April 5, 2017

April Goals (2017)...

Happy April y'all! I'm loving that April has brought some warmer temperatures - I've worn flip flops three times already in April! 

I don't have too much going on in April - other than a quick trip to the Twin Cities coming up right away - so I'm really hopeful that I will get to cross off all my goals this month. It is one of my busier months at work with our annual relicensing coming up but I just have to make sure that I keep my work at work and I should be good!

March Goals Progress
Try five new recipes 
Not even one y'all. I had grand plans of trying out some new appetizers for the baby shower but there was just so much to do for it that I just stuck with my usual appetizers to make my life easier 

Get 10K steps every day 
Thanks to my FitBit being a complete piece of garbage this definitely didn't happen. My FitBit only logged my steps for about half of March (if even that). I've been having to charge it every.single.night just to make sure that it doesn't die halfway through my day without any notice. It's sooo frustrating!

Track every single cent that I spend and stick to my budget 100%
I did it y'all! I tracked every.single.cent that I spent in the month of March and it definitely worked to make sure that I was limiting my spending on non-necessities. Now, March was more of an expensive month with the baby shower and car repairs (ughh) BUT I did still stick to my budget when it came to the non-necessities - yay me! I'm going to continue tracking since it's so simple - I just write everything into a note into my iPhone as soon as I make any purchases and then transfer it to an Excel spreadsheet a couple times throughout the week. I have a 'How I Budget' post in the works so stay tuned for that!

Complete the 21 Day Fix, begin Country Heat, AND use my treadmill at least three days per week 
I started the 21 Day Fix and then never finished. Ughhhh. I'm back at it now though but decided to start with Country Heat instead and then I'll move on to the 21 Day Fix when I've completed Country Heat. Aaaand my treadmill didn't even get touched at all in March. Whooops

Post here three times a week 
I didn't make it here three times a week BUT I did blog 10 times in the month of March, the most in one month since December 2015 so I'm still pretty  happy with myself!

Read Go Set A Watchman, Big Little Lies, After You, and finish reading Second Life
I sold a pile of books in March on a FB garage sale group and since After You and Big Little Lies were in that pile I absolutely had to finish them. I bought Go Set A Watchman as soon as it came out, in hardcover even because I just couldn't wait until it was released in paperback, and it has taken me this long to finally read it because I saw so many negative reviews about it. I breezed through it once I finally opened it up and though it doesn't compare at all to To Kill A Mockingbird it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated based on the reviews. And the reason for not finishing Second Life? I just could not get into it. I tried and tried and tried and finally gave up. I loved Before I Go To Sleep so I thought I would enjoy Second Life but it was a no go - I don't usually give up on books but this time I just had to

I had also carried over my February goals of organizing photos on my laptop and ordering prints, working on my photography, and completing one Project Life album and though I didn't completely finish all of these things I did get a start on them so at least I'm making progress!

In April I want to...

Come up with a way to earn extra income 
I'm officially done at my second job - last Thursday was my last night - and now that I don't have that extra income I want to come up with a way to earn some extra income that doesn't involve driving to 'the city' because in the end my second job wasn't really earning me that much income when I factored in my travel time + fuel. I don't need the extra income but I do like to travel which costs money so...

Get 10K steps every weekday
Now that I'm charging my FitBit every night (which is a total pain in the ass) I can get back to making sure I'm hitting my step goals. The first full week of April started off with a Workweek Hustle challenge with some friends so that will definitely help motivate me to hit my goal each day 

Get outside with Krickit 
Now that the weather is getting nicer and the streets are finally clear of ice and snow I can start getting back to regular walks with Krickit. She needs to work on losing some winter weight just as much as I do...

Be present on social media 
I scroll through social media so many times throughout the day - Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - I'm constantly refreshing them to see what's new. But I hardly ever post. The last time I posted on FB? March 8th. The last time I posted on Instagram? 5 days ago. The last time I tweeted? March 19th. The last time I opened all of these apps on my phone - fifteen minutes ago when I first woke up. See what I mean?!

I know, I know - I said I would never Whole30 again. But it is sooo needed y'all. I just need to get back to basics for a bit to get myself back into the right frame of mind. My 5th round officially started on Monday so the last day will be Tuesday May 2nd - right in time for Cinco de Mayo (I totally planned that... haha) 

Enjoy an at home spa day
Now that my weekends will be free of work I can set aside some time for just me - and I can't wait!

Read 4 books 
I definitely want to get through Before I Fall, The Couple Next Door (which I'm about halfway through already), Talking As Fast As I Can and I also want to purchase The Perfect Stranger  because I loved All The Missing Girls SO much. I'm taking the train to the Twin Cities tomorrow night so I should be able to knock out at least three of these just this weekend 

Publish blog posts three times per week 
Obviously I didn't follow through with this goal for March but since I did still manage to publish the most posts in one month since December 2015 I think if I just set a bit of time aside each day for this blog that I should be able to accomplish it this month

Try at least 4 new recipes 
This should be easy peasy this month since I'm Whole-30ing. All those delicious recipes from my Mmm Mmm Good board on Pinterest that I've been wanting to try for forever will just have to wait until May

I'm excited for a fresh start this month - who's with me?!

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  1. Hi! I hope you keep up with the blogs, I always enjoy reading yours! And your goals posts are my faves :) You should contact FitBit about yours, they seriously have incredible customer service. Mine was having issues charging too and they ended up completely replacing mine- free of charge!


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