April 6, 2017

March Happenings (2017)...

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March was another blink and you miss it kind of month. It was definitely a busy month, just not in my usual way. There were no trips to the Twin Cities, just lots of catching up on to-do lists and finishing up my last few shifts at my second job (hallelujah to no more commuting to work!)

The beginning of the first full week of the month brought the SE corner of SK the craziest blizzard of this Winter aka Snowmaggedon. People were stranded in their vehicles on the highways for over 24 hours due to zero visibility, no travel was recommended on almost all of the highways and most were impassable anyways due to huge snow drifts or vehicles blocking the road.  I didn't think anything could beat the Christmas Day blizzard but I was very, very wrong. I got my first snow day in almost 4 years due to this blizzard - as much as I don't like bad weather conditions I don't mind a snow day every now and again!

I had to head to the Queen City a couple of days after the blizzard for my check up appointment after getting my braces off in January so thankfully Snowmaggedon had moved on and my drive was smooth sailing. Though I definitely wasn't impressed that I drove 2 1/2 hours (just one way) for a 5 minute appointment. FIVE. The only thing that made up for it was getting Starbucks. I didn't even do much shopping (because budget) but I did find a pair of joggers (for $29) that I've pretty much lived in ever since.

I headed to the theatre on opening weekend of Beauty and the Beast with my sister and nieces and it was everything I had hoped it would be and I can't wait until I can watch it again!

March was the month that I finally got the last couple of things crossed off of my 'things I keep putting off' list (other than upgrading my iPhone because at this point I don't want to do it until mine completely kicks the bucket) and it felt so good to finally be done with it all! Eleanor is all fixed up now and my drivers side window finally rolls down - to the tune of $525... ughhh, but at least now I can get coffee through the drive thru whenever I'm in 'the city'.

This is how trips to the grocery store turn out after you find out that a) you waited three hours at the car dealership for nothing because you are heading home (30 mins away) in a loaner vehicle anyways and b) how much vehicle repairs are going to be 

March is Mama Bears birthday month so I made her a homemade birthday supper and my Dad brought cake home and we celebrated with the whole family on her actual birthday. Graycie was so excited because she got to go to three birthday parties that weekend and could barely contain her excitement. I love that she considers it a birthday party when we just have a family supper and sing happy birthday  when its rime for cake.

The day after Mama Bear's birthday celebration I co-hosted Quade's baby shower. We had wanted to have it a bit earlier since he was already 6 weeks old at the shower but the last weekend of March was the only one that ended up working out for us all. I still have a post in the works for his on-a-budget-baseball-baby-shower. There were a lot of things I had wanted to do but couldn't in the end due to time and money but I still think everything turned out pretty good. And the little turkey slept through his entire shower, even when being passed from person to person!

I made time to 'connect' in March, getting together with friends for supper one night after my last Sunday shift in 'the city' and then again later that week with another group of friends from 'the city' when we headed to the Olive Branch for supper. I definitely over indulged since I knew I would be starting the Whole30 the next Monday but I just couldn't help myself.  If you didn't have a reason to visit SK before you do now - the food is that good y'all!

The bruschetta is ah-mazing!

What was your favourite thing about March?

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  1. I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't seen Beauty and the Beast!


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