March 29, 2017

Humpday Confessions (March 2017)...

My Fitbit has been driving me INSANE over the last couple of months and I am ready to run it over with  my SUV. My goal to get 10K steps in every day in March has been completely blown because for over half of March my Fitbit hasn't recorded any of my steps. It's so frustrating! I'm not interested in purchasing a new Fitbit because the one I have should still work (and because budget) so I keep trying all the tips that FitBit is giving me but it's still not working how it should. Usually when my Fitbit battery is getting low I will get an email to remind me to charge it and that hasn't been happening for awhile now PLUS I can barely go two days before I have to charge it again - it used to last me a week - so I go days without even realizing that my Fitbit has been completely dead. Grrrrr

I can't go out right now.

My Fitbit is 
I have a baseball themed baby shower recap in the works but editing pictures is the bane of my existence so it will probably be a year before I finally get them edited and can post the recap. I love taking photos but its not something I could ever do other than as a hobby because the editing would drive me to drink (more than I already do...). If I invested in a better editing program it would probably makes things a little easier but I'm too cheap for that. The Premium version of PicMonkey is working just fine for now (because again, budget)

I have scissors. Doesn't
make me a hairdresser.

Tell me again about
your new
I've been waking up around 4/4:30 each morning for the past week-ish. It has a lot to do with falling asleep early due to boredom - this time of year is almost worse than Winter because it should be nice out but it still isn't. The only good part about getting up that early (besides getting blog posts written...) is that MN is still at work (he works nights from 4:30pm-6:00 am, which is 3:30pm-5:00am my time) so at least I still get to talk to him for a bit before he goes to sleep and I head to work 

Congratulations on reaching an age where you wake up at the time you used to go to sleep on a Saturday.
I swore I would never do another Whole30 (because I miss wine and beer too much when I'm doing it) but alas I am starting another round (my 5th time doing one), next Monday. I absolutely need this because all my clothes are fitting a little tight right now and Summer is coming. If the Whole30 didn't happen now it wouldn't happen again until Winter because when it's nice outside I want to be able to drink beers on the deck (#priorities)

I wish struggling to put on my jeans burned enough calories to fit in them comfortably.


  1. I am always SO impressed by people who wake up that early.... dang! Go you! At least you have some good time where you can be productive in the morning so that's a win! Mornings are my most productive time, but not that early!

  2. That's awesome that you're getting up that early! So impressive! Have you emailed FitBit? My mom's was giving her major problems and when the trouble-shooting didn't work, they sent her a brand new one free of charge! Worth a try! :)

  3. what the heck?! how old is your fitbit? that's ridiculous. they were pretty good about replacing KC's because he kept having issues. but i know the warranty only lasts so long.
    yay getting up early! i love waking up early. i used to get up super early when i lived at home and KC lived here, so we could talk otherwise it would be another 15 hours before we could. always good fun haha.


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