July 12, 2017

Currently (July 2017)...

Reading my way through the Harry Potter series for my annual summer re-read. I finished Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (in most countries, like the GWN, it's called this instead of the Sorcerors Stone) on the train on the weekend so now I've moved on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I also picked up Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica while I was in Wal-Mart last week and started and finished it in just a couple of hours on the train ride home from Minnesota on Sunday night. I LOVED The Good Girl so I had high hopes for this book and it did not disappoint!

Listening to a lot of 90's country music lately. It reminds me of summer vacations spent camping with my family and gives me all the feels.

Celebrating my 30th birthday in 12 days! 

Watching Jillian and Justin tonight! I'm an episode behind so I need to catch up on that one first. MN and I finally finished Game of Thrones on Sunday too, just in time for the new season to start this coming Sunday! Now we've started watching Breaking Bad - I was hooked after the first episode and can't wait to get back to the Twin Cities so I can watch some more! Also, it's been super weird to not have my schedule dictated by the Jays games because of the All Star Break and I cannot wait for Friday to get here so I can have baseball back in my life again. 

Working on some posts to have scheduled for when I'm gone to Vegas in 11 days (eeek!) so that I meet my goal of having 10 posts published this month.

Drinking water, water, and more water in preparation for the shit show that will be Vegas. My liver won't know what's happening. Also, I discovered a new drink on the drive home from Minot on Monday when I stopped in a tiny town to use the restroom and bought myself one of the Lemon Lemon Sparkling Lemonades in the Blackberry flavour. OMG y'all it was SO good. I had just picked myself up a case of the regular lemonade in Target that morning and didn't even know they made a Blackberry flavour. I'll be on the lookout for a case of them when I head to Wal-Mart in the States next! 

Waiting for my contacts to arrive in the mail. I'm down to one last pair (I wear disposable dailies) so I've been stuck wearing my glasses all day which I don't like to do much in the Summer because then I can't wear my sunglasses when I'm driving. I was down to 5 pairs at the end of June and I made sure to save three of them for my trip to the Twin Cities on the weekend so I've been wearing my glasses so much lately. 

Wearing a rotation of all my Old Navy/Lululemon capri leggings lately. I can't wear shorts to work so they're really the only option right now. I love being comfy though so it's all good. I bought a few things in Minot on Monday for Vegas and I'm going to start planning outfits soon so that I don't overpack my suitcase and have to pay extra fees for it being overweight! 

Anticipating Vegas! MN is flying in to Vegas on my birthday (I get to Vegas the day before) and I can't wait to see him and I also can't wait to see my Twin (aka my cousin) who last minute decided to book a flight from BC and meet us there. I haven't spent more than an hour with her since she moved to BC last June!

Loving the cooler temperatures we've had the last couple of days.  We had a major heat wave last week and into the weekend so the cooler temps have been appreciated. The humid weather last week produced an F2 tornado that destroyed my friend from high schools childhood home - just 35 minutes from O-town. I LOVE warm weather but I am not a fan of always being under an Extreme Thunderstorm Watch/Warning or a Tornado Watch/Warning. Why can't it just be nice without all the storms?!

Making plans for must see/do things in Vegas and a list of all the places we want to eat! It's been two loooong years since I've been to Vegas and there are so many places I want to re-visit and also so many places that I want to try. Choosing which places to visit is going to be hard! If you have any Vegas recommendations let me know! I've been 10 (I think?) times now and there is still SO much I haven't done! 

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