October 28, 2017

Links + Love (October 2017)...

I had a lovely bout of anxiety last weekend which resulted in me completely ruining my gel polish manicure- when I'm anxious I pick and bite at my nails constantly. I was due for a three week fill this week so my nails were very long and had started chipping in the corners (I just hadn't made an appointment for a fill yet) and as soon as my nails start to chip or any of them tear then I pick at them/bite them when I'm anxious. After my anxiety finally eased my nails were still at a decent length despite everything I'd put them through (I've bitten them down so bad in the past that they've bled) so I decided that to preserve them until my appointment on Monday (that I scheduled as soon as I was feeling less anxious) I would file the gel polish off and paint them with regular polish. If my nails are painted - with either gel polish or regular polish- I will leave them alone even when I'm anxious as long as there are no chips. When I painted them I rediscovered my love for Essie's Ladylike. I have a huge Essie nail polish collection but now that I get regular gel polish manicures I never get to use them anymore :(

I don't watch The Voice anymore so I had no idea who Dave Crosby and Claire Ryann were until I was home for lunch the other day and saw them on Ellen. This video makes my heart so happy. I fell down the rabbit hole and have watched so many of their videos over the last couple of days. Claire is just the sweetest!

I wish I could wear this shirt every single day of my life. It is sooooo soft y'all. 

I picked up this Wondershop Flannel Sheet Set at Target on Monday. I already have a winter set of sheets but these just screamed CHRISTMAS so I had to have them. I love Halloween but I kind of can't wait for it to be over so I can get these on my bed!

I also grabbed these Cynthia Rowley pillowcases at TJ Maxx last Friday. I mean, how could I resist?! Aaaand they were only $7.99 so an absolute steal of a deal!

I cannot wait to get to Wal-Mart in Minot to pick up this Pioneer Woman pie plate. I'm obsessed with all of the Vintage Floral collection. Insert a million heart eye emojis here. I also already own a slow cooker but I am absolutely replacing it with this one.

I haven't ordered this Family Holiday Pillow from Thirty-One Gifts yet but it will definitely be in my home before Christmas. I just can't decide for sure on what saying to put on it. Help!

I've never done a Wine + Paint Night before so I'm super excited for the two I've signed up for within the next few weeks. It definitely helps that they are both Christmas themed...

Have a fabulous Halloween weekend y'all! My plans for this weekend consist of doing all.the.Halloween things with my nieces. I can't wait!

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