November 21, 2017

Weekend Happenings...

I just realized that I don't have single free weekend until the weekend of Christmas Eve. How do the weekends fill up so fast?! Right now I only have one day each weekend booked up with something so it's not totally crazy. Yet. 

The Christmas Paint Night fundraiser that my work held on Friday was a huge success! When I put so much time and effort into a fundraiser I always worry about how it will go over so I'm so happy that it was such a success. The facilitator for the fundraiser is one of the parents at the Centre and this was the largest group she's ever done a Paint Night with so she was a little worried about how it would go over too so we are both breathing easier now that it's over and done with. Everyone that attended had so much fun and we all went home with some masterpieces. I made this Christmas Punch that I make for all Christmas events (and on Christmas every year since discovering it) and it was a big hit. We also had appetizers donated by families at the Centre and I fell in love with a Greek dip and had to get the recipe and will be making it all.the.time. The fundraiser was held at my old high school and it was so weird to walk those halls again. Everything is so different but also still the same if that makes any sense ha. The new joint K-12 school opened in 2012 (I think?) so my high school became the Memorial Hall and it was just strange to be back there after 12 years. 

You can see the Christmas Punch and that ah-mazing Greek Dip on the appetizer table /My 'masterpiece' in progress
Our masterpieces/My SIL and Mama Bear working on their masterpieces 
Saturday was a lazy day for me. The last two weeks leading up to the fundraiser were busy and I was running around like crazy on Friday trying to get everything ready for it and was on my feet for most of the day so I needed a day to just rest and relax. I watched Christmas movies on Netflix and did some work on my computer and otherwise didn't do a thing until I went to the movie in a neighbouring town that night. I went with my cousin and a friend to see Bad Moms Christmas. I had read some bad reviews about it (apparently some people found it too crude) but I was still excited to see it. I don't know what the people who had given it bad reviews were thinking - I loved it! I left the theatre feeling even more excited for Christmas than I already was (which I didn't think was even possible!). And really, what did those people expect from an R rated movie? Had they not seen the first movie  to know what to expect for this one? 

After the movie my cousin and I stopped in to visit with my sister and ended up staying there for over an hour and a half so I didn't get home until after midnight. Two late nights in a row are too much for me (#thisis30)! Sunday was a bit of lazy mixed with productivity. I did some things around the house, attempted to take photos of Krickit for Christmas cards (have to try again with better lighting), and went in to work for a bit but then I also just lazed around watching the Rider game and women's curling finals. Another weekend that just flew by! 

This Friday I'll be going to the EFC's Twisted Tree Auction fundraiser. I had to miss last year because I was in Minnesota for American Thanksgiving but I don't get to go this year (wahhh!) so I guess the upside is that I get to attend the Tree Auction? I was on the board of the EFC (my community's family centre) for years so I like to go to the Tree Auction and support them. The Live Auction items usually go too high for me so I just buy Jingle Table tickets and sometimes can get a Silent Auction item for a decent price. There's always such a different variety of auction items and so much creativity from community members. 

Then on Saturday/Sunday I need to get started on my Christmas baking. I've got my list almost complete so I just need to get groceries and then make a plan of attack for the order that I'll make things. I'm gone next weekend to the Twin Cities to see MN and the next weekend after that is one of my Cookie Swaps so I need to get a head start so I'm not rushing the day before it to get everything done! 

What's your favourite Christmas treat to make or receive?

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