September 8, 2017

September Goals (2017)...

Happy September y'all! This is the first time I've made it to the blog so far in September and we're already a week in - whoops! I spent the first weekend of September on the road to Saskatoon to attend my cousin's wedding and I'm just now back to feeling 100% after it. Recovering from weddings isn't so easy any more (I'll blame it on turning 30...) and I'm kind of glad I don't have another one to attend for quite awhile. I've also solemnly sworn that I will never mix as much alcohol as I did last weekend AND no more Fireball will ever cross my lips. Blechhh!

September is always such a strange month (to me anyways). It's still technically Summer for over half of the month but almost everyone wants to start celebrating Fall already and it just creates a weird vibe for the month. I'm not the type to start celebrating Fall early though,  I embrace Summer until the last possible second. I'll still be wearing my flip flops, drinking iced coffees, and crossing things off of my Summer Bucket List up until September 22nd (any possibly even beyond then with the flip flops and iced coffee...). 

Mornings around here  have been fairly chilly - enough that I turn on my seat warmer for my 1 minute drive to work and wish that I had grabbed a sweater before walking out the door- but by afternoon I'm cranking the air conditioning and sweating the second I step outside. I can't win! This weekend is supposed to be in the 30's which is awesome because I don't have any plans other than to embrace one of the last weekends of Summer and soak up as much sunshine as possible. Hopefully I'll be able to get some Summer Bucket List items crossed off and even some goals for September accomplished. So speaking of goals, let's check out my progress on my August Goals before moving on to my goals for September. 
In August I wanted to...

Finish one Project Life album
Hard to do when you don't order the photos to go in the album... Face palm

Publish 10 blog posts 
I really did have good intentions y'all but I only managed to publish 6 posts in August. Towards the end of the month I realized I would have to publish 4 posts from August 27th - 31st in order to meet my goal so I started working on a few posts to have scheduled for when I was in the Twin Cities. However, my internet connection has been so bad lately (like SO bad) that I couldn't get my internet to cooperate long enough to finish up those posts to have them scheduled before I had to leave for the train station. I tried for over an hour and just couldn't get my connection to last longer than 3 minutes at a time. So frustrating! So now I will try and finish them and publish them this month.

Try 5 new recipes 
None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Ughhhhh!

Make at least $150 from decluttering items around the house
I did it y'all! Aaaand I even exceeded my goal! I made $244 in August from decluttering and selling items on FB. I also made an extra $125 by picking up a couple of shifts at my old part time job so August was a good month for my budget! 

Complete a new workout program 
I started the program but didn't like it and so far haven't moved on to something that I do enjoy. As soon as I get home from my next Twin Cities trip (to go bird watching at Target Field) I'm getting back to basics with the 21 Day Fix and moving forward from there.

Take Krickit for a morning walk (at least) twice a week 
Poor Krickit only got one short walk in all of August. I feel terrible! She did get to go down to the camper quite often to run around but I really want to get back into our routine of daily walks (or at least 3-4 times a week).

Take family photos for my sister and nieces
Let me just state for the record that this is not my fault. I repeat, NOT MY FAULT! I asked my sister a few times what night worked for her to do the pictures and she kept putting it off. So again, not my fault that I didn't get to cross this off!

Wear a different outfit to work each week day with NO repeats
I did it! There were a couple of repeats of either tops or bottoms BUT I didn't wear them together again so I'm still counting it as a win. I had been taking pictures at the beginning of the month but towards the end I forgot about it but I'm 99% sure I accomplished this even without the photographic proof.

In September I want to...
Create a Fall Bucket List 
I've got two weeks to cross everything that's left off of my Summer Bucket List and then it's time to move on to my Fall Bucket List. I might get stabby that people start 'celebrating' Fall early (it's still Summer!) but I do love the season (just not as much as Summer) and am looking forward to all the things that Fall entails. Blanket scarves, fall scented candles, falling leaves, etc.

Start Christmas shopping 
It's never to early! I don't like feeling rushed and since I live in the middle of nowhere I don't have the option to last minute shop. There will still definitely be a shopping trip at some point in December to cross off those last minute things but for the most part I want to have my shopping 85% complete by November. Now I just need everyone to give me some ideas! MN and I have been talking about doing a trip to Chicago in December instead of getting each other gifts so I really hope we follow through with this. I've wanted to go to Chicago for forever and MN had to skip a 'boys trip' with friends just this past weekend because he was in the GWN with me at my cousin's wedding so here's hoping we actually do it. Flights to Chicago from the Twin Cities are less than $100 - you can't beat that! 

I got myself some new outdoor running shoes so there are no more excuses and I need to make it a priority again!

Order 2017 photos 
I think my plan of attack is to work backwards through my albums. I want to get caught up to date as much as possible for 2017's album and then from then on make it a priority to get pictures printed every month so I can keep up to date, and then start working on 2016, 2015, etc. until I'm all caught up. I have a LOT of photos to print so hopefully I don't break my budget...

Work on my photograpy 
Just in case my sister makes excuses again I am changing my goal to this so that I can just take pictures of anything and still accomplish my goal. Hopefully I can get some family photos done for my sister and nieces though. Fall is just so pretty that it does make a perfect time to get photos done so I guess it's not terrible that we didn't get around to doing them in August. 

Try 5 new recipes 
I love cooking during the Fall because it just screams comfort food (chili, soup, casseroles, etc) and those are some of my favourite dishes to make. I just can't force myself to make soup or chili during the Summer months but come Fall that's all I want to make. So hopefully I can actually finally accomplish trying some new recipes this month.

Practice yoga at least 10 times 
I used to do daily yoga using the Yoga Studio app on my phone at at some point I got out of it and I realllllly want to get back to it. I have terrible posture so I'm hoping getting back into yoga will help with that and if I can manage to practice it at least 10 times this month then hopefully I can get myself back into the routine of doing it daily again soon!

Publish 8 blog posts 
Since I'm getting a late start to the month I don't want to set myself up for failure so I'm aiming for 8 and hoping I can at least manage that. And if I do manage to get more then that's even better!

I don't know about y'all but this week has absolutely flown by for me. With it being a short week because of Labour Day it could have went either way but I'm very happy that Friday is here and that it got here quickly. Now to just survive my workday and then the weekend can begin! 

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  1. I don't know what ships to Canada, but I use a few online photo printing places. I upload the photos in batches then wait for penny print promotions (where prints are 1 cent). It's pretty cost effective to print a large number of photos.


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