February 2, 2017

January Happenings (2017)...

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I started the month of January off in Minnesota, having went to see the Wild vs the Blue Jackets on NYE at Xcel Energy Center with MN. MN and I exchanged Christmas gifts (since he wouldn't do it before Christmas when he was visiting me in SK..), went to my first ever NHL game, and then celebrated NYE at a friends house (barely making it past midnight). Not a word of a lie, we didn't leave the apartment for almost two full days, until late that Monday night when I got dropped off at the train station to head home. January 31st was SO busy that it took two full days to recover from it! You know you're getting old when...
I had the worst train ride home ever during that trip. The car I was in was completely full, everyone had to sit with strangers, because everyone and their dog was travelling back home from Christmas/NYE. I swear that every.single.person in that car was coughing, sneezing, etc. A child a couple seats behind me even threw up at one point (yuckkk). I had started to get sick while still in Minnesota but almost the second I got on that train I was coughing like crazy and my throat was so swollen. When I I finally made it to the Doctor at the end of that week I barely had a voice left, had zero energy, and legit felt like I was dying. I was sent home with another heavy dose of antibiotics and strict orders to come back in 10 days. My cough kept me up at night for almost a week straight - it was not a good way to start the new year! I don't even remember the first half of January since I was down with what I swear was the plague - I've never coughed this much in my life.
Even though the plague kept me pretty much bed ridden (besides going to work) for most of the month, there were still some super exciting events that happened in January, like finally getting my braces off! 

I found out at my orthodontist appointment in December that I would (finally) be getting my braces off in early January. I hardly told anyone, just in case my orthodontist ended up deciding to keep them on for a while longer - I've heard so many stories of that happening so I didn't want to get my hopes up. To my absolute shock they actually came off that day and I was on cloud 9! 2+ years of having braces finally paid off. I didn't tell MN that I got them off so for 10 days I had to hide it on all forms of social media. When I finally got to St Paul a week and a half after I got them off  it took him about 45 minutes to notice that I even got them off! In his defense, it took Scooby over 3 hours to notice... My mom had came with me to my orthodontist appointment and I after I got them off we went to lunch - there were SO many more options of what I could eat compared to the last 2 years! One of the first things I did when I got them off was chew gum - oh how I've missed that! I also bought licorice and corn nuts and devoured those - it was two very long years of going without a lot of things.
Another exciting event in January? Going to see Eric Church's Holdin' My Own tour at Target Center with MN and his sister and her boyfriend. I hadn't been to a concert in forever and it did not disappoint - I would love to go and see him again! The only downside to that trip was my train being delayed by FIVE hours on the way there. I ended up renting a cheap hotel room in Minot to hang out at since the train station doesn't have wifi and I would have nothing to do there for five hours. My train was supposed to leave Minot at 9:47 pm and it didn't leave until after 3:00 am. When I got to Minot I went to Target to grab a few things, grabbed a salad from a grocery store, and then went to my hotel room where I showered and had a nap before heading to the train station around 1:30 am. I love that travelling via train means I don't have to worry about driving 9+ hours but sometimes the delays are brutal. I didn't even get to St Paul until almost noon and I was supposed to arrive around 8 am.
On the last weekend of January I headed to Brandon, MB with my brother and SIL (Toni was supposed to come but the girls Dad bailed last minute - ugh) for an early birthday celebration for the two of them. My brothers birthday is today and my SIL's is on Sunday and I won't be around this weekend to celebrate since I'm heading back to Minnesota so we celebrated early with supper and drinks (for me and Kenton anyways.. Kels still has a few weeks to go before she finally can).
Baby Mathison's first trip to the tattoo parlor! 


  1. Ahhh your teeth look awesome! You made me want to go out and get licorice... Haha!

  2. Another busy and fun month! I can't imagine being on that train..it's so awful when you're surrounded by germy people and have no where to escape. Hope you're feeling better! And congrats on the braces..such a good feeling!!

  3. Congrats on getting your braces off! I had my braces when I was 9--freakishly young for braces--and I still remember how tough it was with all the food rules and the pain of getting them tightened, and how happy I was to be rid of them! I've often been glad my parents just decided to do that really early so I never had to deal with braces later.

  4. 5 hour delay! That's insaaaane!

    Ugh, ill people on trains are the worst! I hate when they cough/sneeze in their hands and then touch things. Urgh! I hope you're feeling better now.

  5. awesome that you got your braces off. i had braces in middle school until grade 10 and when i got them off, i felt like my teeth were missing for the first few days!

  6. ewwww that is so gross about all the people sneezing and coughing and the car being so full. ugh that sucks. i'm sorry you got sick, that sounds awful. yay for your braces coming off!! that is fabulous.

  7. Congratulations on getting your braces off! I bet that felt good. I'm still months away from mine coming off, but I can't wait for it to happen! It's going to be good to eat black licorice again. I love that stuff, and I miss eating it. I bet that was a bit of paradise, eh? Thanks for the bit of inspiration!


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