February 15, 2017

Tackling My To-Do List...

Y'all. I tackled my to-do list like a boss over the last 4 days (please forgive me for using like a boss). 

I unexpectedly got the entire weekend off of work and it was exactly what I needed. It's been a long time since I've had two full days off while I'm at home - I'm usually out of town when I have a Sunday off of work so its was so nice to be home for an entire weekend with absolutely no plans but to tackle my to-do list!

I can thank the store having to do inventory for my unexpected but very welcome day off. As much as I would have loved to spend my weekend relaxing since I've been sick for so long that just wasn't happening because my to-do list has just been getting longer and longer. I'm very happy to say that there are only a few things left on my to-do list after the last 4 days of getting shit done - and that makes me SO happy!

Okay, there was a tiny bit of relaxing 

The spare room that Christmas exploded in is no more! Almost all of Christmas has been packed away, aside from my Christmas tree and Christmas cards still being up (and lets be honest, they'll probably just stay up to let the spirit of Christmas stay alive). I got about 90% of the room cleaned and organized and will hopefully get the rest of it finished before MN gets here on Sunday (aside from all my Project Life stuff/photos but they're neatly piled in a corner of the room for now). 

I forgot to take a picture when I 'finished' but it is so much more organized now 

Aside from finally making the spare room look like a bomb hadn't gone off in it I also dusted and vacuumed my bedroom, cleaned out my desk drawer, went through a bunch of files and random papers and finally organized them into a hanging file folder box that I picked up at Target months ago, posted a bunch of clothes and accessories on a FB garage sale site, and even spent some time at work gettting some things done that I didn't get to during the week. I even found time to make The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls (such a long process but totally worth it in the end!). The only downside to finally getting things done is that while cleaning I found the charger for my handheld vacuum so naturally I plugged it in to charge and it tried to burn my entire house down! After putting in all that work I would've been so pissed if it would have all been for nothing! 

You can see where it had started melting - smoke was fuming out the two sides. The snowbank out the bank door is its new home...

I worked Monday morning and then I was off to 'the city' for the Dr's appointment that I put off for waaaay too long. Turns out I never got over 'the plague' from the beginning of January because I had coughed so much and so hard during those first three weeks in January that it caused an infection in my windpipe - the reason for the extreme pain I've been having for over two weeks everytime I rolled over in bed or coughed. I'm now on another strong dose of antibiotics for 10 days so please cross your fingers that this finally works - I can't take much more of this! 

 After my appointment I quickly ran to Wal Mart to pick up my prescription, stopped by my eye doctor to finally order new contacts (only 9 months after I was supposed to...), and then dropped Eleanor off at a tire shop to get four brand spankin' new tires put on (now my Dad and MN can stop hounding me about it...). Since I was vehicle-less for the hour that she was in the shop I walked across the street to Pharmasave and did some browsing and then I stopped at my accountants office since it was just around the corner and made an appointment to sit down with someone to go over this years tax return (a phone call I should have made last week...). I was supposed to pick up some oil and a filter at Canadian Tire for my Dad to give Eleanor an oil change (she was at 0% - eeek) but the tire shop called me and offered to do it for a discount since Eleanor was already up on the lift and my oil life was at 0 so I ended up saving money by getting them to change it and didn't have to make an extra stop- score! After I picked Eleanor up (and had a mild panic attack while paying for the work because my savings drained sooo quickly - ughhh) I headed to switch out my broken iPhone charger for a new one - another thing that had been put off for forever. 

I feel so accomplished getting all these things done that I've been putting off for so long and feel a little more caught up on life! After making an appointment yesterday to get an adjustor to look at my cracked drivers side window there are only two pressing things left on my to-do list and they should be finished by Sunday and then I will never let things get so out of control again! 


  1. Phew, I feel exhausted just from reading this!

    And you've reminded me that I need to sort out the spare room for when we have a guess the weekend after next. Except mine looks like the washing machine threw up in it, which it kind of did because I took the dry laundry and just dumped it all over the spared bed. *Sigh*

  2. There's something so satisfying about tackling a to-do list! Also...I really want cinnamon rolls now.


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