June 30, 2017

Links & Love (June 2017)...

If I had to pick only one hair product to take with me when I travel it would be this Flat Iron Spray by AG. I was introduced to it a couple of years ago by my friend Scooby and it completely transformed my hair straightening game. I'm almost out of the travel size bottle I always take with me to Minnesota and I can't find any in my area - a road trip is needed to get my hands on another bottle! 

I loved this post from Amanda about getting sponsorships and working with brands

I've been doing Shaun Week via Beachbody on Demand and HOLY EFFBOMB is it ever intense! But also just what I need to get back at it before Vegas! 25 more days y'all - I can't wait 

It's Canada Day this Saturday and I'm thinking about making this punch in celebration (but adding in Vodka because duh its a long weekend) - it sounds delish!

I've been living in these capri leggings lately.  I have all three colours and I'm seriously contemplating getting another pair of each - that's how much I love them. You wouldn't believe how many people have thought they were Lululemon (I still love me some Lululemon but the prices do not compare at all!)

The auction for work went over SO good and we raised almost $2,300 for the Centre (!!) We will definitely be making it an annual fundraiser considering its success and minimal work that goes into it. The Sunshine Crate that I did up from myself and my staff went for $75 so that definitely made us happy!

That's it for this months Links + Love - I can't believe tomorrow is JULY already, which means Birthday month and VEGAS. Yay!

Happy Canada Day Weekend to my friends in the GWN!

June 23, 2017

Five On Friday (June 2017)...

Happy Friday! I only work for a few hours this morning so it really is a happy Friday (I do love my job, I swear!)

It was my plan at the beginning of the year to do a Five on Friday post once a month but I've been slacking in all aspects of this little space of mine so this is the first one in a long while... hopefully this is the start of recurring monthly ones though!

Eleanor is home and all fixed up! I finally got her back on Wednesday afternoon and by then it had already been over a month since I had last driven her. Thankfully the repairs were all covered under a recall - if it hadn't been for the recall it would have cost me over $4,500 in repairs. Yikes! But if it weren't for the recall I wouldn't have had to worry about repairs so there's that... I'm just glad she's finally home and I don't have to worry about any of it anymore! She'll be paid off in 4 months and I cannot wait to not have to worry about a car payment for awhile.

I'm off to Saskatoon today for my cousin Dana's wedding. I'm looking forward to a Cameron wedding - its been almost two years since the last one (my brother's)- but I am not looking forward to the 5 hour drive. I'll need some drinks as soon as we get to the hotel tonight! It's just a quick trip, I head back on Sunday, so there won't be time for shopping which is probably a good thing for my budget but I don't make it to Saskatoon very often so it would be nice to get to spend a little more time.

Work is holding an online FB auction to raise funds for the Centre and my office has been bursting with all of the awesome donations for a couple of weeks now. The problem is that I want to bid on everything. It ends at 6:00 tonight and I'm going to have to restrain myself from bidding on every.single.thing. I'm really hoping this auction goes over well for us and we raise a good amount of funds for the Centre! 

Myself and my staff put in some money and this is what I put together for us to donate to the auction. Is it bad that I just want it for myself? haha

Jillian and Justin premiered on Wednesday night and I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet and its killlllling me! I do have it PVR'd, I just need to find a chance to be able to watch it. I LOVE Jillian Harris so I'm super excited to watch the series - I just wish there was more episodes! And for once living in Canada has paid off because it's currently only available here - it's usually the other way around 

June 21st marked three years since I picked Krickit up in the parking lot of a Subway in a town 35 minutes away and she fit into the palm of my hand. I can't believe it's been three years already!

Oh Krickit...

Have a great weekend y'all!

June 22, 2017

Summer Bucket List (2017)...

Happy Summer y'all! My favourite season is FINALLY here and I am so excited. The past two Summers were absolutely crazy, with 2015 being the year I was MOH in my brother's wedding and wedding activities pretty much took up every single weekend and then last Summer I was still working at my part time job and was working weekends and long days throughout the week so I really didn't get to enjoy my Summer as much as I would have liked. 

This year my Summer is fairly open. I have a trip to Vegas for my 30th birthday in July, a trip to the Twin Cities at the beginning of July, and then the rest of my Summer is open to enjoy and be able to be a little more spontaneous. I do have two weddings to attend but they're at the very beginning of Summer and closer to the end of Summer so they really don't affect the months of July and August, which is what I think of when I think of Summer. 

The last four years I have made Summer Bucket Lists for myself (2013,2014,2015,2016) and then pretty much forgotten all about them and hardly crossed anything off of them (whoooops). But this year will be different! I've taken things off my lists from the past few Summers that never got accomplished that I'd still like to do and hopefully this Summer will be the one to finally get them off the list. Then next Summer can be full of brand new ideas and adventures!  

I managed to get a few things crossed off of my Spring Bucket List, just not as many as I would have liked. Obviously I should be striving to do everything since they're all things I picked for myself but time just got away from me. I thought about adding the things that didn't get crossed off to my Summer Bucket List but decided that I'll just finish up a few of them and update my Spring Bucket List with some items completed in the Summer months. 

I also still have lots left to cross off of my 30 Before 30 list - and only a little over a month left!- but there's not a snowball's chance in hell that I'm getting everything crossed off that list. Oh well, I guess the things that don't get crossed off will get added to my 101 in 1001 list (since there's NO way I'm doing a 40 Before 40 list - that freaks me out just thinking about!)

What's on your Summer Bucket List?

June 14, 2017

Currently (June 2017)...

Reading  Before I FallI'm annoyed, however, that it took me getting 1/3 of the way through the book before I realized I have already read the book. Face palm. So I guess I'm technically re-reading it. I must have read it when it first came out in 2010 and now that it has a new cover (for the movie) I thought it was new and bought it again. Sheesh! I also just finished a couple of really good books - I've got a 'What I've Been Reading' post in the works since I've been reading so much lately so stay tuned for that!

Listening to all the T-Swift songs on Spotify now that they're finally available! Also, one of my favourite songs on my Spotify play list right now is A Long and Happy Life by Delta Rae - I'm obsessed!

Celebrating the beginning of Summer this weekend! I know its not technically Summer until next Tuesday but I'm just going to start celebrating Summer early! MN is here in the GWN this weekend so I'm hoping for some good weather.

Watching the same thing as last month -  baseball, baseball, and more baseball. The CFL football season starts soon so I'm sure I'll be catching those games when they are on. And the same as last month I've been re-watching Friends on Netflix before I go to bed/when I get ready in the morning . I had hoped to get through the rest of Game of Thrones  while I was in the Twin Cities a couple of weekends ago but I only got to episode 5 of Season 6 so I still need to get through the last 5 (though I've seen the very last 3 of the season) before the new season starts in July.

Working on a post for a fun giveaway for my 30th birthday. Monday marked 6 weeks until the big day - eeek! So stay tuned for that post as well, I'm super excited about it!

Drinking lots of black coffee lately - I only let myself have creamer on the weekends (or my days off) now, water, water, and more water, and the occasional beer or glass of wine. This weekend I want to make a new Sangria that I've never made before so I'm scouring Pinterest for a good recipe.

Waiting for my dealership to call me with some information on my SUV. I've been without Eleanor for almost three weeks now. Major side eye. Basically what happened is that almost three weeks ago she broke down on my Mama in Minot, ND while she was spending the night because she had to pick me up off the train in the am (hence why she had my vehicle). We spent the next day towing my vehicle from place to place (thank god for OnStar!) before finally getting it to a GM dealership where they were going to look at it in four days (it was the Memorial Day long weekend in the states) so we had to leave her behind and get my aunt an duncle to come from Canada to rescue us and take us home. 

After being quoted $2,500 - $4,700 to fix it (USD, so more like $3,300 or $6,200 in CAD) at the dealership in Minot I told them thanks but no thanks and that I would make arrangements for someone to take a trailer down to Minot to pick it up and haul it home. It sat there for over two weeks before my Dad was able to find a trailer that worked and a day that worked for my brother to go and pick it up. So last Saturday I headed to Minot with my Mama and brother to finally pick up Eleanor. When I got there the technician had information on the report that made me realize that it was an issue to do with a recall on my vehicleand I was super thankful I hadn't let them go ahead with the work there! On Monday my Dad hauled Eleanor to my dealership in Canada (35 minutes from where I live) and explained what had happened and gave them the recall notice I had *just* got a week before it broke down (so annoying). They're making me jump through some hoops to get it covered through the recall but my Dad has been very persistent so hopefully it all gets worked out soon! I'm soooo close to paying her off, I don't want to start all over now! I also got a loaner vehicle from the dealership so I finally don't have to bum rides off everyone just to get things done for work. I'm so ready for this shit show to be over and to have Eleanor back in good (running!) condition. All the expenses from having her looked at in Minot at two different autobody shops, putting a new battery in at the dealership in Minot, paying people to help me out with the situation, etc, etc have really blown my budget! I was also super annoyed to get to the dealership last Saturday to find a bunch of white paint all over the drivers side door and no note to explain it. Thank goodness for good insurance that will cover the repairs for that!

Wearing these super comfy capris from Old Navy. I have them in four colours now...  Last month I posted about these ones that I was loving but I can't wear those to work so I needed some that I could. I can't wear any of my shorts to work so capri leggings are what I live in during work in the Summer. I love Lululemon but because of my budget I've also been loving Old Navy's prices lately - there's always a sale! But as soon as I get my budget figured out (and my vehicle back!) I am finally going to purchase a pair of Align Crops from Lululemon - I've been coveting them for forever. 

Anticipating finally getting our trip to Vegas booked! I've told my family they need to figure it out by this weekend or I'm just booking it on my own and I'll meet MN down there. I just want to have it booked so I can start counting down to it! 

Loving the donations that are rolling in for a Facebook Auction fundraiser that I'm heading up for work. I might end up bidding on everything and completely blowing my budget. There's just too many good things being donated! 

Making plans for this weekend to do some fun things while MN is here. It usually doesn't work out that he is here over a weekend so it will be nice that everyone else will be off work too. On the agenda is playing Bones, hopefully getting out on the boat, day drinking, BBQing, - just to name a few things. Perfect way to kickstart Summer!

June 6, 2017

June Goals (2017)...

May was such an insane month for me y'all. Not only was work insanely busy with finishing up everything for re-licensing before the end of the month BUT I was also on vacation for almost 7 workdays straight (I don't know that that has ever happened before!). I say almost because I had to pop in and out the centre a few times to tie up some loose ends even while I was technically off so it made for a chaotic month with trying to fit vacation days into a busy period of deadlines. If I hadn't popped into the centre a few times I would have been off work for 12 whole days (including the weekend and the Stat holiday due to Victoria Day). 

During the month of May I spent a total of 9 days in Minnesota (two separate trips) so it just was a very stressful and crazy month - but also a lot of fun. I know I say all the time that the months just fly by but May 2017 will go down in the books as the one that went by the quickest. I can't believe its over and we're already almost a week into June! 

I haven't looked at my 'planner' (aka a printable calendar I found on Pinterest that I just keep in a binder) in forever - I'm pretty sure the last time I actually wrote anything down was April - which just goes to show how crazy May was! So it should come as no surprise that my May Goals were completely forgotten about and thus there's no need to recap those. Onwards to June!

In June I Want To...

Lose 5 lbs 

Work on crossing things off of my Spring Bucket List and 30 Before 30 List 

Dust off my DSLR 

Book my 30th birthday trip 

Create my Summer Bucket List 

Recap my May vacation 

I'm keeping my June Goals fairly simple since I have lots of things to cross off of my Spring Bucket List and 30 Before 30 list still. Summer will be  here very soon (yay!) and I have less than two months now until the big 3-0 (eeek!) so those things will take up enough of my time that I don't need to put even more on my plate.

Hopefully I can get lots accomplished this month and in July I can get back to some loftier monthly goals. Wish me luck!