May 18, 2017

Currently (May 2017)...

Reading Nothing at this exact moment, but only because I just finished Don't You Cry on Sunday night and haven't started a new book yet.  I also started and finished The Perfect Stranger while on the train a couple weekends ago and at the end of April I read The Good Girlloved all three - they kept me in suspense the whole time and I could not put them down. Next up in my reading pile is Before I Fall - I'm sure I'll get through it on the train home from Minnesota next Thursday night. 

Listening to a lawn mower outside as I lay in bed writing this post. It's been really chilly here the last two days (and I am not loving it) but that makes the best lawn mowing weather so I'm sure I'll be hearing it all day long.

Celebrating so many birthdays in May. I think May has the most birthdays of family/friends out of any other month. Add in Mother's Day and it can be an expensive month! 

Watching baseball, baseball, and more baseball. Pretty much the only thing I watch these days. I've also been re-watching Friends on Netflix before I go to bed/when I get ready in the morning just for the background noise (I hate silence).  And then when I'm at MN's we watch Game of Thrones to get me caught up before the new season starts - we're at the end of Season 4 so there's still a ways to go!

Working on some blog posts to have scheduled for when I'm gone to Minnesota for a week because I'm officially on vacation y'all! I'm off work until May 29th (yesterday was my first day off) and this weekend is the long weekend in the GWN so I'm technically only off for 7 days. I picked MN up in Minot yesterday morning at the train station and then tomorrow night we head back to Minot to get on the train together (first time ever taking the train together - its always either one of us doing it alone to see the other person) to head back to the Twin Cities. We're taking a mini vacation to Duluth on Sunday to celebrate MN's birthday on Monday and I can't wait!

Drinking a cup of coffee with some french vanilla creamer at the moment. Since I finished Whole-30'ing at the beginning of May I've only allowed myself to have creamer in my coffee on the weekends but since I'm off work (yay for holidays!) I'm letting myself indulge a bit. I've also been obsessed with Iced Tea since finishing Whole-30'ing which is strange because before this round of the Whole 30 I could not have cared less that it was in the fridge. I also had my first drink of pop since April 2nd on Monday. Just before I started that last round of the Whole 30 I was going a little crazy with my Dr Pepper obsession and probably drinking three cans a week (which is a lot for me because I usually don't drink much pop) so I need to make sure that I keep my obsession in check moving forward. 

Waiting for MN's birthday present to show up in the mail. I'm crossing my fingers it'll get here by tomorrow or else MN will be getting a belated birthday present ...

Wearing these mesh-panel compression capris from Old Navy because I haven't changed yet after doing my workout this morning. I pretty much wear these capris every chance I get - they're so comfy! As soon as I'm done writing this post I'm ordering two more pairs in different colours - that's how much I love them!

Anticipating going out for supper with my brother and sister in law and MN tonight at a restaurant in 'the city' that I've never been to before. I hope it's good!

Loving the results I'm seeing from doing Country Heat. I lost 10 lbs and 12 inches doing my first round of it (combined with the Whole30) and I'm currently on Day 11 of my second round of the program and my clothes are fitting SO much better. I'm absolutely loving it!

Making a grocery list of supplies needed to make Puffed Wheat Cake and Rice Krispie Cake - my plans for the afternoon. I've been craving Puffed Wheat Cake lately and last night my oldest niece was talking about it and MN said he has never had Puffed Wheat Cake before (!) - he actually says he's never even heard of it - so now I definitely need to make it!

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