April 7, 2017

Currently (April 2017)...

Reading my way through The Couple Next Door. I'm sure I'll be done it by the time my train even leaves the station tonight (I'm writing this on Thursday to have scheduled for Friday). Then I'll be moving on to Before I Fall and will hopefully get my hands on a copy of The Perfect Stranger tonight so I'll have something for the train ride home on Sunday night 

Listening to podcasts whenever I'm in my vehicle lately (unless there's a baseball game on, then I'm listening to that if I'm on the road and can't actually watch). Thanks to a couple people that I follow posting in Instagram stories I learned about Up and Vanished, S-town, Finding Tammy Jo, and Actual Innocence and I can't wait to get through them all. I downloaded a few episodes of Up and Vanished to my iPhone so I can listen to them on the train (since I won't have any data) but I'm wondering if I'll be too much of a chicken shit to listen to them on the train haha.  I'm also still listening to my same ole Spotify playlist all day long at work 

Celebrating that baseball is back! It's been a looooong Winter without any bird watching!

Watching baseball and curling most days. Otherwise I've been turning PLL on before bed just for some background noise. If there's a Four Weddings marathon on or episodes of the Pioneer Woman then I will try to watch but otherwise I just don't make the time for watching tv. But if I had been able to I definitely would have been watching Big Little Lies!

Drinking coffee and water. That's it, that's all as I'm currently Whole-30ing. Not much different from usual except that my coffee is being drank blank instead of with International Delight French Vanilla creamer and I've had to cut out the odd beer or glass of wine that I would have on a weekend - I'm not much of a drinker during the Winter months but during the Summer its a totally different story... 

Waiting for my income tax return to get deposited into my account. I always take my taxes to my accountant to get done but just for shits and giggles in February I used Turbo Tax to enter all of my info to see what I should prepare myself for (having worked two jobs last year I was really worried that I would have to pay the Government a lot of money) and I almost had a heart attack at what it was saying I would owe (over $2,000).  After taking out a good amount of RRSP's Turbo Tax was still telling me that I would owe the Gov't around $150 (but that sounded much better than $2,000). So imagine my surprise when I picked up the mail yesterday and found that my accountants had mailed my return to me and it turns out that I'm actually getting a return and it will cover the cost of my window repairs and I'll still have some money leftover. After all this I will never trust Turbo Tax! It was one of the best mail days ever!

Working only one job now! Though I did just say yesterday in my April Goals post that I want to come up with a way to earn extra income - I'm not interested in taking on another job, more like just some kind of some project 

Wearing clothes that haven't seen the light of day since probably September. Now that it's getting a bit warmer around here I have so many more options!

Anticipating finally getting to see MN - it's been a long 44 days since I've seen him (not that I'm counting... haha). I haven't taken the train in over two months now (since he was the one to visit me last) which I think is the longest I've ever went in between train trips

Loving the warmer temperatures we've had lately! I'm not holding my breath that it won't snow one last time but I'm going to enjoy these warmer temps while they are here. I got to wear flip flops a couple of days the last few weeks y'all. It's really not nice enough for them quite yet but I went with it

Making progress on some of my Project Life albums. Finally

What are you looking forward to this month?

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