April 26, 2017

100 Things That Make Me Happy...

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I did some shopping on the weekend and was finally able to find some pieces for my bedroom to start pulling together the look that I'm trying to achieve (and have been trying for over a year now...) I was so happy with all of my purchases and for once there was no buyers remorse after the fact (hallelujah). Feeling so happy about such a trivial little thing like home decor kind of made me feel a little silly but if we can't enjoy the little things then what can we enjoy?
I've had this post in my drafts folder for a long time but decided today was the perfect day to finally get it finished and published! I did a post like this back in 2014 with 32 things that make me happy but I figured it's past time for another edition.
So here we go…100 things that make me happy (in no particular order)

  1. Krickit cuddles. (But not when she tries to give me a 'bath'...)
  2. When I'm taking the train and it arrives and departs on time. Or arrives early! 
  3. Sipping on an Iced Caramel High Rise from Caribou Coffee
  4. Wandering up and down every single aisle at Target. It's my happy place 
  5. Binge watching HGTV
  6. Receiving snail mail 
  7. Getting a new tattoo 
  8. Trick or treaters on Halloween 
  9. Sales shopping
  10. Sleeping in on Saturday morning. And by sleeping in I mean until like 8 am haha
  11. When one of my old favourite songs randomly comes on while listening to an XM station
  12. Seeing MN when I get off the train in Saint Paul 
  13. The entire month of December
  14. My Mathison/Cameron clan
  15. Discovering a new favourite restaurant
  16. The Target Dollar Spot 
  17. The smell of campfire
  18. Suppers with my 'city' friends
  19. List making
  20. The sound of a bottle of champagne being uncorked 
  21. Mashed potatoes
  22. Baked potatoes
  23. Really, any kind of potatoes ;) (but NOT sweet potatoes. Blechhh)
  24. Hobby Lobby deals. I honestly don't know if I've ever paid full price for something from there!
  25. Travelling. To places I've already been or new places 
  26. Bubble baths 
  27. 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works
  28. Free shipping 
  29. Starting my annual Harry Potter re-read 
  30. Spending the entire day in bed on a rainy day 
  31. Family Game Nights
  32. Discovering a new favourite song
  33. Home Alone. Favourite movie of all time
  34. Gildan heavy blend sweatshirts
  35. Shredded hashbrowns
  36. Bird watching. Go Blue Jays!
  37. Cucumbers with salt and vinegar. Mmmm
  38. Screwdrivers. The drink, not the tool
  39. Mexican and Margaritas 
  40. Flipping through photo albums
  41. Group chats with Toni and Scooby 
  42. Eating at the Olive Branch
  43. Flamingo and Pineapple home decor 
  44. A big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. For supper. Because #adulting 
  45. My mama's cooking
  46. Productive Sunday's 
  47. Using my Kitchen Aid mixer to make cookies 
  48. The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls 
  49. Summer 
  50. Blog comments
  51. Burrito bowls from Chipotle 
  52. Waking up without an alarm 
  53. Camping
  54. Baby snuggles 
  55. Country music
  56. Sand between my toes 
  57. When a new recipe actually turns out 
  58. Floating down the Guadalupe River
  59. Summer BBQ's
  60. Paying off debt 
  61. Finishing a good book 
  62. Chick-fil-A
  63. A good workout 
  64. MN's bed. And not in a TMI way. In an its-the-most-comfortable-bed-in-the-world way
  65. Happy mail days
  66. Fresh clean sheets
  67. Dr. Pepper with lots of ice 
  68. Wine
  69. Backroading 
  70. Gift giving
  71. Taking photographs
  72. Exploring a new city
  73. Crossing things off of my 'bucket' lists
  74. Getting pampered
  75. Online shopping
  76. Rainbow ice cream 
  77. Fresh new notebooks
  78. Road tripping to Texas
  79. The tiny humans at work 
  80. Family time 
  81. Hotel stays 
  82. Move theatre popcorn 
  83. Breakfast for supper 
  84. Driving with the windows down. Just as long as I have a hair tie to tie my hair back
  85. My daily Shakeology drink
  86. Animal videos
  87. Vacation planning
  88. Random acts of kindness
  89. Freshly painted nails 
  90. Binge watching TV shows with MN
  91. KJK weekends
  92. Christmas traditions
  93. New office supplies 
  94. Walks with Krickit
  95. Coffee mugs
  96. YouTube tutorials
  97. Being called Auntie
  98. My Pinterest boards 
  99. Family vacations
  100. Pajama days
I tried not to repeat anything from my original list so that I would have 132 things that make me happy to look back on in case I'm ever having a down day. I only had about 20 from when I had first started this post before it ended up in my drafts folder so I had to add 80 and at first I thought that would be a huge task but they actually came to me quite easily

What's at the top of your happy list?

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