September 25, 2017

Fall Bucket List (2017)...

The first weekend of Fall was completely uneventful in my world. I've been dealing with a sinus infection for about a week now so I was in bed by 8:00 on Friday night (#thisis30), and stayed in bed most of Saturday morning. I wish I would've been able to sleep all that time, I'm still trying to recover on sleep lost during my trip to the Twin Cities the weekend prior, but instead I just tossed and turned most of the time and gave myself a headache from squeezing my eyes shut trying to force myself to sleep. That afternoon I decided to try something other than  my trusty Advil Cold & Sinus and it did the trick because I got a burst of energy around 3:00 that had me cleaning and organizing my bedroom and the spare bedrooms downstairs, and it even lasted long enough for me to make supper. I made this Chicken Noodle Casserole - it's been on my Mmm Mmm Good Pinterest board for forever but with feeling under the weather I was craving comfort food so I finally got around to trying it. My go-to comfort food meal is usually homemade creamy chicken noodle soup but I had just made that before leaving for the Twin Cities with leftovers from celebrating my birthday with Christmas-in-July-in September. I've now tried three new recipes in September, just two to go before Friday! 

On Friday morning, before I started feeling even worse than I had been, I agreed to work a 6 hour shift on Sunday at my old part time job to help out while one of the owners was sick so that took up most of yesterday (the drive to and from 'the city' adds an extra hour and a half on to the day). The store was soooo busy, I barely got to sit down all day, so by the time I got home at 7:00 last night I was just exhausted - it took everything in me to keep my eyes open on the drive home. I was in bed by 8:00 again last night - being on my feet all day while sick completely played me out. Thankfully I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning on my way to the Queen City for my 6 month orthodontist check up so I should be on my way to feeling normal soon!

But enough about me being sick and miserable, that's not what this post is about! I managed to find a bit of time over the weekend to finish up my Fall Bucket List so here it is in all it's glory. 

Fall in the GWN really only last about 6 weeks (we'll be lucky if there isn't snow on the ground by Halloween) and as soon as November 12th hits I'm in full on Christmas mode so that doesn't leave me much time to get things crossed off of my list. Knowing that, I scaled my list down compared to usual so that I wouldn't be in over my head while in a time crunch and I'm hoping that will help me be able to accomplish every single thing on my list. Wish me luck!

What's on your Fall Bucket List?

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  1. Haha I love that you have a date for when you start Xmas stuff! This is a great list!


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