November 16, 2017

Currently (November 2017)...

Hi y'all! The month of November is flying by, par for the course for 2017 apparently. As much as I love Christmas and can't wait for it to be here I also can wait because there's still lots to do and enjoy before Christmas is here and gone. 

I've only made it here once this month and I was honestly taken aback when I realized this morning that November is already half way over. I have a list of post ideas for the holiday season, I just need to find the time to work on them. Now that my Christmas decorating is, for the most, complete I should have a little more time for blogging. 

Today is another day where it's not Monday but feels like it's Monday. I had Monday off of work for a stat holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day and then was off work yesterday for a dentist appointment in 'the city' so my whole week is totally messed up. Since my brain is all confused on what day it is and since this is my first post in over a week I'm going easy on myself and just going to update y'all on what's currently going on in my world. 

Reading The Identicals. Still. I don't think I've actually picked it up in over a week, if not longer. I just haven't made reading a priority lately because I've been on a mission to get things done and crossed off my to do list. I really would like to have it finished by the end of this month though. I have a train trip to the Twin Cities coming up so if I don't finish it before then I at least know I'll have something to read on the train. I also need to find a new book before my train ride so I'll have something to read on the way home. Send me some book recommendations y'all!

Listening to all the Christmas music. Yes, I'm that person. Some of my favourites include Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee, Grown-Up Christmas List by Kelly Clarkson, Christmas Time by Christina Aguilera and Little Drummer Boy by Faith Hill.  I think I might actually do up a post all about my Christmas play list one of these days. I listen to Christmas music from the beginning of November until the middle of January and don't get sick of it. I just love Christmas!

Celebrating the fact that I have already finished buying presents for two people on my list and I'm about 1/2 way finished buying for both of my nieces. Now to just figure out what on earth I'm going to get my brother and sister in law and my parents. They're so hard to buy for! 

Watching the Harry Potter movies in order to cross them off my Fall Bucket List. It seems so weird to me that I'm still working on my Fall Bucket List because there's been snow on the ground for at least two weeks so it just seems like Winter now. I already watched all of them in October but I didn't pay full attention to them, I just put them on as background noise while I worked on my laptop or cleaned so I couldn't count that as having a Harry Potter marathon. 

Working on my Holiday Bucket List. I'm going to see MN at the end of the month and we don't have many plans for while I'm there so I told him we could work on crossing things off of my Holiday Bucket List. And also told him we have to go to Trader Joes and Home Goods. I'm sure he's thrilled... haha 

Drinking coffee and anticipating being in a city and getting my first holiday cup of the season. That's how exciting my life is, I get excited about holiday cups. Face palm

Waiting for packages to arrive in the mail. I love the convenience of shopping for Christmas gifts online but hate having to wait for them to arrive!

Wearing my new Uggs any chance that I get. It was a long (almost) 2 years without my favourite Uggs in my life. Yes, I'm basic but I don't care beccause they are SO comfy.  I also rediscovered my love for my moccassin slippers and the second my Uggs come off when I get home my moccassins go on. 

Anticipating Christmas! I don't get to attend American Thanksgiving festivities this year (it didn't work out with mine or MN's schedules) and Thanksgiving here in the GWN was almost 6 weeks ago so as soon as Remembrance Day was over I was in full on Christmas mode. 

5x12 GIF
Loving this vest from Old Navy. I would wear it every single day if I could. I wish I would have bought it in more colours when I did because there aren't many options online but there were so many colours in store. Hopefully there will still be some left when I make it to a city in a couple of weeks!

Making a list of all the things I need to buy to be able to start my holiday baking. I go crazy with the amount of Christmas baking that I do so I need to be organized or else its utter chaos . I'm hoping to get a start on it this weekend!

Tomorrow night my work is hosting a Christmas Paint Night fundraiser that I've been super busy planning and organizing and trying to get all the tickets sold. It's definitely consumed a chunk of my life for the past few weeks so it will be nice to have that crossed off the list. I'm also participating in the event so I'm excited for it. I did my first Paint Nite event a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it and now I want to do them all the time!
Have you ever participated in a Paint Night?

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