August 25, 2017

Links + Love (August 2017)...

Ebates has some insane cash back deals right now for their 5th birthday. I texted my sister the other day telling her to check it out if she still needed back to school clothes for the girls because some stores that are normally 2% cash back are at 15% right now. If I hadn't just finally bought myself some new Nike runners I would have bought them through Ebates because Nike is one with 15%. Not sponsored, I promise, I just love a good deal!

I just found this recipe the other day so I haven't had a chance to make it yet but it combines two of my favourite things (pasta salad + bruschetta) so I'm sure I will love it. 

Unlike a lot of people - from what I've seen on social media anyways- I'm not quite ready for Fall just yet (don't get me wrong, I do love that season but I like to enjoy every second of Summer until the bitter end and won't start embracing Fall until September 22nd) but I am ready to pick up some Fall scents from Bath and Body Works (when they're on sale...) - Cranberry Woods is one of my favs! I just won't start using them/decorating with them until it's actually Fall. 

How have I not made this Pina Colada Sangria yet?! Happening asap.

I am obsessed with the store Francesca's right now. I used to walk by it in the mall and never go in but now it's one of my first stops (after Target of course...). I was in the store a couple weeks back and picked up this super cute kimono and this t-shirt that describes me to a T. I pretty much want one of everything every time I go in the store. 

I picked up this storage cart for my office at work a few weeks ago and I've already had so many people compliment it and ask where it's from (I left the wheels off and think it looks much better that way). I love the look of it and it fits perfectly in the space I needed it for. Win-win!

Have a great weekend! I'm off to the Twin Cities tomorrow night but I do have posts scheduled for next week to make sure that I get 10 posts published in August, including some things I've been loving lately. Check back for that on Monday! 

August 23, 2017

Life Lately...

1// All Summer I've been working on de-cluttering and organizing my life. I'm about 75% done and am really hopefull that I can get it all finished before the official end of Summer. I've sold a lot of things that I haven't used in forever/have no need for anymore and finally got around to re-organizing one of the spare bedrooms that for over 6 months legit looked like a bomb had gone off. It still needs some more work because all of my Project Life supplies are in that room but I really hope I can get some of that 'mess' organized by getting some albums finished! It is one of my August Goals...

2// If you follow me on IG, you would have seen that my youngest niece Graycie finally lost her first tooth! It was loose when the girls first left for their Dad's in July and I thought for sure she would lose it while they were gone. But alas, when they came home for a couple days before their Kelowna trip it was still hanging on for dear life.  When they got home from their trip to Kelowna it was still there and I almost had her convinced to let me pull it out but she chickened out at the last minute (she only wanted me to do it if I tied her tooth to floss and then tied it to a door handle. Someone's obviously been watching too much tv haha). But on Monday when I got off of work she was wiggling it and it was SO close to coming out that I was finally able to convince her to actually let me touch it and it came out with hardly any effort. She was so excited, it was pretty cute. 

McBaby isn't a baby anymore!
3// Both my nieces have birthdays next month and when I realized that Rae will be turning ELEVEN I almost cried. She was born during my first month of college so I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she is starting Grade Six in less than two weeks and won't be in the elementary end anymore. Almost my entire family is heading to the Twin Cities in mid September for the Jays vs Twins games, including my nieces, so I'm just going to give them money for their birthday's this year so they can do some shopping at the MOA. Easy peasy!

Their step mom had sent my sister this picture of them from their trip to Kelowna. Rae is almost as tall as Kels (my SIL) now! 
4// My nephew Quade turned 6 months old last week. Six months! (What?!) I got to babysit him a couple weeks ago while his parents were gone to play slo-pitch and he's at such a great age where he can 'play' and it's so adorable. I probably played peek-a-boo with him for at least 15 minutes and he giggled or smiled the whole time. Aren't babies just the best? Last week was also my brother and sister in laws 2nd anniversary and I still haven't been able to comprehend how it's already been two years since their wedding. Why is time flying by?!

Pretty sure this was just yesterday...
5// I realized yesterday that I'm not going to make it to the Red Barn this Summer and that makes me a supper sad panda. I had wanted to go last weekend but couldn't convince anyone to go with me and didn't feel up to going by myself.  There are only two markets left and this weekend I'll be in Minnesota and the weekend after that I'm in Saskatoon for a wedding so I won't make it this year at all. Wahhhh! I'll just have to make sure I make it there at the beginning of next Summer!

6// I'm heading to the Twin Cities this weekend and MN and I are going to the State Fair with friends on Tuesday. I've been told by friends here that I need to try waaay more food this year and then post it all on social media so they can live vicariously through me. These are all of the new foods for 2017 -doesn't the Bowl O' Dough sound heavenly?!

7// Last night there was a post on FB that the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a brutal winter. Just what I wanted to read when I'm already having anxiety over Fall approaching. There's only 30 days left of Summer y'all -  I better make them count!

August 21, 2017

Weekend Happenings...

This past weekend I filled in at my old part time job while the owners went out of town. In March, after over a year and a half of working almost every single Sunday, (and every Thursday afternoon plus the extra shifts I picked up) I finally realized how burnt out I was and handed in my resignation. Running a business 40 hours a week (usually more) is enough, and when you add in another 11 hours elsewhere (plus a 45 minute commute each way) it was just too much. 

I had stopped at the store back in June to grab some things and the owners had mentioned a trip they were planning for August and that they weren't sure who they were going to get to help out the only other employee. I told them that if I wasn't going to be in the Twin Cities that I could definitely help them out (because Summer gets expensive y'all). After checking with MN and finding out that he had his fantasy football draft (face palm) that weekend anyways I said yes to filling in and on Friday, after almost 5 months away, I was back behind the counter. 

Before I started my shift I had some errands to run for the centre so I was running around 'the city' like crazy from store to store trying to get it all done before I had to start work. I didn't end up getting it all done so after I got done my shift at 8:00 I had to stop at Wal-Mart to grab some more things. I didn't get home until around 10:30 that night and it was basically a 15 hour work day - my only 'me' time was my drive to and from 'the city'. Most of the days I worked in 'the city' there were always errands to run, either for myself or for the centre, and I definitely don't miss those days of trying to fit it all in! 

On Saturday morning I went into 'the city' early to meet up with a friend for coffee. We met at Tim Horton's and sipped on our drinks outside while we caught up on everything going on in our lives since we hadn't seen each other in a couple of months. I decided to try something new and got the iced vanilla latte - so yummy! I'll for sure be getting it again before the weather gets chilly and I go back to hot drinks for Fall/Winter. 

The local farmers market was right across the road so after chatting for awhile we took our coffee and wandered around the booths. Aaaaand I got to cross visiting a farmers market off of my Summer Bucket List! I bought myself some Butterscotch Confetti (mmmm), after taking forever to decide what I wanted because there were SO many delicious looking things, and then talked myself out of buying Tupperware (I want it all!) since I currently don't have a kitchen and I already have enough kitchen stuff in storage. Then we wandered over to the food truck to see what they had to offer us. There were lots of good things to choose from but I decided to have dessert for lunch and I got frozen dipped cheesecake on a stick because cheesecake is my weakness and I couldn't say no. It was ah-mazing y'all. I just wish they sold a mini version of it because there was no way I was eating all of it! 

Saturday was really warm compared to the recent temperatures so the store was pretty slow, everyone must have wanted to be outside enjoying the nice weather instead of shopping, but my shift actually went by surprisingly quick. When I got home that night at 9 pm I settled in on the couch and put my feet up and didn't move for the rest of the night. Between the two jobs I worked 63 hours from Monday to Saturday so it was needed! 

On Sunday I had a lazy morning (and it was glorious) watching HGTV and the Food Network and drinking waaaay too many cups of coffee. That afternoon I went into work for a few hours because I'm working on a big project and just want it DONE. I kept telling myself it could wait until September so I could enjoy the last days of Summer but once I have an idea in my head I can't get it out and I needed to keep working on it or else I would have been super anxious. I made it back home at 6:50, with just enough time to grab a drink, put some vegetables and dip on a plate and call that supper, and settle in on the couch for GOT. I can't believe there's only one more episode of the season left! I'm heading to the Twin Cities this weekend (MN and I are going to the State Fair on Tuesday with friends) and my initial plan was to get on the train on Sunday night.. that is until MN messaged me about us watching GOT with friends for the finale and I realized that with my plan I would be on the train and would miss the episode and that cannot happen! So now I will be getting on the train on Saturday night instead so that I will be in St. Paul with plenty of time to spare before GOT. 

I can't believe how fast this Summer has flown by and that there are only two weekends left before school starts! I'll be heading to the Twin Cities this weekend and then next weekend (the long weekend) I'm Saskatoon bound for my cousins' wedding. After that there is technically only two more weekends of Summer and then Fall will be here - crazy! 

August 18, 2017

50 Things...

Happy Friday y'all! This week has surprisingly flown by, which is very strange. I worked some looong days this week so I guess I was just so busy that it seemed to go by quick. I'm just popping in quick with an easy post, before I head to 'the city' to run some errands for work and then fill in at my old part time job for a few hours, because I realized that I hadn't made it to this space all week (whooops) and if I want to meet my goal of 10 posts this month I needed to get something up today. 

I started working on this post on Tuesday when I saw that Kelly from Sparkles and Shoes had done it. I love posts like these because they let me get to know the person behind the blog a ltitle better so I figured I'd do one myself. 

50 Random Questions (to get to know me better!):

1. What’s your favorite candle scent? I can't pick an all time favourite but right now I'm loving this Pineapple Mango scent from Bath and Body Works.
2. What female celebrity do you wish you were related to? Because I can't decide between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey I'm going with T-Swift.
3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?  Chris Pratt.
4. What’s your favorite thing about marriage? (And if you’re not married, what’s your favorite thing about being single?) I'm not married but I'm also not single so....
5. What’s one thing you own that you should probably get rid of, but just can’t?  I've actually been really good lately with letting go of things that I should have a loooong time ago but I just can't part with a dress that I wore to my aunt and uncle's wedding in Grade Two and then again for my Grade Two school pictures. My Grandma bought it for me and I just can't bear to get rid of it!
6. Can you do a split? Not anymore :( In May of last year I finally accomplished it and then I stopped doing yoga and can't anymore. I need to get back into daily yoga!
7. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike? Kindergarten age maybe? 
8. How many oceans have you swam in? Just one I believe - the Pacific Ocean while I was in Mexico. 
9. How many countries have you been to?  7. Canada (duh), USA, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. That number will go up one day (hopefully soon!)
10. Is anyone in your family in the army? Nope.
11. What was your favorite TV show when you were a child? I can't think of just one favourite but Rugrats, Full House, and Boy Meets World were definitely up there. Oh, and Sailor Moon!
12. What did you dress up as on Halloween when you were eight? Probably a witch. I think I was a witch for 4 years in a row (if not more).
13. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series? Read them all. Currently reading the Harry Potter series for my annual Summer re-read.
14. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent? British, but only a certain kind of British accent. I watch a lot of YouTubers from the UK while I get ready in the mornings (I can't stand silence) and I LOVE Gabriella's accent.
15. Have you ever taken karate lessons? No. No interest whatsoever.
16. Do you know who Kermit the frog is? Of course.
17. What’s the first amusement park you’ve been to? Tinkertown? I'm going to say yes. It's a tiny little amusement park near Winnipeg that we used to go to while camping. It was so tiny but we loved it anyways. The ferris wheel was always held together with duct tape but we still rode it anyways (face palm). 
18. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in? French. I wish my school would have offered it past Grade 5. One day I'll be able to carry a conversation in French!
19. Do you spell the color as grey or gray? Grey, because that's the Canadian way.
20. Do you know triplets? I know of triplets, they are the younger siblings of a girl my brother went to school with for awhile. 
21. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?  I love The Notebook so much that it wins out but I do still love Titanic. I threw a hissy fit in Grade 5 when my Mom wouldn't buy me it on VHS when it first came out. 
22. Have you ever had Indian food? No. I have had Maggi noodles though, does that count? haha
23. What’s the name of your favorite restaurant? The Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar in Gruene, Texas. My second favourite is the Harbor View Cafe in Pepin, Wisconsin. And my third favourite would probably be the Olive Branch Bristo in Carnduff, Saskatchewan. 
24. Have you ever been to Olive Garden? Yes, I go there just for their salad and breadsticks. Mmmmm. MN hates it though so it's somewhere I'll have to go with girlfriends. Or I'll just order their salad and breadsticks for take out! 
25. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? I don't think they had a name picked. They did have a girl's name picked if my brother had been a girl and my sister and I used to call him by it all the time when he was little - poor kid. We even used it in our wedding speech haha
26. If you have a nickname, what is it?  Chigle. It means cheeky and my Grandpa always called me it because I reminded him so much of my great-grandma (his mother in law). 
27. Who’s your favorite person in the world? I'm going to go with Krickit so that nobody gets mad at me!
28. Would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs? I was born and raised in a rural setting so I don't know any different. I've told MN that we'll definitely be living in the suburbs though, because they're the closest I'd get to my rural upbringing (compared to living in the Twin Cities). 
29. Can you whistle? Nope.
30. Do you sleep with a nightlight? I sleep with a tiny little bit of light that comes off of my Scentsy warmer when it's turned on. I used to sleep with my door open, with the hallway light on, but I got over that and now I need darkness. 
31. Do you eat breakfast every morning? No, I'm terrible. I need to work on this!
32. How many times have you been to the hospital? I'm going to answer this as how many times I've actually been admitted to the hospital because I have visited so many family members in the hospital and had a few ER trips myself. I have only actually been admitted to the hospital once, and that was to get my tonsils out just over 4 years ago. 
33. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? Yes, I can pretty much quote the entire movie. I still haven't seen Finding Dory all the way through though!
34. Where do you buy your jeans? Target, Old Navy, Bootlegger, Maurices, and Dynamite are where my current jeans are from. I'd rather wear yoga pants any day though...
35. What’s the last compliment you got? I rearranged the toddler room at the Centre and one of the tiny humans complimented me on my hard work. Too cute! 
36. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning? Sometimes but not all the time. I have some pretty craaaazy dreams though. 
37. Favorite beverage that isn’t water? Cofffeeeeeee
38. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? Not that many actually. Maybe 20? 
39. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn’t real? Grade three or four maybe? I still pretended though for my little brother (and so that I'd still get presents from him).
40. What is one food that you used to hate but now you love? Onions! My mom used to make me seperate dishes without onions in them when she was cooking something with onions (can you say spoiled - eek) but now I LOVE them. I'm still not a huge fan of green onions in things but it doesn't kill me to eat them.
41. What is a weird lie you’ve told? My siblings and I once told a group of kids at a playground that Stone Cold Steve Austin was our uncle. 
42. Heels or flats? Flats. 
43. Do you have any weird phobias? I'm terribly afraid of cotton balls. It's a legit fear called Sidonglogophobia. My sister and I both have it. My boyfriend just discovered this phobia of mine the other day when I needed his help to get the cotton out of a bottle of Advil I was opening and I threatened to jump out of the vehicle (and was near tears) when he kept touching and playing with the cotton ball to freak me out. He didn't think it was a real phobia until I googled it and showed him. Cotton balls - blech!
44. What is a phrase or word you always say? Something I didn't realize I say, until MN pointed it out to me recently, is "Mmm-hmmm' in response to things. He says I sound just like my Mom when I say it because she says it a lot too. Which I also didn't realize until he pointed out! haha 
45. What is a song that you blast or belt out when you are alone? Oh there are so many but one that comes to mind is Fancy by Reba McEntire. Anytime that comes on I belt it. MN hates Reba (what's wrong with him?!) so anytime she comes on in the vehicle he changes the station so at least I don't have to worry about him being around when I'm belting it out.
46. What is one of your biggest pet peeves? Slow walkers. MOVE people!
47. Do you sleep with your closet door open or closed? Closed. I can't sleep with them open. I also can't leave my bedroom in the morning without making sure they're closed.
48. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?  Oh this is a tough one. Am I actually getting attacked or is there just a chance? If I'm actually getting attacked then I'll take my chances with bees - I'm not allergic so hopefully it wouldn't be that bad. 
49. Do you have any weird things you do? I don't like my food to touch each other (hot foods touching cold foods - blechh) so I'll sometimes use a divided plate OR put certain foods into little containers on my plate so there's no chance of them touching. 
50. What movie could you watch over and over again and still love? Home Alone, Mean Girls, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, Field of Dreams, The Santa Clause, She's All That... oh man the list could go on and on!

August 14, 2017

Currently (August 2017)...

Reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My annual Harry Potter series Summer re-read is moving along at a snails pace this year but I know I'll be able to get it done before September 22nd. I picked up a couple of books at the beginning of July and since they were new the Harry Potter series got pushed to the side until I was finished both of those. I don't have any other books in my reading pile anymore so now I can fully concentrate on the series. 

Listening to Garth Brooks CD's anytime I'm alone in my SUV. I have over 15 of them and I've been obsessed with listening to all my old favourites lately. I have no idea where this sudden urge to listen to his old CD's came from but I'm just going with it. 

Celebrating that school doesn't start for another three weeks around here. I've been seeing so many back to school posts lately and I am SO not ready for Summer to be over. There's just something about back to school that makes me think of Fall and even though I do love that season I still love Summer and I'm not ready to say goodbye to it just yet. 

Watching HGTV any chance that I get. And if I'm not watching something on HGTV then I'm usually watching something on the Food Network. Of course I'm also watching baseball whenever it's on as well as Game of Thrones (I need to know what's going to happen!). I finished rewatching HIMYM for the millionth time and since I always need some background noise when I'm cleaning, folding laundry, etc. I restarted Grey's Anatomy for probably the 10th time and have been breezing through the series since I don't have to hit pause every time I leave my bedroom since I've already seen every episode at least 10 times. MN was here last week/into the weekend and we finished the first season of Breaking Bad and now I have to wait until I'm in the Twin Cities in a couple of weeks to watch more -  it's torture!

Working at my old part time job this weekend. I haven't worked there since the end of March (I think?) but the owners are heading away for the weekend so I'm filling in Friday and Saturday evening to help them out. It's going to be sooo weird to be back there after over 4 months.

Drinking water at the moment but I made the mistake of buying a case of Dr.Pepper a couple of weeks ago and I've been drinking way too much of it lately. I need an intervention!

Waiting, impatiently, for the Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook to come out. Why can't it just be released now?!

Wearing my new runners around the house to wear them in so I don't get blisters when I take Krickit for walks. I FINALLY got myself another pair of runners for outside use so I don't have to use my others for both indoors and outdoors. I'm so over finding tiny pebbles all over the floor while working out! I've been on the hunt for a good but inexpensive pair of outdoor runners for almost a year now and I finally found a good deal on some Nike Flex Contacts in Kohl's yesterday afternoon so I snatched them up.  

Anticipating seeing my nieces for the first time in over two weeks! They went to BC with their Dad to visit family and two weeks is the longest I've gone without seeing them so I'm anxious to finally see them and hear all about their vacation. 

Loving anything and everything by Rae Dunn. I know, I'm very late to the party on that one but I'm just starting to find pieces around my neck of the woods. So far I've found Krickit food and water dishes and myself a Laugh mug. I found a spoon rest in Marshalls when I was in the Queen City a couple weeks ago but there was a chip in it and I almost cried haha. I would KILL (not literally but you know what I mean) to get my hands on the Halloween bowls. Seriously obsessed. Send help!

Making plans to get some more things crossed off of my Summer Bucket List. I've done a few so far but with just a little over a month left of Summer I need to start making some more progress. 

August 2, 2017

August Goals (2017)...

First, just let me start off with this: How in the h-e-double hockey sticks is it already August?! I just feel like this year is flying by and I am NOT okay with it! I still have so many goals/plans for this year and I feel like time is running out. But for now lets just focus on my monthly goals because they seem more attainable in this moment. Or maybe not considering my lack of progress on my July Goals... But I'll let you see for yourself below.

In July I Wanted To...

Track my meals/snacks using the WW App 
I was doing pretty good with this and then Vegas hit and tracking went right out the window. Calories don't count on vacation, right? With all the walking I did in Vegas I cancelled out the insane amount of alcohol I consumed and didn't gain any weight while on vacation so at least there's that.

Workout every single day 
I managed to work out over half of the days in July, but didn't meet my goal of every single day. 

Track every cent I spend 
I tried, but it just doesn't work when I spend time in the States when doing this because of having to convert from CAD to USD. I did really well with it when I did it in March because I was in Canada the whole time so I'm going to try again another month where I won't be leaving the GWN at all (if that ever happens haha). 

Take at least 10 walks with Krickit 
None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Poor Bicki :( 

Post at least 10 times on this space of mine
I didn't quite make it to 10 posts, but 8 is still pretty good. I have a couple posts in my drafts folder that I planned to finish up and have scheduled for while I was in Vegas but I never got a chance to finish them before leaving. 

Post to Instagram at least three times a week 
I made more of an effort to post to IG in July but I still managed only 10 posts all month. Still much better than only 3 posts in June! I think part of my problem is that my phone is ancient (it's an iPhone 5s) so my camera quality is terrible. Every single picture I took in Vegas is horrendous because of it (wahhhh). I've been due for an upgrade for over a year but didn't actually NEED a new phone until my camera quality got bad around Spring-time but with the possibility of hopefully moving within the next couple of months upgrading just doesn't make sense right now. If the move doesn't happen by October I think I'll just need to suck it up and upgrade because I can't deal with it for much longer. I LOVE taking pictures so I need to be able to! 

Cross as many 30 Before 30 items off of my list as possible 
Yeah... that definitely didn't happen. I'd like to go back and ask myself (when writing the list) where I thought the money would come from to fund a lot of the items on my list. The easier ones were pretty much forgotten about in favour of dreaming about the big, exciting ones, like a trip to Toronto to bird watch at Rogers Centre - which obviously didn't happen either, which was my biggest mistake in trying to get these things crossed off. I've just decided I'm still going to work on crossing them off, regardless of the fact that I'm already 30. 

Start working on my 101 in 1001 list
The list has been started, it's just not complete yet. Once it is complete I will definitely be sharing. If there is anything you think I should add let me know!

Obviously, I didn't fair so well with my July goals but I was pretty much focused on nothing but Vegas for all of July so that didn't help. Moving on to August!

In August I Want To...

Finish one Project Life album
Just one is all I ask of myself. I just want my spare bedroom back. It's organized chaos in there and I can't wait for it to be back to normal. Then after that album is complete there is only 4 more to go... (eeeek)

Publish 10 blog posts 
I managed to publish 8 in July, the most since March/April, so I think it's doable

Try 5 new recipes 
There are SO many recipes I want to try, I just need to follow through. And not blow my budget buying groceries to make them all...

Make at least $150 from decluttering items around the house
In July I made $420 from decluttering, which paid for my hotel in Vegas without even having to touch my bank account (score!). This month I'm aiming to make $150 so I can put it towards my Twin Cities trip in September for the Jays games 

Complete a new workout program 
I'm starting on Monday and haven't fully decided which program yet but I'm thinking of trying Shift Shop, Insanity, or 21 Day Fix Extreme. Last month I did a mix of Country Heat and Shaun Week workouts so this month I want to try something new

Take Krickit for a morning walk (at least) twice a week 
Poor Bicki hasn't been on any walks in forever. I didn't have contacts for almost three weeks in July so I couldn't take her (the sun would kill my eyes without sunglasses and I'm blind as a bat so I can't go without either glasses/contacts at all times) and then as soon as I got my contacts I left for Vegas and when I got back from Vegas July was pretty much over. So, new month = new goals for time with Krickit!

Take family photos for my sister and nieces
We had wanted to do this in July but the timing never worked out. My nieces are currently enroute to BC with their Dad to go visit their Grandparents and it will be two weeks before we see them again (waaaahh) but I want to get them done for sure this month

Wear a different outfit to work each week day with NO repeats
This was a goal of mine in May (I think?) and I forgot to take photos of my outfits in the first week so then I couldn't remember what I had already worn so it went out the window within the first week. This time I am going to make sure to take pictures each morning before I leave the house so I can make sure to follow through with it!

I think I've set myself some really attainable goals this month so hopefully that means that next month I can cross everything off (probably for the first time ever). I still have lots of things left to cross off of my Summer Bucket List so I didn't set any crazy goals for myself this month since I'll be trying to cross as many as those off too!

Tell me one of YOUR goals for August!