February 1, 2017

February Goals (2017)...

Hello February! The start of a new month means that we're just that much closer to Spring (yay!). I am very hopeful that the groundhog has good news for us tomorrow - I am so over Winter!

I cannot believe how fast January flew by - I feel like NYE was just yesterday and all of a sudden it's the beginning of February and it's finally BABY MONTH. I am SO excited for another baby in the family and I really hope he makes his arrival soon (but not while I'm in Minnesota!). My brother's birthday is tomorrow and my SIL's is on Sunday so I hope he doesn't get any ideas to make his arrival in between their birthdays! 

I was down with the plague for the first half of January so I didn't get a chance to post my monthly goals until mid January and thus wasn't able to give it 100%, but when I sat down to write this post I realized I actually didn't do so bad compared to other months - that's a win in my books! I like the thought of starting out the year with some decent progress on my monthly goals (last year was kind of a shit show when it came to my goals...)

January Goals Progress 
Get a massage
I wasn't able to get in for a massage in January but I did make an appointment for February so I call that a win!

De-clutter and organize the spare bedroom
I waited until the very last day of January to get started on this (that's what happens when I don't set goals until almost the middle of the month...) and I got about half completed before I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get my butt into bed so I didn't fail on my goals for 2017! Considering this has been on my to - do list for awhile now (even before Christmas exploded in there) I am patting myself on the back for getting as much done as I did.

Organize photos on my laptop and order prints 
I sat down to do this a few times and each time I just felt so overwhelmed that I didn't even attempt to start. I need to get it done and never let it get so unorganized ever again!

Read at least two books from my reading pile 
I read FOUR books in January y'all! That's probably as much as I read all last year! I love that I'm finally making the time for reading again.

Work on my photography
I'm going to say I half accomplished this. I read a lot of tutorials and pinned a lot of things on Pinterest but didn't actually get to dust my camera off and practice what I've been learning 

In February I want to...

Organize photos on my laptop and order prints 

Finish de-cluttering and organizing the spare bedroom 

Work on my photography 
I'm going to dust my camera off and start practicting as soon as I get back from Minnesota next week. I'm hoping my nephew makes his arrival soon (I'm so anxious!) so I can practice on him. My friend Taigan - along with two other photographers from the area -are holding a beginners camera workshop on the first Saturday of March and I would love to go but the cost is $199+ tax so I just don't know if I'll be able to swing it with my budget. Hopefully I'll be able to find a way to make it work because I'm sure that would be an enormous help!

Complete one Project Life album 
If I could complete more than one that would be great but just getting one completed will be amazing - its waaay overdue. It will also help with the de-cluttering of the spare bedroom because one corner is taken up by tubs filled with photos and Project Life supplies.

Read four books from my reading pile 
I'm sure I'll be able to cross at least two off just on my train travels this weekend so I don't think aiming for four this month is too high. Hopefully I'll end up reading more than four!

Get 70K steps in per week (with weeks going from Wed-Tue)
I used to aim for 10K steps per day but I found that some days I would only get 4K in and by 9pm I'd be walking circles around the living room trying to get to 10K and then other days I would be at 15K without even really trying. I'm hoping by doing it this way I can make sure I accomplish this goal without having to mess with my bedtime routine of being in bed by 10pm. 

Get back into a fitness routine
As soon as I'm back from Minnesota I'm starting the 21 Day Fix again. Now that the plague has finally left me (for the most part - my cough is still lingering...) I need to get back at this. I'm also hoping to get in at least 180 treadmill minutes each week. I cannot wait until the ice has melted and I can finally take Krickit for walks again.

Track every cent I spend 
I did pretty good with sticking to my budget in January but I'm sure there were a few things that I could have done without so this month I am going to track every single cent in the hopes that I will think twice before making any purchases. It's not something I plan on doing every single month but its just something I want to try for February. 

Try a new recipe one night each week 
This goes along with my goal for 2017 to spend more time in the kitchen. Making the same things over and over again is no fun so I need to start branching out more. If you have a tried and true recipe that you LOVE please send it my way - I need all the help I can get! 

Happy Humpday!


  1. Great goals, good luck girl!

    Katie @ Live Half Full

  2. Such great goals! I especially love the one about trying a new recipe each week--that's a wonderful way to find new tasty meals. Having a weekly steps goal makes absolute sense -- I currently have my goal set to 8,000 steps because... baby steps to getting to 10,000 haha. Wishing you the best of luck for February!

  3. Great job on your January goals! I've been making the time to read more often this past month as well and I'm loving it. However, I find it hard because I want to read blogs too and there's only so much time one can spend on reading (sadly!). I recently made a shrimp garlic zoodle recipe that I posted in my January favourites- highly recommend! Good luck with your February goals!

  4. Awesome goals for the month! So exciting about the arrival of your nephew!! Have fun!


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