August 25, 2017

Links + Love (August 2017)...

Ebates has some insane cash back deals right now for their 5th birthday. I texted my sister the other day telling her to check it out if she still needed back to school clothes for the girls because some stores that are normally 2% cash back are at 15% right now. If I hadn't just finally bought myself some new Nike runners I would have bought them through Ebates because Nike is one with 15%. Not sponsored, I promise, I just love a good deal!

I just found this recipe the other day so I haven't had a chance to make it yet but it combines two of my favourite things (pasta salad + bruschetta) so I'm sure I will love it. 

Unlike a lot of people - from what I've seen on social media anyways- I'm not quite ready for Fall just yet (don't get me wrong, I do love that season but I like to enjoy every second of Summer until the bitter end and won't start embracing Fall until September 22nd) but I am ready to pick up some Fall scents from Bath and Body Works (when they're on sale...) - Cranberry Woods is one of my favs! I just won't start using them/decorating with them until it's actually Fall. 

How have I not made this Pina Colada Sangria yet?! Happening asap.

I am obsessed with the store Francesca's right now. I used to walk by it in the mall and never go in but now it's one of my first stops (after Target of course...). I was in the store a couple weeks back and picked up this super cute kimono and this t-shirt that describes me to a T. I pretty much want one of everything every time I go in the store. 

I picked up this storage cart for my office at work a few weeks ago and I've already had so many people compliment it and ask where it's from (I left the wheels off and think it looks much better that way). I love the look of it and it fits perfectly in the space I needed it for. Win-win!

Have a great weekend! I'm off to the Twin Cities tomorrow night but I do have posts scheduled for next week to make sure that I get 10 posts published in August, including some things I've been loving lately. Check back for that on Monday! 

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