for using like a boss). 

I unexpectedly got the entire weekend off of work and it was exactly what I needed. It's been a long time since I've had two full days off while I'm at home - I'm usually out of town when I have a Sunday off of work so its was so nice to be home for an entire weekend with absolutely no plans but to tackle my to-do list!

I can thank the store having to do inventory for my unexpected but very welcome day off. As much as I would have loved to spend my weekend relaxing since I've been sick for so long that just wasn't happening because my to-do list has just been getting longer and longer. I'm very happy to say that there are only a few things left on my to-do list after the last 4 days of getting shit done - and that makes me SO happy!

Okay, there was a tiny bit of relaxing 

The spare room that Christmas exploded in is no more! Almost all of Christmas has been packed away, aside from my Christmas tree and Christmas cards still being up (and lets be honest, they'll probably just stay up to let the spirit of Christmas stay alive). I got about 90% of the room cleaned and organized and will hopefully get the rest of it finished before MN gets here on Sunday (aside from all my Project Life stuff/photos but they're neatly piled in a corner of the room for now). 

I forgot to take a picture when I 'finished' but it is so much more organized now 

Aside from finally making the spare room look like a bomb hadn't gone off in it I also dusted and vacuumed my bedroom, cleaned out my desk drawer, went through a bunch of files and random papers and finally organized them into a hanging file folder box that I picked up at Target months ago, posted a bunch of clothes and accessories on a FB garage sale site, and even spent some time at work gettting some things done that I didn't get to during the week. I even found time to make The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls (such a long process but totally worth it in the end!). The only downside to finally getting things done is that while cleaning I found the charger for my handheld vacuum so naturally I plugged it in to charge and it tried to burn my entire house down! After putting in all that work I would've been so pissed if it would have all been for nothing! 

You can see where it had started melting - smoke was fuming out the two sides. The snowbank out the bank door is its new home...

I worked Monday morning and then I was off to 'the city' for the Dr's appointment that I put off for waaaay too long. Turns out I never got over 'the plague' from the beginning of January because I had coughed so much and so hard during those first three weeks in January that it caused an infection in my windpipe - the reason for the extreme pain I've been having for over two weeks everytime I rolled over in bed or coughed. I'm now on another strong dose of antibiotics for 10 days so please cross your fingers that this finally works - I can't take much more of this! 

 After my appointment I quickly ran to Wal Mart to pick up my prescription, stopped by my eye doctor to finally order new contacts (only 9 months after I was supposed to...), and then dropped Eleanor off at a tire shop to get four brand spankin' new tires put on (now my Dad and MN can stop hounding me about it...). Since I was vehicle-less for the hour that she was in the shop I walked across the street to Pharmasave and did some browsing and then I stopped at my accountants office since it was just around the corner and made an appointment to sit down with someone to go over this years tax return (a phone call I should have made last week...). I was supposed to pick up some oil and a filter at Canadian Tire for my Dad to give Eleanor an oil change (she was at 0% - eeek) but the tire shop called me and offered to do it for a discount since Eleanor was already up on the lift and my oil life was at 0 so I ended up saving money by getting them to change it and didn't have to make an extra stop- score! After I picked Eleanor up (and had a mild panic attack while paying for the work because my savings drained sooo quickly - ughhh) I headed to switch out my broken iPhone charger for a new one - another thing that had been put off for forever. 

I feel so accomplished getting all these things done that I've been putting off for so long and feel a little more caught up on life! After making an appointment yesterday to get an adjustor to look at my cracked drivers side window there are only two pressing things left on my to-do list and they should be finished by Sunday and then I will never let things get so out of control again! 

February 10, 2017

Currently (February 2017)...

Reading waaaay more than I did in 2016, that's for sure! So far in 2017 I have already finished 6 books - I'm pretty sure that's more than I got to in 2016 altogether. In January I read All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda, That Night and Those Girls by Chevy Stevens, and The Lost Girls by Heather Young and so far in February I have read Whispers by Lisa Jackson and The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell. Other than really enjoying All the Missing Girls the others have only been so-so but at least I'm reading!

Listening to my same ole' playlist on Spotify just with a few new additions including Carly Pearce's Every Little Thing and Sam Hunt's Drinkin' Too Much. I'm pretty sure I also added every single Eric Church song to the playlist after his concert - I'm obsessed. 

Celebrating that we've almost made it halfway through February. Spring is coming - only 37 more days! Halle-freakin-lujah

Watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix and Game of Thrones when I'm at MN's place. I'm late to the party on GOT but now that I've started watching I can't get enough of it.  Having to wait weeks in between watching is super annoying because I just want to binge watch all the seasons right now! MN was the one who introduced me to Schitt's Creek which he thinks is hilarious since its a Canadian show. I wanted to hate it since he was so smug about it (haha) but it's a good watch. 

Drinking Black Cherry 'soda' (I hate that the can calls it that - it's called pop!) the last few days. I had forgotten that it existed until my brother messaged me on the weekend reminding me how I used to use it in sno-cones and afterwards I got the hugest craving for it - I rarely drink pop but I had to have it. 

Waiting on my nephew to make his arrival! Kels' due date is on Tuesday (Valentine's Day) so he could be here any day now - eeeek! I bought some super cute things from the Cat & Jack line at Target last week and I cannot wait for him to wear them - he's going to look so handsome <3. Does anyone else wish that they made the Cat & Jack line in adult sizes or is that just me...

Working on some baby shower plans for when baby Mathison finally makes his arrival. Around here it's standard to have the shower after the baby is born so everyone can meet him/her and love on them at the shower and not knowing when he's actually going to make his arrival is making it hard to set a date - I just want him to be here!

Wearing some new finds from when I wandered around the aisles of Target and Wal Mart in Minot last week because my train was delayed (again... ugh) by over 3 hours and I had tons of time to kill. I got this shirt from Target and three long sleeve shirts at Wal Mart (one a Harry Potter one that is sooo comfy and cute). I normally don't even look at the clothes in Wal Mart but I'm glad I did! The best part? All 4 tops cost me less than $40 Canadian. 

Anticipating Mn's third visit to the GWN next weekend. It's another super quick trip and there's not much to do around here these days with the way our weather has been but Krickit will be happy to see him!

Loving how much I've managed to get accomplished in February already considering the fact that I'm sick again. I've almost crossed 5 things off of this list this month!

Making a list of new recipes to try for my goal of making at least one new recipe a week in February. On Monday I made Creamy Chicken Noodle soup (its sooo good y'all - one of my go to recipes) and copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits to go with them. Technically these weren't new recipes since I make the soup all the time and have made the biscuits before but I used a different recipe this time and they were so much better than the ones I've made in the past.  

It has been a loooong week y'all - hence why this is the first day I've made it here this week. I didn't get home from Minnesota until Monday morning and by Monday night the plague was back in full force - I don't know why I can't kick it! It never really went away but I was feeling so much better than I had been at the beginning of January but now I'm right back to square one.  Don't worry though, I'm not just complaining while not doing anything about it, I just can't get into my doctor until Monday. Hopefully by Monday I'll have another round of antibiotics in hand to finally kick this and can get back to feeling human again which will mean back to this space more than once a week...  

February 2, 2017

January Happenings (2017)...

What's New With You
I started the month of January off in Minnesota, having went to see the Wild vs the Blue Jackets on NYE at Xcel Energy Center with MN. MN and I exchanged Christmas gifts (since he wouldn't do it before Christmas when he was visiting me in SK..), went to my first ever NHL game, and then celebrated NYE at a friends house (barely making it past midnight). Not a word of a lie, we didn't leave the apartment for almost two full days, until late that Monday night when I got dropped off at the train station to head home. January 31st was SO busy that it took two full days to recover from it! You know you're getting old when...
I had the worst train ride home ever during that trip. The car I was in was completely full, everyone had to sit with strangers, because everyone and their dog was travelling back home from Christmas/NYE. I swear that every.single.person in that car was coughing, sneezing, etc. A child a couple seats behind me even threw up at one point (yuckkk). I had started to get sick while still in Minnesota but almost the second I got on that train I was coughing like crazy and my throat was so swollen. When I I finally made it to the Doctor at the end of that week I barely had a voice left, had zero energy, and legit felt like I was dying. I was sent home with another heavy dose of antibiotics and strict orders to come back in 10 days. My cough kept me up at night for almost a week straight - it was not a good way to start the new year! I don't even remember the first half of January since I was down with what I swear was the plague - I've never coughed this much in my life.
Even though the plague kept me pretty much bed ridden (besides going to work) for most of the month, there were still some super exciting events that happened in January, like finally getting my braces off! 

I found out at my orthodontist appointment in December that I would (finally) be getting my braces off in early January. I hardly told anyone, just in case my orthodontist ended up deciding to keep them on for a while longer - I've heard so many stories of that happening so I didn't want to get my hopes up. To my absolute shock they actually came off that day and I was on cloud 9! 2+ years of having braces finally paid off. I didn't tell MN that I got them off so for 10 days I had to hide it on all forms of social media. When I finally got to St Paul a week and a half after I got them off  it took him about 45 minutes to notice that I even got them off! In his defense, it took Scooby over 3 hours to notice... My mom had came with me to my orthodontist appointment and I after I got them off we went to lunch - there were SO many more options of what I could eat compared to the last 2 years! One of the first things I did when I got them off was chew gum - oh how I've missed that! I also bought licorice and corn nuts and devoured those - it was two very long years of going without a lot of things.
Another exciting event in January? Going to see Eric Church's Holdin' My Own tour at Target Center with MN and his sister and her boyfriend. I hadn't been to a concert in forever and it did not disappoint - I would love to go and see him again! The only downside to that trip was my train being delayed by FIVE hours on the way there. I ended up renting a cheap hotel room in Minot to hang out at since the train station doesn't have wifi and I would have nothing to do there for five hours. My train was supposed to leave Minot at 9:47 pm and it didn't leave until after 3:00 am. When I got to Minot I went to Target to grab a few things, grabbed a salad from a grocery store, and then went to my hotel room where I showered and had a nap before heading to the train station around 1:30 am. I love that travelling via train means I don't have to worry about driving 9+ hours but sometimes the delays are brutal. I didn't even get to St Paul until almost noon and I was supposed to arrive around 8 am.
On the last weekend of January I headed to Brandon, MB with my brother and SIL (Toni was supposed to come but the girls Dad bailed last minute - ugh) for an early birthday celebration for the two of them. My brothers birthday is today and my SIL's is on Sunday and I won't be around this weekend to celebrate since I'm heading back to Minnesota so we celebrated early with supper and drinks (for me and Kenton anyways.. Kels still has a few weeks to go before she finally can).
Baby Mathison's first trip to the tattoo parlor! 

February 1, 2017

February Goals (2017)...

Hello February! The start of a new month means that we're just that much closer to Spring (yay!). I am very hopeful that the groundhog has good news for us tomorrow - I am so over Winter!

I cannot believe how fast January flew by - I feel like NYE was just yesterday and all of a sudden it's the beginning of February and it's finally BABY MONTH. I am SO excited for another baby in the family and I really hope he makes his arrival soon (but not while I'm in Minnesota!). My brother's birthday is tomorrow and my SIL's is on Sunday so I hope he doesn't get any ideas to make his arrival in between their birthdays! 

I was down with the plague for the first half of January so I didn't get a chance to post my monthly goals until mid January and thus wasn't able to give it 100%, but when I sat down to write this post I realized I actually didn't do so bad compared to other months - that's a win in my books! I like the thought of starting out the year with some decent progress on my monthly goals (last year was kind of a shit show when it came to my goals...)

January Goals Progress 
Get a massage
I wasn't able to get in for a massage in January but I did make an appointment for February so I call that a win!

De-clutter and organize the spare bedroom
I waited until the very last day of January to get started on this (that's what happens when I don't set goals until almost the middle of the month...) and I got about half completed before I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get my butt into bed so I didn't fail on my goals for 2017! Considering this has been on my to - do list for awhile now (even before Christmas exploded in there) I am patting myself on the back for getting as much done as I did.

Organize photos on my laptop and order prints 
I sat down to do this a few times and each time I just felt so overwhelmed that I didn't even attempt to start. I need to get it done and never let it get so unorganized ever again!

Read at least two books from my reading pile 
I read FOUR books in January y'all! That's probably as much as I read all last year! I love that I'm finally making the time for reading again.

Work on my photography
I'm going to say I half accomplished this. I read a lot of tutorials and pinned a lot of things on Pinterest but didn't actually get to dust my camera off and practice what I've been learning 

In February I want to...

Organize photos on my laptop and order prints 

Finish de-cluttering and organizing the spare bedroom 

Work on my photography 
I'm going to dust my camera off and start practicting as soon as I get back from Minnesota next week. I'm hoping my nephew makes his arrival soon (I'm so anxious!) so I can practice on him. My friend Taigan - along with two other photographers from the area -are holding a beginners camera workshop on the first Saturday of March and I would love to go but the cost is $199+ tax so I just don't know if I'll be able to swing it with my budget. Hopefully I'll be able to find a way to make it work because I'm sure that would be an enormous help!

Complete one Project Life album 
If I could complete more than one that would be great but just getting one completed will be amazing - its waaay overdue. It will also help with the de-cluttering of the spare bedroom because one corner is taken up by tubs filled with photos and Project Life supplies.

Read four books from my reading pile 
I'm sure I'll be able to cross at least two off just on my train travels this weekend so I don't think aiming for four this month is too high. Hopefully I'll end up reading more than four!

Get 70K steps in per week (with weeks going from Wed-Tue)
I used to aim for 10K steps per day but I found that some days I would only get 4K in and by 9pm I'd be walking circles around the living room trying to get to 10K and then other days I would be at 15K without even really trying. I'm hoping by doing it this way I can make sure I accomplish this goal without having to mess with my bedtime routine of being in bed by 10pm. 

Get back into a fitness routine
As soon as I'm back from Minnesota I'm starting the 21 Day Fix again. Now that the plague has finally left me (for the most part - my cough is still lingering...) I need to get back at this. I'm also hoping to get in at least 180 treadmill minutes each week. I cannot wait until the ice has melted and I can finally take Krickit for walks again.

Track every cent I spend 
I did pretty good with sticking to my budget in January but I'm sure there were a few things that I could have done without so this month I am going to track every single cent in the hopes that I will think twice before making any purchases. It's not something I plan on doing every single month but its just something I want to try for February. 

Try a new recipe one night each week 
This goes along with my goal for 2017 to spend more time in the kitchen. Making the same things over and over again is no fun so I need to start branching out more. If you have a tried and true recipe that you LOVE please send it my way - I need all the help I can get! 

Happy Humpday!