April 17, 2017

Easter 2017...

Happy Monday y'all! I hope your Easter weekend was great. Mine was super low key -  my family actually postponed our Easter celebrations because a) my parents and I are Whole-30ing and b) my nieces were at their Dad's house all weekend and we couldn't celebrate without them. So, we will be having a big Easter supper (with turkey and all the fixings plus a made from scratch carrot cake by yours truly) sometime in May when we are done with the Whole 30. I can't wait! I also can't wait to devour the Mini Eggs that I bought over a month ago and then forgot about until this weekend when I couldn't eat them (ughh). 

Side note: I was texting MN last night and whining about the fact that he was drinking wine and I wanted some and couldn't have any. While I was whining about the lack of wine in my life I also said how I wanted Mini Eggs along with wine and he didn't know what they were (!) I had a mini panic attack thinking that they don't have them in the US but then I saw on a US bloggers IG story that they had some so all is right again. Phewww! 

After doing some research (because I'm passionate about my Mini Eggs! haha) I think that the Hershey's Eggies are more popular in the US? And the Cadbury Mini Eggs aren't as readily available? All I know is I LOVE me some Mini Eggs. You used to only be able to get them around Easter but now they're available all year (Thank goodness! Actually, maybe that's not such a good thing...)

I loved seeing all the different Easter baskets on Snapchat and IG this weekend. I was ready to adopt a child for a day just so I could make up an Easter basket! It seriously took every ounce of willpower to not go crazy in Target last week and buy tons of Easter goodies for my nieces and nephew. Every.single.ounce! This was also my nephews first Easter and when he came over on Easter Sunday for a visit he slept the entire time. Apparently Easter wore him out!

My parents always spoiled my siblings and I during holidays when we were young and our Easter baskets were always full of goodies. My mama would also hide those tiny foil wrapped chocolate eggs all over the house for us to find and months later we would still be finding them! I remember one year finding one in a plant in our family room in our basement sometime in July. JULY! Holidays are just so much fun! Though when I messaged my sister on Saturday and told her that I want kids just so I can make up Easter baskets she told me I'd change my tune when I actually have to pay for them since she had just dropped $150 buying Easter basket goodies...

For some reason the Easter Bunny missed my house this year (the last 10-ish years actually...hmph) but I had thought ahead and bought myself some Spring-y things over the last couple of weeks so at least there's that!

Since my family's Easter celebrations were postponed I spent most of the Easter weekend cleaning and organizing my basement - it seems like its never ending! The end is almost in sight though - I *think*! I also took a quick trip to 'the city' with my Mama on Saturday so I could grab my last paycheque from my part time job that I just left and to grab a few things at Wal-Mart. And then a few things turned into more than a few things... I also finally got my hands on The Perfect Stranger but I'm not allowing myself to read it until I take the train back to the Twin Cities in a couple weeks so that I have something to read on the train. It's going to take all my willpower not to start it until then!

How did you celebrate over the Easter weekend?


  1. Cadbury's Mini Eggs are my favourite, but what is that packet? They're supposed to come in a yellow packet!

  2. I just love all Easter candy SO MUCH! Haha, it's my weakness- seriously. I love Easter and was so pumped to put together an Easter basket for T this year, but people really do go overboard. It's crazy lol! I only spent like $15 on his!


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