April 24, 2017

Shopping, Snow, and Sunday Productivity...

This weekend I spent some time in Minot, ND doing some shopping with my sister. We didn't leave until mid afternoon on Saturday since my sister didn't get home from a conference in the Queen City until that morning and we ended up getting an inexpensive (but still decent!) hotel room for the night so we wouldn't have to rush to make the border or go completely out of our way to get to the 24 hour crossing. I had some money left from my income tax return so it didn't even break my budget - wahoo! I know I'm getting better at adulting when I spent what was left of my income tax return (after paying for window repairs) on bedding and home decor instead of travelling or tattoos. 

I've been trying to catch up on Project Life (I'm sooo behind) and I need a new album for 2017 (so I can try and stay caught up on the current year  so our first stop in Minot was Hobby Lobby where my sister found the cutest wall hangings for my nieces bedrooms and I also found a super cute framed pineapple print (I didn't find the Project Life album though - booo). Our next stop was Kohls, because its right next door. We found so much stuff at Kohl's y'all. Like, sooo much. We picked up a bunch of jewerly from Lauren Conrads line, perfume, some home decor, and I got a couple shirts and Toni picked up some Summer clothes for my oldest niece. I love Kohl's (because everything is always on sale haha) but always forget to stop there when I'm in Minot. The cashier convinced me to sign up for the Kohl's card, which saved me 25% so I love it even more now and I'm sure I'll be making it a priority to stop there more often (not sure if this is a good or a bad thing... I'm going to go with good because SALES).

Once we finally made it out of Kohl's we headed to Ruby Tuesday's for supper (I've been craving their garden bar lately for some reason) because we were both starving and hadn't eaten all day (and by this point it was after 7:00 our time) and then to my happy place - Target! Because of North Dakota's blue laws the only places open for shopping before noon in Minot on Sundays are the grocery stores so we had no plans for Sunday other than to check out of the hotel, get gas and grab Caribou, and then head home so we had to get all of our shopping done on Saturday. We wandered around Target, I grabbed a few cute things from the Dollar Spot (because I just can't help myself) and then I (finalllllly) found bedding that I was happy with so I was a happy camper since I didn't find anything I liked in Kohl's and I've searched Target the last three times I've been there and hadn't found the perfect bedding - until now! After leaving Target just before they closed at 11 we then headed to Wal Mart. I needed to pick up some of my favourite makeup wipes (they're cheapest at Wal Mart) and had plans to grab a few things from the Pioneer Woman collection but ended up leaving without anything from the collection. Whomp whomp. I was really disappointed in the selection -normally they have a huge selection but this time there was hardly anything there so the search still continues. 

I wish I could have Caribou every single day. At least my Caribou K-cups get me through on the days I'm not around a Caribou 
I'm in love with everything I picked up while in Minot and will post pictures in this Friday's Links + Love post. I'm also so happy that my bedroom is finally coming together into a space that I can actually enjoy and don't mind spending time in. I was finally able to take my Christmas bedding off of my bed last night and replace with my new sheets (also from Target) and the new bedding. I do have other bedding (in case you're wondering because MN rolled his eyes at me when I told him I needed to buy new bedding so I could finally get my Christmas ones off my bed) but they don't go with the colours in my room at all and I've had them since I was in High School (so 12 years ago...) so it was definitely time to upgrade.  There's still a few more things I need to do/add to my room but then it will be complete - hallelujah! Once I have everything finished I'll be posting some updates pictures on here and IG (do you follow me? Krmathison13) so stay tuned! 

I need opinions! Should I paint these crates white or leave as is?! For reference, most of the furniture in my room is white (aside from a black mirror and the dark brown dresser just to the left of this that I plan on painting white). Also, I need to print off some photos for those frames now (Kohl's finds that go perfect with my colour scheme) haha. Also, please excuse the terrible lighting (#basementlife)
And in non shopping related news, I woke up to snow on the ground yesterday morning while in Minot and then again this morning at home. I guess I should be happy it didn't start snowing here yesterday but c'mon Mother Nature - it's Spring! Also, today marks  exactly three months until I turn 30. Which means I really need to get working on my 30 Before 30 list. Eeeek. It's now also less than a month until MN turns the big 3-0 and I still have no idea what to get him - I need your help y'all! 30th birthdays are a pretty big deal so the gift needs to be super duper special compared to a normal birthday gift, right?!
Even though I spent part of the weekend away from home I still managed to make it a productive weekend. I got back from Minot yesterday at noon and somehow ended up heading straight to work and spent 2 1/2 hours at work getting some cleaning and organizing done. The time flew by and in the end I had five garbage bags full of stuff to throw out and had to make three trips out to the recycling bins to get rid of cardboard. That's what I call productive! Then when I finally headed home I unloaded everything from my SUV and immediately got to work around the house, stripping my old bedding off my bed, doing five loads of laundry (new bedding, old bedding, and laundry that had piled up), unpacking my suitcase and putting everything back where it belonged (it normally takes me days to unpack form a trip, even if its just an overnighter), did some rearranging in my bedroom, set up the new decor items I had just purchased, AND I even got to watch the Blue Jays win. I love days like that where everything finds its place and I can go to bed at the end of the night without a million things running through my mind that need to get completed the next day. The weekend may have flown by but I can definitely say I got some things accomplished over it so I can't complain too much! 

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  1. I would leave the crates with the natural color. You don't want to have too much white furniture.


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