March 1, 2017

March Goals (2017)...

Is March really here y'all?! I know I say it every single month but I'm saying it again - February flew by. It didn't help that it was a short month but man oh man I kind of need time to slow down a little bit so that I can enjoy the warmer months without them flying by too! 

I'm counting down the days until Spring and have been for awhile (18 more days to get through after today!). I am definitely grateful that the Winter Blues haven't hit me this year as bad as most years but I'm still so.over.winter. The arrival of Spring on the calendar doesn't actually mean that Mother Nature will cooperate (I do live in the Great White North after all) but at least just the idea of it being Spring and being done with Winter will make dealing with the cold weather/snow a little more bearable. 

I did not do well with my February Goals. Like at all. The month flew by and I didn't even look back on my goals once after I posted them. See for yourself below

February Goals Progress 

Organize photos on my laptop and order prints 
The organization process has started and oh my lanta is it overwhelming. Public service announcement: organize your photos weekly/monthly so that they don't become a clusterfuck of disorganization. It's that bad y'all. There is still a looong ways to go in the organization process so I obviously wasn't able to order any prints yet. I need to take all of Becky Higgins photo organization tips  and start applying them daily/weekly so they never get this disorganized again!

Finish de-cluttering and organizing the spare bedroom 
DONE! It was also quite the process but I managed to get it done. There's still a couple of things to finish in that room but I'm still calling it accomplished considering where I started with it and where it's at now

Work on my photography 
Once again I have been pinning things like crazy but haven't actually picked up my camera at all. Now that my nephew is here I plan on heading to my brothers house one Saturday to get some pictures of him and get some practice in that way 

Complete one Project Life album 
I didn't even attempt this since I didn't get the spare bedroom organized and cleaned until later in the month and that's where all my photos/project life stuff is stored. Whooops 

Read four books from my reading pile 
I technically only finished three books, but I did start the fourth one in February so I'm calling it a win. In February I read Whispers by Lisa Jackson, The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, and I started reading Second Life by SJ Watson but just haven't finished it quite yet. The Woman in Cabin 10 started out realllly good -  like I could not put it down - but the closer it got to the end the harder it was to stick with it. I was pretty disappointed in the end because the beginning started out SO good. The Girls in The Garden was terrible but I can't not finish a book and Whispers was just okay, nothing to go on about though. I need some new book recommendations y'all!

Get 70K steps in per week (with weeks going from Wed-Tue)
Definitely didn't happen. There were some days I hit over 10K but those days didn't make up for the days that I only managed around 5K-7K. I can cut myself a little slack here because for the first half of February I was having major issues with the battery life of my Fitbit and it would die without me even realizing so all my steps weren't being recorded so I wasn't able to get a full picture of where my steps were at. After some help from FitBit support my battery life has been lasting much longer now, thankfully 

Get back into a fitness routine
The plague once again got the best of me in February. I'm not going to dwell on it though because March is a brand new month, I'm finally feeling healthy (yay!), and I'm ready to crush my goals!

Track every cent I spend 
I had great intentions of this - I had a note in my phone where I was writing down every cent I spent - but then I went to see MN for the Beer Dabbler and I forgot all about it until about a week after I got home from St Paul and I didn't have receipts for everything (food, coffee - the smaller things) so I couldn't even go back and write it in

Try a new recipe one night each week 
I only tried one new recipe in February - total fail. I'm carrying this forward to March but tweaking it a bit to ensure success. I ordered the I Heart Naptime Cookbook and I cannot wait until it gets here!

In March I want to....

Try five new recipes 
Rather than aim for trying a new recipe one night a week in March I am just aiming for trying five new recipes. If that means that one meal has all five of those things then that's great! I'm thinking that there will probably be a baby shower at some point in March (just waiting for my SIL to let us know when she is feeling up to it after her c-section) so I'm sure I'll test out a few appetizer type things for it

Get 10K steps every day 
I'm going back to my original goal of 10K steps per day. The 70K steps a week was a good idea but just didn't work out in the end. When I used to set my 10K step goal I was making sure I got those steps in even if it meant that I did laps around the kitchen for an hour so I'm going back to the basics. It *should* start warming up outside now that March is here and the roads are almost clear so Krickit and I should be able to start back up with daily walks soon too!

Track every single cent that I spend and stick to my budget 100%
It's the first of the month and I have no trips planned for this month (unfortunately - it's looking like MN and I aren't going to get to see each other until Easter weekend - booo) so I should be able to make this happen without forgetting about it like last month 

Complete the 21 Day Fix, begin Country Heat, AND use my treadmill at least three days per week 
My 30th birthday trip to Vegas is coming up quick and if I don't start now I won't be anywhere close to where I want to be so I need to start now. I'm going back and forth on whether I want to do another Whole30 but am still undecided at this point 

Post here three times a week 
Three times a week is aiming high for me but I'm hoping I can make it happen this month! Five times in the entire month of February is a let down so I need to set the goal for myself so I can work harder to make sure it happens

Read Go Set A Watchman, Big Little Lies, After You, and finish reading Second Life
These are all books that have been in my reading pile for forever but I keep buying new books and starting them right away so instead of just setting a goal to read 4 books I'm being specific so that I can maybe finally get these out of my reading pile

I'll also be carrying over my February goals of organizing photos on my laptop and ordering prints, working on my photography, and completing one Project Life album because that shit needs to get done. 

Though I didn't get much accomplished when it came to my goals I did cross a lot of things off of my to do list. In February I finally got new tires put on Eleanor (my suv), got her an oil change, got her windshield and drivers side window replaced, ordered contacts, cleaned and organized the spare bedroom, and replaced my broken iPhone charger - all things I've been putting of for MONTHS but finally got done. So even if I didn't get to my goals I can definitely consider February a productive month! 


  1. Urggggg I feel you about posting 3 times a week! But, at least you beat me, lol I had 3 posts for the entire month of February. Definitely want to up my blogging game as well!

  2. A new recipe every week is tough - 5 news recipes in a month sounds much more manageable!


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