October 3, 2017

October Goals (2017)...

If I had any hopes for the month of October still having some Summer-like temperatures they were quickly dashed when I saw yesterday that there was enough snow in the Medicine Hat/Calgary area of Alberta to shut down highways and for my friends children to build a snowman in their backyard. Then last night my dad said that it was supposed to get to minus 1 overnight and he wasn't wrong -  when I went to take garbage out to the bin this morning I saw that there is enough frost on my SUV's windshield that I'll need to hit my command start button before I leave for work if I don't want to break out my ice scraper quite yet... 

Here in the GWN October is a month that can come with Fall like temperatures and we might get to enjoy the beautiful Fall colours for awhile OR Winter can show up early and October can be covered in snow for almost all of it's days - it's different every year. I'm hoping for Fall to stick around for awhile because I really do love the month of October (hello Halloween month!) but my love does dwindle slightly if the snow decides to make an early appearance. We still got some fairly nice weather at the beginning of September and then towards the middle of the month the Fall colours started appearing and the temperature starting cooling off. And speaking of September...

In September I Wanted To...
Create a Fall Bucket List 
Done! You can find it here. I've already gotten a start on it so I'm really hoping I can manage to cross everything off the list. Fingers crossed!

Start Christmas shopping 
I haven't bought as much as I would have hoped for at this point but I have bought a few gifts and that's all that matters for the purposes of my monthly goals. Christmas is going to be here before we know it. Eeek!

Okay, again not as much as I had hoped to for the month of September but we did get out for a couple of walks and I let her run around the yard off her leash (the yard isn't fenced so she doesn't get to do it often) while I was taking some photos outside a couple different times so it was a start but I am hoping for lots more outside time in October (if the snow holds off long enough...). 

Order 2017 photos 
Sooooo... I didn't actually get any photos ordered in September but I am going to give myself some credit for this one. I sat down to get photos ordered on the weekend but then decided I wanted to go through and edit them plus delete a bunch so that I wouldn't waste money on pictures that would just get thrown in a box and never seen again.  So, they didn't actually get ordered in September but I had good intentions and did make some progress towards getting them ordered so it's still kind of a win in my books. 

Work on my photograpy 
I dusted off my DSLR and got outside and took some photos of the gorgeous Fall foliage and on Saturday I took photos of my friend and her boyfriend for their Christmas cards. I'm in the process of editing them and I love how great they turned out! I'm still learning how to work my camera so I definitely don't consider myself a professional but I am still proud of myself for getting out there and working on my skills. 

Try 5 new recipes 
Y'all aren't going to believe this - I actually exceeded my goal! After months of having 'Try X amount of new recipes' on my monthly goals (and not even attempting it each month) I actually went above and beyond this month and tried 7 new recipes: 
Chicken Fajita Pasta
Drumstick Cake
Chicken Noodle Casserole
Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Fajita Soup
Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken
Copycat Chik-fil-A Coleslaw
Mini Twice Baked Stuffed Potato Shells (I can't find the recipe now and TBH I ended up veering way off the recipe)

Practice yoga at least 10 times 
I kind of forgot about this one y'all -whoops!

Publish 8 blog posts 
I did it y'all! 

I am super happy with my September Goals progress. There have been a lot of months lately where I didn't even cross off half of my goals so to only miss out on two in September (and still make progress on one of them) is pretty darn good. Now, moving on to my October Goals. 

In October I Want To...
'Boo' somebody 
Maybe even more than one somebody, but we'll see how ambitious I get. I always go waaay overboard with buying all.the.Halloween.things (including candy) so I always have lots to give around Halloween.

Get back into a fitness routine 
It's been way to long since I followed a consistent fitness routine and I'm over feeling uncomfortable in all my clothes so this is absolutely happening this month.

Have a sleepover with my nieces 
I feel like I never see them anymore - I probably still see them about 3-4 times most weeks but it's not for very long and I'm just so used to seeing them all.the.time. I haven't told their Mom about my plans for a sleepover but she really doesn't get a say either way - it's just happening! 

Craft something 
Maybe this Candy Corn art. Or this Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece. Or this Paper Garland. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be crafting yet but I do know that I haven't gotten crafty in awhile and it's way overdue. 

Try 5 new recipes 
I exceeded my goal last month so I have high hopes for October. I realized as I was writing up my September Goals progress that I tend to gravitate towards recipes with chicken so hopefully I step more outside of my comfort zone this month. 

Order 2017 photos 
Now that I've started working on culling and editing photos I do think I can get this done this month. 

Publish at least 10 blog posts 
I managed 8 last month and blogging hasn't seemed like a chore lately, like it had in the past, so I think it's a reasonable goal.

Create a daily skincare routine and follow through with it 
I posted a selfie on IG after my haircut last week and a blog friend commented that my hair and skin looked so healthy. I thanked her but was quick to reply that my skin must be due to genetics because I don't take very good care of it - something I plan to make a goal for 2018 but it doesn't hurt to start early! 

Celebrate Thanksgiving 
The countdown is on, only 5 sleeps until Turkey Day. Thanksgiving is technically on Monday but my family always celebrates on Thanksgiving Sunday and even though we just had a Turkey Supper with all the fixings a few weeks ago I'm still looking forward to it. 

Enjoy an at home spa day 
I haven't done one in awhile so October seems like a good month to enjoy some ME time and also use up some products cluttering up my bathroom cabinets. 

I usually don't like to wish time away because it already goes by fast enough on it's own but I absolutely cannot wait for Halloween - one of the main reasons I'd consider October one of my favourite months. 

Oh, and in case you weren't aware of today's date, I leave you with this. 

 mean girls lindsay lohan mean girls movie cady heron october 3 GIF
Happy Mean Girls Day y'all!

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  1. congrats on your september goals progress! that's awesome. especially since you made progress on one of the ones you didn't complete. that is definitely more than i can say lately. good luck with your october goals, i feel you on needing to get back into a fitness routine! i have been going to the gym and running consistently lately, but i took way too much time off so it's gonna take a bit to feel/see the benefits. blegh.


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