October 5, 2017

September Happenings (2017)...

It has been a hot minute since I've been on the ball enough to get a monthly happenings post written but I finally did it (lets just disregard the fact that I'm a day late in getting it up...)!

September started off with a road trip to Saskatoon for my cousin's wedding. I had been in the Twin Cities visiting MN from August 26-31 so we took the train back to Minot together and he finally got to meet some of my extended family once we made it to Saskatoon later that night. MN comes from a very small family and I come from a very large family (to compare, he has two first cousins and I have 27). Up until this wedding he had only met maybe 5 members of my extended family and I had already met his entire extended family many, many times. My cousin Dana got married at the end of June (and MN hadn't been able to make that wedding) and most of my family attended that wedding -  this was her brothers wedding and over half of my family couldn't make it because of other commitments so MN got off pretty lucky with not having to meet everybody (from that side of the family) all at once!

My birthday is in July but I was in Vegas (with most of my family) so my birthday celebration got pushed back because we were gone. Summer is always so busy that we couldn't make a time work to do my family birthday supper until September 10th, almost 7 weeks after my birthday (face palm). My mama always makes me and my siblings a birthday supper and we can request whatever we want (yes, we know we're spoiled). I am Christmas obsessed so back in July I had requested Christmas supper (turkey and all the fixings) so we could celebrate Christmas in July. However, we ended up celebrating Christmas-in-July-in September instead. Most of us wore some form of a Christmas outfit (there were a few spoilsports), I brought out a few Christmas decorations, and we ate Christmas supper and played the Home Alone drinking game, a Christmas Day tradition in my family. Quade got to experience his first Christmas supper before he even experienced his first Christmas!

In the middle of the month I road tripped to the Twin Cities with my brother, SIL, and nephew to do some bird watching. We bought the tickets back in February and then just a couple weeks before the trip my Mama and Aunt + Uncle got tickets too so there ended up being 15 of us in total in our little group. There were four games in total and between driving from MN's place in St.Paul to downtown Minneapolis where everyone was staying plus making trips to the MOA and the Eagan Outlets it was a very busy weekend. Next time I think we will plan for a full day where there are no baseball games so that we don't feel so rushed to try and get everything done. There was barely time to eat anywhere except the ball game we were always so rushed! The Twins and Jays split the series with 2 wins each and I got to see all my favourite players play so I was happy! MN seemed a little out of place with 14 Canadians in Blue Jays gear while he was in his Twins gear - I'm sure there were some strange looks sent our way! 

My nieces both have birthdays in September  - Rae turned 11 on the 15th (while we were in the Twin Cities) and Graycie turned 7 on the 21st. We were at the baseball game on the day of Rae's birthday so we celebrated her birthday on Sunday night at Benihana's at the MOA. Unfortunately there was a communication mishap and we ended up being split into two tables in two seperate rooms but everyone still enjoyed the food and the experience. Rae dances in 'the city' on Thursday's so we only got to celebrate Graycie's birthday with some cake once they got home late that night and then she had a sleepover with friends to celebrate the next night. 

The last weekend of the month I spent some time practicing my photography, taking photos of my friend and her boyfriend for their Christmas cards. I also took some photos of the gorgeous Fall foliage and my adorable angel baby Krickit to get even more practice in. 


Other September happenings:

My parents celebrated 33 years of marriage on September 7th. They've been together for over 35 years now which is so crazy to me because I don't see them as being old enough for that!

I spent more time in the kitchen in the month of September than I did all Summer long I'm pretty sure. I like to cook and bake but if I don't have a plan ahead of time I fail at actually cooking so in September I made myself a plan and actually followed through. Hopefully moving forward I can meal plan so that I spend more time in the Kitchen. With Christmas coming up I know that I'll be baking up a storm but 

On the 20th I found out that one of my oldests friends is expecting again (and due in January - that's so soon!).

I had to head to the Queen City one day during the last week of the month for an orthodontist appointment for my 6 month retainer check up. I drove 2 1/2 hours for a five minute appointment BUT now I don't have to go back for 8 months so I can live with that. I got a little bit of shopping done while in the city and got started on my Christmas shopping. A new Winners/HomeSense opened up at the end of August and I got to check it out for the first time and grabbed myself a bunch of Rae Dunn stuff. I'm seriously obsessed with all things Rae Dunn right now. Now I just need a house to put it all in!

I finished my Harry Potter summer series re-read! 

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