April 12, 2017

Whirlwind Weekend in the Twin Cities...

I headed to Minot last Thursday night to get on the train to head to the Twin Cities to see MN and for once my train was on time. Actually, my train was early if you can believe it. 

I of course wasn't prepared for my trip so as soon as I was done work on Thursday I had to fit a workout in, finish laundry, shower, and pack my suitcase. I never learn. Though I am finding lots of new travel hacks that makes packing much simpler and I'm pretty sure this trip was the lightest I have ever packed! Unfortunately while I was packing up my suitcase my mom got a call that Rae had broken her arm at school and she needed to go up to the hospital to be with her until my sister could get there from work (30 mins away). I hated leaving not knowing what exactly was going on with her. 

Turns out she had actally broken her wrist and it required surgery so her and my sister got to take an ambulance ride to the Queen City (2 1/2 hours away) to get the surgery done. Oh the joys of small town life. This is actually her third broken bone and the second that required surgery. When she was 4 we were having Christmas supper at my aunt and uncles house and she thought she could fly (spoiler alert: she couldn't) so she jumped from the middle of their basement steps and broke her arm (I actually think it had something to do with her elbow) and it required surgery. Then a couple years ago she was jumping on the neighbours trampoline and broke her arm (I think it was the same arm? My memory isn't the greatest...) So suffice it to say she doesn't have the best luck when it comes to broken bones!
I took this on Monday when I got home. My poor girl :(
After saying goodbye to Krickit at least 10 times (and her trying to leave with me - breaks my heart!) I got on the road and made it to Minot around 7:00 my time. My train was scheduled to leave Minot at 8:47 my time so that left me with just enough time to grab a salad from Subway for supper (and scarf it down in the parking lot at Target haha) and then speed walk my way through Target to grab a new book for the train (I couldn't find The Perfect Stranger - I realized today that it just came out yesterday. So next time!) and some Whole-30 approved snacks in case I got hungry later (almonds and pecans and apple pie Larabars). I had wifi in Target so as soon as I got there I checked to make sure my train was still on time and it told me that my train would be arriving early and would be in Minot by 7:58 so that was the reason for speed walking my way through Target - I didn't even look anywhere else! Now, the train can't leave until its actual departure time but I wanted to make sure I was there first thing so I could make sure to get a good seat on the train before it started filling up. 

I pulled into the train station at the exact same time that the train was making its way in. Can you say perfect timing?! I went into the station quick to use the washroom since I will only use the one on the train if I'm absolutely going to pee my pants and then grabbed my bags and made my way on to the train. There weren't many people at the station yet since the train was early so I got myself a good spot on the right side of the train (I like to sleep with my head turned to the right so I always try to make sure thats how I'm sitting) and with no seat partner - wahoo! People trickled on as we waited on the tracks for an hour until the scheduled time to leave but I was just happy I was there early. I hate being late even if it technically wouldn't have been considered late. I finished reading The Couple Next Door (really good read!) and then it was lights out for me. I sleep pretty good on the train, I just wake up every couple hours to change positions or because people get on at other stations and are super loud (so annoying). 
I wasn't kidding about eating my salad in my car haha. And Union Depot is just so gorgeous y'all. Its used for lots of events/weddings because of how gorgeous it is!
I got into the Twin Cities early the next morning, by at least half an hour. Much better than getting in 3-4 hours late like the last few times I had taken the train! MN picked me up at the station and then we headed to the Uptowner Cafe for breakfast - its become our tradition when I get off the train. The rest of the weekend seemed to fly by (unfortunately). We were dogsitting (and thus housesitting) for his sister and her boyfriend while they were in Vegas (I was so jealous!) so we spent most of our time working our way through Game of Thrones and just hanging out with Zeus. We did go out for supper to a Mexican restaurant with friends on Friday night and then they came back to the house for a bit afterwards but otherwise it was a pretty chill weekend. I even got a couple of workouts in while I was there - go me! 
I hope we never stop coming here!
I won't complain about getting to spend time with this handsome guy! 
My train got back to Minot at 8:30 (7:30 my time) on Monday morning so I headed to Target for a little bit before heading home. The Victoria Beckham collection had just been released the day before and I drooled over a few things (the kids stuff is so adorable!) but I'm not allowing myself to buy any clothes until after I finish the Whole30 and this round of Country Heat. There was so much cute Easter stuff that I would have loved to buy for my nieces and nephew too but because budget I had to resist. I managed to make it out of Target without spending a complete fortune, which never happens, but my list of things I want keeps getting longer and longer. I did get myself a new picnic blanket in the cutest pineapple print and a couple of cute flamingo/pineapple cups but otherwise I just grabbed a few groceries (Whole30 approved) and some toiletries. 

I would have loved to check out a couple more places but most stores don't open until 10:00 and I wanted to get stuff done at home so after Target I stopped quick to grab a case of beer (since its so cheap I always stock up whenever I'm gone over 48 hours and can bring back duty free) and then I was on the road home. I didn't even get a Caribou Coffee for the road because of Whole-30ing :( 

Just a few of the things I picked up to try -   I'm really hoping I can make that cilantro actually grow for me! #targetmademedoit
Once I was home I got to visit my nephew - I hadn't seen him in almost two weeks so it was long overdue. He slept through most of my visit but it was nice to just catch up with my sister in law too!

I'm counting down to my next trip already - I head there on May 4th to go see Wicked that Saturday with MN and his family. I can't wait! 

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  1. We took the train twice when I was in Europe over Spring Break. I thought American trains were quiet until I tried the Eurostar. I definitely still prefer trains over planes!


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