November 7, 2017

November Goals (2017)...

We're a week into November already. How is that possible?! I know I say this every month but how is time flying by so fast? It's the holiday season now so I hope time will slow down just a little bit. As much as I love Christmas I also love the entire season leading up to it and Boxing Day is one of the saddest days ever when it's finally all over so I'd like to be able to enjoy the holiday season before it's over for another year. 

November 1st brought the first snowfall to SE Sask. Unfortunately it appears that it's here to stay (I guess the upside is that at least it waited for Halloween to be over). It was also unfortunate that I threw away all of my Winter boots (it was long overdue) at the end of last Winter and I thought I'd have more time to get new ones before it snowed. Whooops! So on Sunday I spent $250+ just on Winter boots for myself. 

I ordered a new pair of Uggs (it was on my Fall Bucket List) and then went into 'the city' with my sister that night and got myself a typical pair of Winter boots from Wal-Mart to keep in my vehicle in case of an emergency/use at work or when I need to shovel snow, etc. I got Uggs for Christmas 2008 and the Winter before last I finally had to throw them out and it hurt my heart to do so. Then I threw away the other two pairs of boots that I owned in March/April when the last of the snow melted. I can't wait for my Uggs to get here, it's been a long two years without my favourite boots. Even though it was expensive to get two new pairs of boots at once I'm glad that I got the other pair so that I won't wreck my Uggs. It was just a lot of money to spend on boots in one day (for me anyways. I'll never understand people who own multiple pairs of expensive boots. They obviously don't live in SK where there's snow on the ground for 5 months of the year!). But enough about snow and boots, on to my November Goals (and an October Goals recap!). 

In October I Wanted To...

'Boo' somebody 
I bought the stuff to 'boo' someone but then I couldn't decide who to actually 'Boo' so I never ended up doing it. I guess now I'll have (almost) everything I need for next year...

Get back into a fitness routine 
Definitely didn't happen. And I'm kicking myself for it. I will get back into a fitness routine in November. I need to before I'm surrounded by all the delicious holiday food.

Have a sleepover with my nieces 
The girls and I had a sleepover on the Saturday before Halloween and watched Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas and ate snacks and drank slushes (the girls did anyways, they didn't have any flavours I liked. Hmph). We had plans to make cookies the next morning but they started fighting with each other so we had to table that for a later date. Sisters, right? 

Apparently a ghost joined our sleepover too....
Craft something 
I'm really reaching with crossing this one off as accomplished. I technically didn't craft anything but I did do something that I pinned forever ago so I'm counting it as a win. After the thousandth time of getting frustrated when my clothes wouldn't stay on the hanger I finally did this trick to try and keep them on. So far it's working!

Try 5 new recipes 
I did it again! In November I tried:

Turkey Noodle Casserole
Mexican Stuffed Peppers 
Bruschetta Chicken Pasta Salad 
Jimmy Fallon's Crock Pot Chili 
Slow Cooker Potato Soup (Now I can't find the recipe I used...)

The turkey noodle casserole was necessary with all the turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving. I was originally going to use this recipe for the stuffed peppers but I couldn't get all the ingredients so in the end I just mashed together a couple of different recipes and they turned out delish! The bruschetta chicken pasta salad wasn't my favourite but I think I'll give it another go using a different bruschetta recipe - the chicken in it is soooo good! I made Jimmy Fallon's crock pot chili for a chili fundraiser for work and it was very good but I like my chili to have regular beans and celery (for crunch) so I think I would make it again and just add those to it as well. The potato soup was made for supper on Halloween and think I prefer the Paula Deen crockpot potato soup that I make over this one, but I needed one more recipe to try in October. 

Order 2017 photos 
Again, noooope. 

Publish at least 10 blog posts 
I only made it to 7 and then I ran out of time/days. Still pretty good for me but I know I can do better. 

Create a daily skincare routine and follow through with it 
I haven't consistently followed through with it every single day so I didn't cross it off but I have been actively trying to take better care of my skin so at least there's that! 

Celebrate Thanksgiving 
Thanksgiving was great and my Mama once again outdid herself with the ah-mazing Thanksgiving feast. I can't wait to enjoy it all again at Christmas! 

Enjoy an at home spa day 
To be honest I completely forgot about this goal. I think I'll add it to my December Goals because the holidays can be a little bit stressful so that seems like a good way to deal with the stress. 
On to November's Goals, which I hope I do better at accomplishing! 

In November I Want To...

Learn how to dutch braid 
I really want to learn this y'all. I can french braid, it just doesn't look the greatest when I do it on myself, so now I want to learn this. I've been watching tutorials on YouTube while I get ready in the mornings so I think I might be ready to attempt it. Wish me luck! 

Order 2017 photos 
The reason I haven't done this yet is because it's soooo expensive. In 2018 I need to keep up with printing off photos so that I can spend around $20 per month printing them off instead of spending $250ish to get (almost) the entire year done at once. Ughhh.

Get back into a fitness routine
It's absolutely happening this month. I feel so blahhhhh lately and I think this will definitely help ease that feeling.

Sew something 
Anything. It has been waaay too long since I even touched my sewing machine. I'm doing two Paint Night events this months and I'm super excited about them so I know I'll be crafting something for sure this month (since I technically didn't craft anything in Oct). I actually did my first Paint Nite last Thursday with some friends. It was a holiday themed painting (my favourite) and we didn't quite have enough time to finish them at the event so I'm working on finishing it at home in my spare time. The one coming up next Friday is a fundraiser for work and it's also Christmas themed and I can't wait to display them both!

Start my Christmas baking
I go absolutely overboard when it comes to baking Christmas treats. I always have waaay too much but I love doing it so that will never change. With working weekends over the last two Christmas seasons I had to do all of my baking within just two days. And they were full days where I'd be starting at 7:00 am and finishing after midnight. Craziness! Now that my weekends are (for the most part) free I can break it up and won't have to kill my feet (and back!) trying to get it all done at once. I probably make somewhere around 700-800 different treats each year. And it seems that each year I add more things to try but don't take anything away (because I love them too much). I can't wait to get started! 

Decorate for Christmas 
Remembrance Day is on Saturday so that means I can officially start decorating for Christmas on Sunday! I cannot wait. First things first I'll be putting my new Christmas flannel sheets on my bed along with my Christmas comforter and then moving my tree from the spare room to my bedroom (it stays up and decorated all year long...) and then I'll go from there. 

Wrap gifts and complete at least 50% of my shopping
I started Christmas shopping in September and so far I have bought a couple things for my nieces, a few things for friends/swaps and my nephew is about 85% complete. That gives me the rest of November to try and get things bought for my siblings, parents, and MN and then hopefully finish buying for my nieces and nephew. I also need to find wrapping paper (I'm very picky when it comes to wrapping paper) so I can start wrapping. The last couple of years I have spent time on Christmas Eve (and even Christmas morning) wrapping at least half of my presents. Not this year! 

Read a book 
I didn't read a single book in October. Not one. That is sooooooo wrong. I usually read at least 3 a month, if not more. So this was absolutely necessary as a goal for this month. 

Order Christmas cards 
I didn't do any last year because I wasn't organized enough but I definitely want to do them again this year. I love sending/receiving Christmas cards!

Try a new restaurant 
I'm heading to the Twin Cities to see MN at the end of the month so hopefully I'll be able to convince him to go somewhere I've never been so I can cross it off the list. 

I think these are all really attainable, which is good because life is going to be busy (but in a good way!) over the next 6ishweeks until Christmas. 

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