March 2, 2017

February Happenings (2017)...

What's New With You

My brother and SIL both have birthdays at the beginning of February but we celebrated the weekend before in Brandon because I wasn't going to be around for their birthdays. My train to Saint Paul ended up being late (as per usual - ughhh) on the Thursday I was supposed to leave, which also happened to be my brother's birthday, so I was able to stay at home later and be there for my brother's birthday supper. He had requested stir fry (his favourite) - yes, our Mom still spoils us and makes us a supper for our birthdays - so I was glad I was able to stay and enjoy it too. 

My train ended up being over 4 hours late - not the latest its ever been but I would definitely appreciate it being on time for once. I didn't want to waste money on a hotel this time (the time before I had to since it didn't leave Minot until almost 3 am) so I wandered around Target and Wal Mart just to kill time before I headed to the train station. I didn't make it to Saint Paul until around 11 am the next morning (I was supposed to arrive around 8:30 am) and I was forced to finally use the train washroom because (tmi) I'm used to having a morning pee loooong before that. I made it 16 train rides before finally being brave enough to us them.  I'll be honest, they weren't as bad as I had anticipated but they still aren't the greatest. I just couldn't hold it in anymore (believe me, I tried!) so I had to suck it up and use it. I think the worst part is actually just moving around the train to get downstairs to the washroom - it moves around so much its hard to stay upright when its jostling around. I think next time the train is late (I'll cross my fingers there won't be a next time though!) I will limit my water consumption just to be safe

As soon as MN picked me up we headed to the Uptowner Cafe for breakfast. It's become our place -as soon as I get off the train we head there for breakfast. It's so good that we have to! We've talked about trying out other places but it never actually happens because the Uptowner is just that good. 

That night we went out for supper with MN's parents and then friends came over to his apartment to play games. The next day was the Beer Dabbler - it was so much fun y'all! I've done something kind of similar in the Queen City before but this was so much better than that event. I tried so many new beers and ciders - I only wish I could remember what they all were so I could buy them if I saw them. I definitely drank my fair share - I haven't had that much to drink at once in a looong time. The next day was a rough one for recovering!

I had to head back home that Sunday night - it was another quick trip because of both of our work schedules. By the time I got home that Monday the plague was back in full force. It never actually went away even after I was on meds in January and I think that riding the germ infested train didn't help the situation. The next week after I got home from St Paul was pretty much a write off since I was just too sick to function. I went to the doctor the following Monday and got on another round of antiobiotics and I am just now finally functioning like a normal human again and ready to get back to real life!

Even with the plague February was still a very productive month for me. I got so much accomplished in the month in the form of things that have been on my to do list for forever. It ended up being an expensive month in between getting all new tires on my vehicle, an oil change, replacing my cracked windshield and drivers side window, and ordering contacts -  all stuff that needed to get done though and I am so glad I have crossed all those things off of the list. I also managed to get the spare room cleaned and organized (for the most part - there's still a little work left in there), and even changed out the lights in my bathroom vanity that have been burnt out for 4 years.  See, productive!

I had perfect timing for cleaning and organizing the spare bedroom because I re-discovered these Valentine's coffee mugs from Target while going through storage boxes. The only thing pictured below that's not from Target is Luna (my cat haha) and the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls. You can definitely see my love of holidays and Target... 

Speaking of the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls, I made over 7 dozen of them in the month of February and I'm pretty sure there's just over 2 dozen of them left in the freezer at home. They're that good y'all!

MN made his third visit to the GWN from February 19-21. It worked out perfect that he had that time off to come here because Monday was Family Day here in SK so work was closed and I had the extra day off without having to take any extra holiday days. I headed to Minot on the Saturday - I have to get a hotel and stay the night because the border doesn't open up early enough for me to be there to pick him up on time when the train gets in - after spending some more time cleaning and organizing the basement. I spent some time in Target and a miracle happened y'all - I walked out of Target having spent less than $40. That has never happened before! I got myself a new bottle of wine to try, a burrito bowl from Qdoba, and then checked into my hotel to relax for the night watching HGTV.

There's not much to do around here during the Winter months (MN hasn't been here in the Summer yet and I keep telling him that the Summer is so much better and we'll actually have things to do so he doesn't think SK is a complete shit hole) and because of a new baby at home (more on that soon!) we weren't able to have another game night with my brother and SIL (and sister this time) like I had hoped. We literally did nothing the entire time he was here, aside from watch curling (the Scotties Tournament of Hearts was on and my Mom and I are curling obsessed) and the second season of Game of Thrones that MN had borrowed from a coworker. We did go out for wings with my sister the night I had to take MN back to Minot to get on the train but otherwise there wasn't much going on. Sometimes thats okay though!

It wouldn't be monthly recap if there weren't some Krickit pictures y'all! I've also been taking a break from gel nails because a) budget and b) my last set didn't last as long as it should have so I've been back to painting my nails every Saturday. This Essie shade - Bikini So Teeny - is one of my absolute favourites. And I couldn't miss the chance to document that I do actually cook sometimes - this chicken stir fry was delish!

 But the absolute best part of February?! My nephew finally made his arrival!  Quade Kenneth O'Brien was born on February 16th and he is the most perfect little man! He was born around 5:30 am and come hell or high water I was going to see him on his birth day! My sister and I both had to work (he was born on a Thursday) and the girls were in school until 3:30 so it wasn't until 4:30 that we even got on the road to the Queen City (almost 3 hours away) to go see him. 'The City' doesn't have an OB-GYN right now so unfortunately first time parents have to deliver there or in Brandon (2 1/2 ish hours away). We got to the hospital around 7:15, each took our turns snuggling him, and then by 9:00 we were back on the road back home to O-town. It was a whirlwhind and was definitely exhausting but was totally worth it to meet him!

Isn't he the cutest?! 


  1. awwww he is so cute! awesome that you got to meet him the day he was born.
    KC and I did lots of nothing during our long distance relationship visits. it's good to have a mix of nothing and doing stuff though.
    that essie colour is gorgeous. essie does not work on my nails at all. boo.
    so many Cinnamon Rolls! they look delish.

  2. I totally feel you on the train situation. I had to use a train bathroom in Alaska, and I was so paranoid about the train movement. Def not something I want to repeat, haha.

  3. Aww, your nephew is adorable!

    Wow, I can't believe you did so much while being sick. Hope you're fully recovered soon!


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