March 8, 2017

Snowmaggedon 2017...

Yesterday I got my first snow day in 4 years y'all! I used to have a 45 minute commute to work (one way) each day and there were quite a few days in my 5 years of commuting that I got snow days but ever since switching jobs and working three blocks from work that has been a thing of the past. Of course I love not having to worry about road conditions anymore but sometimes a snow day is just needed. 

Last week the weather forecast was showing that a huge snowstorm was heading into SE Saskatchewan beginning on Monday but I was still hopeful that it would either miss us or that the forecast would be wrong and there wouldn't be a storm at all. Unfortunately by early Monday afternoon it was clear that we were going to be hit full force and #snowmaggedon2017 began. The morning started off with rain/sleet and by the early afternoon the wind had picked up and was blowing like crazy, and then the snow started falling around suppertime. 

I went in to work yesterday morning at 7:15 just like every other day and there wasn't another soul at the centre until an hour and a half after I opened. My two staff that were supposed to be there by 8:30 live out of town and I had told them the night before not to even attempt driving to work and it wasn't until 8:45 that my next scheduled staff and the only child of the entire day (my phone rang off the hook with cancellations from the minute I opened at 7:30) arrived. By 9:30 that one child's mom showed back up to pick him up because she had been sent home from work. I checked in with the few other families I had yet to hear from to make sure they would't be coming, sent my staff home, and then finished up the payroll I had started and headed for home at 10:30 for my first snow day in 4 years!

The three block drive home was scary y'all. I have to cross the highway to get to work and when I left in the morning the wind was calm for the moment so the visibility was good (I only almost got stuck about three times - there was a car stuck at the intersection to cross the highway - they had turned on the four way flashers and just abandoned their vehicle) but when I left to head back home the wind had picked up again and I pretty much drove those three blocks completely blind. I'm so glad I wasn't out on the highways in that! Everywhere I looked on FB there were new updates of vehicles being stranded on the highways because of the blizzard so I was glad to be back home in the warm house snuggled up with Krickit! I was able to take an afternoon nap, got a few things crossed off of my to do list, and even kicked back to relax and watch some curling from the comfort of the couch while the wind howled outside, blowing up to 99 km/hr. 

As I write this now it is eerily quite outside my house as the wind has finally died down. It's 4:30 am and #snowmaggedon2017 has moved on - hopefully this is the last Winter storm we see this year! (Please cross your fingers!)

My sister and nieces have been stuck at a hotel in the Queen City since Sunday night and are itching to get back home so hopefully now that the storm has passed the road crews will get to work quickly so everyone can make it back to real life. Everytime I open up FB I see a new picture/video of the huge drifts, roads filled with abandoned vehicles, etc. - this has been quite the storm, that's for sure!

Shoveling snow out of your driveway is a great justification for shoveling ice cream into your face
We've had a lot of snowfall this year in SE SK, way more than the past few years, so I've already done my fair share of shoveling and ever since the first blizzard warning last week have been absolutely dreading all that I would have to do after this storm. Miraculously the way the wind was blowing it managed to push all the snow away from our building and I only have to shovel a teeny tiny amount of snow - score! My parents driveway, that is normally a nightmare, even managed to stay clear in one lane - #snowmaggedon2017 was actually pretty good to me! I'm still counting down the days until Spring though - only 11 more to go!


  1. I need to have a blizzard day in my life! We keep getting snow storms over the weekends, which only makes Monday morning drives treacherous.

  2. I've had a couple of snow days this year. They are nice but I would rather skip them altogether because I despise shovelling haha.


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