March 13, 2017

Currently (March 2017)...

I'm really having a hard time reconciling the fact that we are almost halfway through March already. I still have it in the back of my mind that it was just Christmas so to think that we're actually nearly halfway through March is mind boggling. It probably doesn't help that my Christmas tree is still up (I haven't turned the lights on in awhile though...), my Christmas bedding is still on my bed, and all my Christmas cards are still up on display. It's been cold and snowy here so it still makes sense for all that to be up. As soon as the sun starts shining and the snow starts melting I might finally feel the urge to put it all away. Maybe...

It certainly doesn't help that my nephew turns 4 weeks old on the 16th - wasn't he just born?! Time, slow down! I have lots to get done this month so I can finally enjoy some free time to just relax so hopefully the warmer months don't fly by on me too!

Reading the books from my March Goals so that I can finally get them off of my reading pile. And yes, I'm reading all 4 of them at the same time. My sister also just gave me her copy of The Couple Next Door so I'm itching to get through my reading pile so I can move on to it. I've wanted to read it for forever but never actually wanted to spend the money on it (I already spend enough on books...) so it worked out perfect!

Listening to my same ole' Spotify playlist all day long, just with a few new additions. I've been loving Brett Young's You Aint Here to Kiss Me and Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt. I also got the Garth Brook's Ultimate Collection at Target for a steal of a deal a while back - less than $9! - so I've been listening to that on and off in my SUV when I'm on the road 

Celebrating the fact that I didn't lose an hour of sleep over the weekend (haha). That's right, this girl doesn't have to participate in Daylight Savings and it's GREAT. I really need my beauty sleep y'all. It's going to take me a while to remember that MN and I aren't on the same time anymore though...

Watching PLL on Netflix on repeat just to have something on in the background while I've been getting things done around the house. I also finally watched Finding Dory yesterday while I organized photos on my laptop

Drinking coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I just can't quit it. I'm also back to drinking daily Shakeology - strawberry is my favourite blended with a little bit of ice, water, and some Trop 50 orange juice. Yum!

Waiting for Spring. I know it won't actually feel like Spring here for awhile but just knowing that Winter is technically over helps, even if there is still tons of snow on the ground 

Working on baby shower prep! Quade's baby shower is two weekends away and I have LOTS to do to get ready for it

Wearing layers upon layers upon layers. It's so cold here y'all. Last week we got the blizzard of all blizzards and this weekend it was -35 with the windchill and blowing snow like crazy again. I'm more than ready for flip flop weather!

Anticipating my last day of work at my second job. That's right, I gave my notice! I only have 4 more shifts left and though I really am sad to be leaving I am also really looking forward to having all my Sunday's and Thursday nights free. It will help me work on my OLW for 2017 to have that extra free time to connect!

Loving that the weather is supposed to warm up by quite a bit later on this week. I'm ready for Spring! 

Making lots of progress on my to do list and it feels so good! I had the entire weekend off of work and got so much done. I can't wait until it's finally all done and I can just kick my feet up and relax on weekends. I am never going to get this far behind on anything ever again. Leaving my second job will definitely help with this!

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  1. I don't know where this year is going! I with you on the can't reconcile that it's mid march. I am, however, ready for Saint Patricks Day :)


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