September 29, 2017

Links + Love (September 2017)...

This video showed up in my Facebook feed on Wednesday and, no word of a lie, I watched it 10 times in a row. I definitely may have had tears of my own. I mean, how sweet is she?! I just wanted to give her a hug. Tiny humans are the best. 

I found out yesterday that the Pioneer Woman is releasing a new bedding line next week and even though I just bought new bedding earlier this year I might just have to get some for a spare bedroom... Just look at the rose garden set - all the heart eyes!

Another post that had me wiping away tears. I love Dan and Norah's friendship!

I picked up these slip on runners at DSW in the MOA and they were perfect for walking around downtime Minneapolis and up and down the stairs at Target Field. I wish I would have bought another pair!

It's perfectly acceptable to drink a ton of wine over the next few weeks just so I can make this, right?

I'm also very tempted to try this tutorial. I need some succulents in my life!

I've been moving things around in my bedroom, trying to finally settle on a set up that I LOVE, and I found this cozy corner area on Pinterest and I think I might try to incorporate into a corner of my room that is currently very bare. Also, if someone has a recommendation for where to find large fake plants that won't cost me my first born child please send them my way! 

I need one more new recipe to try this month and I'm thinking this might be the winner for supper tomorrow night. 

Have a great weekend y'all! My plans for the weekend include binge watching This is Us Season 1 on Netflix, catching up on laundry, finishing a book I started last week and haven't opened once this week, taking some photos for a friend, and cleaning my SUV. A little bit of lazy mixed with getting things done - the perfect combo!

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  1. OOh i want to try that recipe, looks yummy! I am also binge watching season 1 of This is Us this weekend!


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