August 23, 2017

Life Lately...

1// All Summer I've been working on de-cluttering and organizing my life. I'm about 75% done and am really hopefull that I can get it all finished before the official end of Summer. I've sold a lot of things that I haven't used in forever/have no need for anymore and finally got around to re-organizing one of the spare bedrooms that for over 6 months legit looked like a bomb had gone off. It still needs some more work because all of my Project Life supplies are in that room but I really hope I can get some of that 'mess' organized by getting some albums finished! It is one of my August Goals...

2// If you follow me on IG, you would have seen that my youngest niece Graycie finally lost her first tooth! It was loose when the girls first left for their Dad's in July and I thought for sure she would lose it while they were gone. But alas, when they came home for a couple days before their Kelowna trip it was still hanging on for dear life.  When they got home from their trip to Kelowna it was still there and I almost had her convinced to let me pull it out but she chickened out at the last minute (she only wanted me to do it if I tied her tooth to floss and then tied it to a door handle. Someone's obviously been watching too much tv haha). But on Monday when I got off of work she was wiggling it and it was SO close to coming out that I was finally able to convince her to actually let me touch it and it came out with hardly any effort. She was so excited, it was pretty cute. 

McBaby isn't a baby anymore!
3// Both my nieces have birthdays next month and when I realized that Rae will be turning ELEVEN I almost cried. She was born during my first month of college so I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she is starting Grade Six in less than two weeks and won't be in the elementary end anymore. Almost my entire family is heading to the Twin Cities in mid September for the Jays vs Twins games, including my nieces, so I'm just going to give them money for their birthday's this year so they can do some shopping at the MOA. Easy peasy!

Their step mom had sent my sister this picture of them from their trip to Kelowna. Rae is almost as tall as Kels (my SIL) now! 
4// My nephew Quade turned 6 months old last week. Six months! (What?!) I got to babysit him a couple weeks ago while his parents were gone to play slo-pitch and he's at such a great age where he can 'play' and it's so adorable. I probably played peek-a-boo with him for at least 15 minutes and he giggled or smiled the whole time. Aren't babies just the best? Last week was also my brother and sister in laws 2nd anniversary and I still haven't been able to comprehend how it's already been two years since their wedding. Why is time flying by?!

Pretty sure this was just yesterday...
5// I realized yesterday that I'm not going to make it to the Red Barn this Summer and that makes me a supper sad panda. I had wanted to go last weekend but couldn't convince anyone to go with me and didn't feel up to going by myself.  There are only two markets left and this weekend I'll be in Minnesota and the weekend after that I'm in Saskatoon for a wedding so I won't make it this year at all. Wahhhh! I'll just have to make sure I make it there at the beginning of next Summer!

6// I'm heading to the Twin Cities this weekend and MN and I are going to the State Fair with friends on Tuesday. I've been told by friends here that I need to try waaay more food this year and then post it all on social media so they can live vicariously through me. These are all of the new foods for 2017 -doesn't the Bowl O' Dough sound heavenly?!

7// Last night there was a post on FB that the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a brutal winter. Just what I wanted to read when I'm already having anxiety over Fall approaching. There's only 30 days left of Summer y'all -  I better make them count!

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