August 21, 2017

Weekend Happenings...

This past weekend I filled in at my old part time job while the owners went out of town. In March, after over a year and a half of working almost every single Sunday, (and every Thursday afternoon plus the extra shifts I picked up) I finally realized how burnt out I was and handed in my resignation. Running a business 40 hours a week (usually more) is enough, and when you add in another 11 hours elsewhere (plus a 45 minute commute each way) it was just too much. 

I had stopped at the store back in June to grab some things and the owners had mentioned a trip they were planning for August and that they weren't sure who they were going to get to help out the only other employee. I told them that if I wasn't going to be in the Twin Cities that I could definitely help them out (because Summer gets expensive y'all). After checking with MN and finding out that he had his fantasy football draft (face palm) that weekend anyways I said yes to filling in and on Friday, after almost 5 months away, I was back behind the counter. 

Before I started my shift I had some errands to run for the centre so I was running around 'the city' like crazy from store to store trying to get it all done before I had to start work. I didn't end up getting it all done so after I got done my shift at 8:00 I had to stop at Wal-Mart to grab some more things. I didn't get home until around 10:30 that night and it was basically a 15 hour work day - my only 'me' time was my drive to and from 'the city'. Most of the days I worked in 'the city' there were always errands to run, either for myself or for the centre, and I definitely don't miss those days of trying to fit it all in! 

On Saturday morning I went into 'the city' early to meet up with a friend for coffee. We met at Tim Horton's and sipped on our drinks outside while we caught up on everything going on in our lives since we hadn't seen each other in a couple of months. I decided to try something new and got the iced vanilla latte - so yummy! I'll for sure be getting it again before the weather gets chilly and I go back to hot drinks for Fall/Winter. 

The local farmers market was right across the road so after chatting for awhile we took our coffee and wandered around the booths. Aaaaand I got to cross visiting a farmers market off of my Summer Bucket List! I bought myself some Butterscotch Confetti (mmmm), after taking forever to decide what I wanted because there were SO many delicious looking things, and then talked myself out of buying Tupperware (I want it all!) since I currently don't have a kitchen and I already have enough kitchen stuff in storage. Then we wandered over to the food truck to see what they had to offer us. There were lots of good things to choose from but I decided to have dessert for lunch and I got frozen dipped cheesecake on a stick because cheesecake is my weakness and I couldn't say no. It was ah-mazing y'all. I just wish they sold a mini version of it because there was no way I was eating all of it! 

Saturday was really warm compared to the recent temperatures so the store was pretty slow, everyone must have wanted to be outside enjoying the nice weather instead of shopping, but my shift actually went by surprisingly quick. When I got home that night at 9 pm I settled in on the couch and put my feet up and didn't move for the rest of the night. Between the two jobs I worked 63 hours from Monday to Saturday so it was needed! 

On Sunday I had a lazy morning (and it was glorious) watching HGTV and the Food Network and drinking waaaay too many cups of coffee. That afternoon I went into work for a few hours because I'm working on a big project and just want it DONE. I kept telling myself it could wait until September so I could enjoy the last days of Summer but once I have an idea in my head I can't get it out and I needed to keep working on it or else I would have been super anxious. I made it back home at 6:50, with just enough time to grab a drink, put some vegetables and dip on a plate and call that supper, and settle in on the couch for GOT. I can't believe there's only one more episode of the season left! I'm heading to the Twin Cities this weekend (MN and I are going to the State Fair on Tuesday with friends) and my initial plan was to get on the train on Sunday night.. that is until MN messaged me about us watching GOT with friends for the finale and I realized that with my plan I would be on the train and would miss the episode and that cannot happen! So now I will be getting on the train on Saturday night instead so that I will be in St. Paul with plenty of time to spare before GOT. 

I can't believe how fast this Summer has flown by and that there are only two weekends left before school starts! I'll be heading to the Twin Cities this weekend and then next weekend (the long weekend) I'm Saskatoon bound for my cousins' wedding. After that there is technically only two more weekends of Summer and then Fall will be here - crazy! 

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  1. I can't believe this summer has gone so fast either! Sounds like you've been so busy! Glad you were able to have a relaxing morning though!


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