April 19, 2017

Mondayest Tuesday Ever...

Yesterday was the Mondayest Tuesday to ever exist.  I got to work at my normal time, only to find a lake (slight exaggeration but it was still a lot of water) in the staff bathroom and leading out into the hallway outside the bathroom. A water line had a tiny hole in it but was still spraying water like crazy so I spent my morning mopping up water, setting up fans to try and dry up some of the water, calling the plumber, discussing the problem with the plumbers and town workers (since it was a water line), changing out towels, and mopping some more.  In the end the plumbers had to jackhammer a small area in the bathroom to access the line and then were able to put a 'bandaid' on it to close up the pinhole and stop the water from spraying. When I first heard that they needed to use a jackhammer I imagined a huge mess and my entire floor torn up but it wasn't as bad as I thought (thank goodness!). 

The worst part of it all was that I had the biggest meeting of the year last night - the Centre's annual review with our Consultant from the Ministry to renew our license for another year so I wasn't even able to focus on getting ready for it until after lunch when the plumbers were finished their repairs. After our relicensing meeting we then had our monthly board meeting so I didn't even get home from work until 7:30. 11.5 hr days are no fun! I scarfed down supper because I was hannnngry and then I had great intentions of getting my workout in but instead I fell asleep. At 8:00. Can you say exhausted?!  I'll also be accepting my worst girlfriend ever award any day now because I have been terrible at falling asleep mid conversation (via text) with MN and almost every night for the last week I've fallen asleep before saying goodnight or even indicating that I was going to go to sleep. I'm terrible! 

Also, when I left work quick yesterday to go home for lunch I stopped at the post office and was so excited that my package had finally arrived. I've needed a new pair of running shoes for a long time - right now I use my Nike Flex's for both indoors and outdoors but I need a designated pair for outdoors so that I don't find little stones all over my floor when I work out anymore - and I found a good deal on a pair of Nike's on Sportchek's website last week. My excitement was short lived though because when I tried them on I realized that they were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. It was like I was standing on rocks. I can't even begin to describe how terribly uncomfortable these shoes are. I can see now why they were on sale!  So I wil be returning them tomorrow when I'm in 'the city' and re-starting the search for a pair of affordable running shoes. Ughh! It was definitely just one of those days 

In other news, yesterday my FB memories notified me that it had been 9 years since I packed up my bedroom at my college residence and got on the road to SK to life back in O-town. 9 years. I swear I just convocated yesterday! That also means that I've officially been employed in the ECE field for 9 years now (I started my first full time job after college a week after I moved home) and that just blows my mind! I guess when I think about it I am turning 30 this Summer (eeek!) but I feel like my college days were just yesterday!

Since I went to bed so early last night I'm up bright and early this morning and hoping for a day full of smooth sailing - wish me luck! I do have to fit in two workouts today since I missed one yesterday but since I'm up early I'm going to get one in now so I only have one to do later tonight. I'd also like to get in some treadmill miles or take Krickit for a walk so I can keep listening to Up and Vanished - my brother has been hounding me to get through it since I told him about it last week and he starting listening. I told myself I could only listen if I was on the treadmill (but I'll break my 'rule' for a walk with Krickit) to motivate myself to get back on it and so far it hasn't worked - maybe tonight will be the night?!

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